Project Pomona Pants for the Cloth Diapered Baby

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Project Pomona is a very unique children’s clothing store. They make adorable jeans for babies. Not just any babies; they make jeans for cloth diapered babies. How many of you have tried to fit your elbow in your ear? It doesn’t work very well, does it? That’s how I feel sometimes when I try to put K-Dub into a pair of jeans now that he’s a heavy wetting toddler with a bodacious fluffy booty!

I decided to contact Project Pomona about being a sponsor for the Merry Fluffy Christmas Giveaway Blog Hop event since I have read several online reviews of these jeans and had to see if they were the answer to my predicament. I was thrilled when the wonderful owner, Meghan graciously accepted. She asked me a few questions about colors and styles that I like so that she could make me a custom pair of pants for K-Dub. What I ended up getting in the mail was one of the exact pairs that I would have ordered for myself! She sent me a pair of their City Jeans with a blue cuff. I love them!

Not only are Project Pomona jeans cute but they’re also economical as they are designed to fit a fairly wide range with one size. These jeans are super adjustable in the waist and in the length. The waist has four snaps and a stretchy elastic in the back to give you the perfect fit and the cuffs are designed so that you can roll them up to expose the cute fabric underneath or unroll them for extra length if needed.

K is 24 months, 29 lbs and 34″ tall so I chose the size 3 pants which fit babies 18 mos – 2T or 24-32 lbs. Please note that the sizing isn’t typical so check their size chart to determine the correct size for you. I initially made this mistake when stating the size I would need and thankfully I noticed quickly that I’d made a mistake and corrected it.

The first time I put these on K he was wearing an AppleCheeks diaper with their bamboo insert along with their bamboo doubler and the pants fit great! We also happened to be raking the yard and he was running around, jumping in the leaves and “helping”. He had a full range of motion, which isn’t something that always happens with regular jeans if they’re a little snug in the seat.

Here you can see the extra length you can add by unrolling the cuff. I could get another 2″ or so.

Also for comparison purposes I put these jeans on with the trimmest diaper that I have in my stash to see how well these pants would fit on a disposable diaper wearing baby. Why should our cloth babies monopolize all the cuteness, right? I probably should have snapped it all the way (I had them on the second snap like with his fluffier dipes) and it was a little saggy in the seat but totally doable.


All in all, I am in love with these jeans! Since K doesn’t seem to be even remotely interested in potty training just yet (clap, clap) I am definitely going to have to order another pair. Look at all of the adorable fabric choices and color options, including colored snaps. They even have shorts, hoodies and onesies!


Buy It

You can buy Project Pomona pants from their website or Etsy shop for $27.95 – $32.95

Win It

Come back on December 1, 2012 for the Merry Fluffy Christmas Giveaway Hop to win a pair of your own Project Pomona jeans!




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  1. Project Pomona jeans are so cute! I love that they fit over our fluffy little baby bottoms. I also love that they can be worn 3 times longer then typical baby clothes.

  2. We have one pair of these and just love them! She has added new designs that I would like to have now for the cooler weather.

  3. Your son looks so cute in his jeans! It would be wonderful to have some jeans that fit good over cloth diapers. I would definitely need a girly pair for my coming little baby girl!

  4. I love that there is more room for the diaper yet it doesn’t really look any different with the jeans on! Cute styles, too:)

  5. I bet these rock for combatting fluff butt! i’d love to ttry some. I like the fetch themed jeans.

  6. I agree with what you said about kids having a good range of motion in these jeans. My son could barely stand up in other jeans because they were so tight but the Pomona jeans are nice and roomy without being baggy and are so cute on him.

  7. These look so comfortable, and I like this as an option for my girl rather than leggings and sleepers all the time!

  8. I didn’t know about Project Pomona until this giveaway and I am so glad you are featuring them! I love that their jeans are a comparable price to a lot of “big brands” and yet are so cute and fit over fluff bums! I want my little man in jeans and these look like they will be the choice for us!

  9. I’ve had my eye on Project Pomona pants for a while now- so very cute! Plus, I’m a little sick of having my daughter wear only leggings… I’d love for her to have a great pair of jeans like these. Plus, they grow with her! Thanks for featuring these!

  10. These pants look amazing! I have wanted to get a pair for my little guy ever since I came across them months ago. I’m hoping his grandma or Santa will get him some for Christmas!

  11. I have two pairs of these and I LOVE them. I have a skinny baby but he’s tall so these fit perfectly. Plus they fit over any cloth diaper. They are so cute.

  12. I love that these pants grow with your baby, I love that you can roll up the cuffs or adjust the snaps 🙂

  13. I love these pants for my little girl. We have 3 pairs of jeans and 2 shorts. She is potty trained now, but they still fit well, just with different snap settings.

  14. I just came across these pants a little while ago and need a pair or two for my baby girl! 🙂 I love the Butterfly Kisses pant set with matching onesie! CUTE!

  15. I love that they make jeans for cloth diapered babies! That’s so awesome! The jeans look incredibly cute and well made.

  16. These look awesome! I had such a problem finding jeans that fit my chubby cloth diaper wearing little boy. He’s not in diapers any more, but we’ve got another on the way, and if he’s built like one of his brothers I’ll be investing in a couple pairs of these.

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