17 Tooth Fairy Ideas to Celebrate a Lost Tooth

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Today’s Tooth Fairy is different than the one who came to visit my house when I was little. These days, people have come up with creative Tooth Fairy ideas to make losing a tooth a special event.

Whether you are looking for ways to put those tiny teeth under the pillow without getting lost or ways to make the event more magical, I’ve got you covered. With these simple ideas, your children will look forward to losing their teeth, and, who knows, it may even be more fun for you.

Instead of Putting a Tooth Under the Pillow

Have you ever lost a tooth under the pillow? I have! One of my oldest son’s teeth fell between his mattress and headboard and at that point, I said I was going to approach the tooth under the pillow thing a little differently. We chose to use a tooth pillow, but there are so many cute ideas to choose from.

What Should the Tooth Fairy Leave?

Would you like the Tooth Fairy to do more than come into your child’s room and leave a dollar or two under the pillow? There are so many creative tooth fairy ideas that people have come up with that will make losing a tooth a special event.

  • Native American dollar coin, also known as the Sacagawea dollar. You may be able to find these coins at your local bank. Since they aren’t commonly used in circulation, your bank may have some located in their vault for purchase.
  • Musical toothbrush. This toothbrush will make your kids want to brush and will help them do a better job. This toothbrush plays music for two minutes so they’re sure to brush their long enough.
  • A Tooth Fairy coupon. Draw or print a coupon from the Tooth Fairy that gives your kids extra screen time, dinner of their choice, a lunch date, a board game, or anything else your kids would love.

Creative Ways to Give Money

Go the Extra Mile

If just putting a tooth under the pillow in exchange for cash isn’t enough for you, these are cute ideas for making a visit from the Tooth Fairy even more magical. 

Books About the Tooth Fairy

There are a lot of books about loose teeth and the Tooth Fairy for every situation. Whether your child is anxious or excited about losing their teeth and getting a visit from the Tooth Fairy, there is a book that will get them excited for the big event.

With all of these fun and creative Tooth Fairy ideas, you will have the coolest Tooth Fairy in town coming to your house and your children will have great memories to last a lifetime.

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