Little Bee Co. Ultra Cool Cloth Diaper Review

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Little Bee Co. cloth diapers come in many vibrant colors and several styles. They offer pocket diapers in microsuede, bamboo, and Coolplus as well as AIOs and newborn-sized diapers. 

For my review, I chose and was sent the Ultra-Cool pocket diaper in Turkish Moon which is a deep, beautiful red. The Little Bee Co. pocket diaper is a one-size system with three rise settings and will fit most babies from 8-35 pounds.

Little Bee Co. Ultra Cool cloth diaper review

 The Little Bee Co. mission:

little bee

If you aren’t familiar with Little Bee Co’s mission, let me tell you a little about it. This wonderful company is committed to making sure that needy babies around the world have diapers to wear. Many children in the third-world countries don’t have access to proper diapering. Orphanages are forced to use what they have available which could be rags, torn pieces of clothing, or nothing at all. 

The “bee changed and change the world” mission is simple. For every Little Bee Co. diaper you buy, they will donate one to a child in need. Once they have enough diapers to complete a diaper drop, they bring them to an orphanage for children in need. They are currently working with orphanages in Africa, Haiti, Guatemala, Honduras, & Cambodia in organizing future drops. However, they are not only donating diapers to children in other countries. One of their diaper drops was to Joplin, MO after a tornado devastated their community.

Little Bee Co. Ultra Cool cloth diaper review
Little Bee Co. Ultra Cool cloth diaper review

The diaper has an elastic in the front to hold in wetness, especially if you have a stomach sleeper.

Little Bee Co Ultra Cool cloth diaper review

The diaper comes with two microfiber inserts. The larger insert has snaps so that you make it smaller to fit inside the pocket on the different rise settings. The doubler can also snap onto the insert in order to reduce shifting inside the diaper.


My experience

First I need to mention the pretty packaging. I love when a package comes nicely wrapped since it gives it a more personal touch.

The Coolplus lining is very soft. It feels very similar to bamboo and just gets softer with each wash. It doesn’t stain like bamboo does or take as long to dry and doesn’t get as rough when air-dried. It does take longer to dry than a regular pocket, though.

What is Coolplus?

Coolplus is an incredibly “cool” fiber (poly/nylon blend} that provides the ultimate comfort for your baby! With its intense wicking properties, quick water diffusion rate, speedy drying time, and excellent air permeability your baby’s sweet little cheeks will never want to be wrapped in anything else!

Does Coolplus mean your babies bottom will get cool?

Not at all! The only thing getting cool here is their style!

We got a nice fit with this diaper though I do wish that the back elastic was a little thicker. It looks like the elastic is cutting in a bit but it isn’t. It never left a red mark and I could run my finger along the inside of the diaper with ease.

The tabs on this diaper are a bit short so I have it snapped on a larger waist setting than most of my other diapers, but the front elastic allows for quite a bit of stretch so I don’t think he would outgrow it any sooner than others diapers.

Little Bee Co Ultra Cool cloth diaper review

The elastics are nice and snug without being tight. We didn’t have any leaking at all with this diaper.

Little Bee Co Ultra Cool cloth diaper review

Overall I’ve had a good experience with this diaper. I love that the lining is so soft and the diaper is very well made. The colors are gorgeous and their mission is amazing.

If you’re a fan of pocket diapers I would recommend giving the Little Bee Co. diaper a try. I have also heard wonderful things about their Bitty Bee newborn diapers if you are expecting a little one.

Update 12/14/2021: it appears that Little Bee Co. is no longer in business, but if you find any in the secondhand cloth diaper market, they are a nice choice. I wouldn’t hesitate to pick one or two used diapers up to try.


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  1. I adore this company even more after reading this. I had no idea about the helping out in Joplin. I had been wondering if any cloth diaper companies were doing something like that for disaster areas.

  2. I have heard about them 2 years ago and still think they are amazing for what they do. I am constantly following their Facebook page and staying updated in their missions around the world. I really like the Brazilian Ameythst (light purple representing Brazil) diaper.

  3. I love how they donate 1 diaper for every 1 purchased! I love the Japanese Cherry Blossom color, so unique!

  4. The colors are so beautiful that I can’t choose just one. So my short list is Sweet’Tush Flower, Brazilian Ameythst, Polk’ish Dot, Turkish Moon, Samoa’kin Posey, and Honduran Sunrise.

  5. I’d choose one of the blue ones, but I can’t decide which!

    As far as about the review–I like what you said about it not leaking at all but that you do wish the elastic on the waist was a little thicker. We usually have a problem with the elastics on my son!

  6. I love the idea of being able to help others by simply buying. I read an article recently about diaper need and it broke my heart. The Moo’Rockin Cow is adorable!

  7. I love that with each diaper you purchase The Little Bee Co. will donate a diaper to an orphan in need.

  8. I love that they donate diapers to babies in third world countries. I can’t decide which color I like best!

  9. I love that for every one purchased, one is donated. And the Japanese Cherry Blossom is gorgeous

  10. I love that they provide diapers to those in need. My fave diaper color is the Jamaican hibiscus!

  11. African rain is so cute! I haven’t tried the little bee co diapers, yet but i would love to have the chance to try them out! they look very well made.

  12. Japanese Cherry Blossom is a great color. I love that they name each diaper color for a country. What a unique idea and one that really has meaning!

  13. I learned about the “Coolplus” fabric they use. Sounds nice! I like the Japanese Cherry Blossom.

  14. Such beautiful colors! I’ve heard their newborn diapers are pretty great too! I’d choose Honduran Sunrise.

  15. It is so sad to think that their are babies out there tha don’t have access to diapers, I really take for granted that I can buy diapers when ever I want (either disposable or cloth). I love that this company donates a diaper to a child in need for everyone that is purchased. If I won I would pick African Rain.

  16. I think the little bee co. sounds like an amazing company and I have been wanting to give them a shot soon, if I were to win or buy a diaper it would definitely be the Turkish Moon color because we have no reds and that is one beautiful red!

  17. I like Japanese Cherry Blossom and I love how the company is dedicated to helping those in need. I also love how the color names represent different countries.

  18. Beautiful diapers. Excellent mission. I like Turkish Moon – A rich red representing Turkey.

  19. I have never tried a diaper with elastic in the front. Sounds interesting. I like the African Rain color.

  20. I like how Little Bee Co. provides reusable diapers to children in need.

    I like several of their colors, but I would probably choose Brazilian amethyst or Samoakin posey.

  21. I think it’s so cool that each of their diaper colors represent a different country! I love the Polk’ish Dot- it’s cute and besides, my husband’s family is Polish. 🙂

  22. What a great mission. I always love to support companies with a charitable cause. I would get the Guatamalan Mud colored diaper as I am a sucker for dark brown.

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