BALM! Baby Diaper Essentials Kit Review

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Balm Baby is an eco-friendly company in beautiful Hawaii and they make a wide variety of all natural products from deodorant to soaps to diaper cream and many things in between. I am very excited that they have agreed to sponsor their Diaper Essentials Kit for the Merry Fluffy Christmas giveaway hop which includes the following fantastic, all natural products.

•Diaper Balm 2oz. ($9.95 value)
•Juice those Wipes – 9oz. ($13.95 value)
•Sanitize those Hands! – 2.7oz ($5.49 value)
•BALM! Baby THE Little One – 1/2oz. ($3 value)

JUICE those WIPES! is a natural and organic concentrate used to make your own wipes solution for cloth wipes. It is formulated with Taylor’s liquid soap and scented with herbally infused oils and essential oils to not only smell good but to moisturize as well.

To make the wipes solution you add 1-2 tsp to 32 oz of water (remember, this is a concentrate). I happened to have 32 oz spray bottles lying around the house (really) so this was perfect for me. I mix up the solution in the large spray bottle and transfer it into my little spray bottle since a 32 oz bottle wouldn’t fit very well in my diaper bag! This is great though because I feel like I’m always making wipes solution by mixing it in my little spray bottle so now I just have to add the pre-made solution. A little goes a long way so I won’t need to buy more for quite a while!

This stuff smells amazing! I have noticed that the THinc. Skin products that I’ve tried smell very similar so if you have already tried one of their products then you have a good idea of what this smells like. It’s so earthy and woodsy and yummy smelling! I don’t like things that smell like fake perfume so I love this. It cleans really well, too. I spray a little on a cloth wipe and with a few swipes, K-Dub is nice and clean and smelling like a wood nymph. Love!

BALM! Baby Diaper Balm/1st Aid Ointment is nothing short of amazing. (Be warned that I am going to share a photo of a pretty gnarly diaper rash below). K-Dub is very prone to diaper rash and we can’t pinpoint the cause. We have tried eliminating foods, trying to isolate laundry detergent, changed my washing routine, to even coming *thisclose* to having him tested for allergies with no success. My only conclusion now is that he’s a sensitive kid who tends to have acidic poo (TMI, sorry). We have used prescription creams that work well, but then we have to buy disposable diapers to use the cream and let’s face it, who wants to run to the doctor every month or two for a diaper rash?

BALM! Baby Diaper Balm doesn’t look and feel like your typical diaper cream. It looks a little waxy and feels thick but smooth. A little goes a long way because it dissolves almost like coconut oil when you rub it. Come to think of it, it has some in it and feels almost like hardened coconut oil at first. It also has a wonderful woodsy smell” that I love.

I have tried a lot of cloth diaper safe diaper creams and each one I try, I like a little better than the one I tried before it. I may have finally found my perfect diaper balm! I put it on at the first sign of redness and it’s gone by the next diaper change.

When I received my review package I was immediately able to test out its potential awesomeness. K-Dub had one of his nasty diaper rashes again and I was about to treat it with my prescription cream since, as usual, nothing was working all that well. This photo comparison shows the improvement after one use of BALM! Baby Diaper Balm. The rash was on both cheeks with similar intensity and improvement.

Pretty remarkable, isn’t it? After 3 days of switching between BALM! Baby and Bactroban, K’s rash was gone.

Buy It

You can buy the BALM! Baby Diaper Essentials Kit from Balm Baby for $29.95

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  1. I’d love to try their sunscreen! Sunscreen is a must up here at this elevation and I hate the way it makes my skin feel.

  2. I’ve known about BALM Baby products, but my girl is not prone to diaper rashes. However, it does seem like a good idea to have some because you never know when it will be needed. Love their packaging.

  3. I would love to try their natural deodorant, as none of the natural ones I have tried work very well for me. The wipes concentrate would be great to have for my coming new baby! I used cloth wipes for my son for at least a year, and really liked it!

  4. My son was sensitive to his own pee and poop. He had a LOT of food sensitivities (no food allergies) and very sensitive skin. He was constantly having eczema type outbreaks on his bum. All you can do is hope your little guy potty trains early. Mine son hated having a wet or dirty bum because of his sensitivities so he started potty training himself at 18 months. Good luck!

    Oh, and the wipe solution looks awesome. I use the same spray bottle method you do.

  5. I cannot believe the improvement of the diaper rash after just one use of the BALM!! I looked up more info on their products on their website and I can’t wait to try them out!

  6. Wow… that’s an amazing improvement for diaper rash! My daughter gets rashes too and I”m constantly on the hunt for a great (CD safe) rash cream. I will probably have to give this one a try. Thanks for featuring it!

  7. Would love to try the Juice Those Wipes, we haven’t used cloth wipes in quite some time because our son is really sensitive to any solution we’ve tried thus far.

  8. I cloth diaper, and although I haven’t made the switch to cloth wipes yet, I will have to try the wipes solution when I do. I also need to get some of BALM! BABY Diaper Balm. I am using a different CD safe cream right now; it works okay, but I am amazed at how well the BALM! BABY worked! (Nice Ragababe by the way. They are definitely one of my favorites!)

  9. T balm looks like it does amazing work. Wish I would have had it a few weeks ago, it may have saved us a trip to the dr.

  10. My son is always getting diaper rashes. They aren’t nearly as bad as your baby’s but still, bad. We currently use CJ’s but I think we’ll have to do the Balm!

  11. Oh your poor baby, that rash looks so painful 🙁 My baby gets diaper rashes occasionally and I have not yet found a cloth diaper safe cream that actually works (I’m a previous desitin fan). But, I have heard so many wonderful things about the Balm I am going to have to try that next 🙂

    1. I know. When this happens to him it makes me feel awful. I really wish we could figure out why it happens 🙁

  12. I love BALM! Baby diaper balm! We use it as a first aid every once in a while. Plus, it smells AMAZING. 😉 Glad it helped improve your little ones rash!

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