Gift Ideas for 6-8 Year Old Boys

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Can you believe that Christmas is less than two weeks away? I know we all say this every year, but between selling our house and making another cross-country move, 2018 has been such a crazy year for us and it flew right by. Now, like so many of you, I am scrambling to get my shopping done. 

Thankfully, the easy one to buy for this year is my 8-year-old. There are so many great gift ideas for boys at this age. From toys to books, I know that I will have a happy little boy on Christmas morning. If you’re still looking for that perfect gift or a filler gift to put under the tree, these are some of the great things that my son had on his list. There are gift ideas for boys with a variety of interests.

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These cranky toys will make your child laugh as they shake and poke their Grumblies to make them angry and have a meltdown. Better the Grumblies than their little brother, right? Available at Amazon, Walmart, and Target.


Gift ideas for 6-8 year old boys #giftideas #giftsforboys #christmas #holidays #giftsforkids #stem

Legos are always on a young boys Christmas list and right now, Star Wars sets are one of the most popular. Sure to be a favorite under the tree for most boys, you really can’t go wrong with a Star Wars Lego setAvailable at Amazon, Walmart, and Target


Gift ideas for 6-8 year old boys #giftideas #giftsforboys #christmas #holidays #giftsforkids #stem

Let your child’s artistic creativity soar with this drawing board by Crayola. Create a masterpiece with the included markers, wipe clean when it’s finished, repeat. Available at Amazon and Target


Gift ideas for 6-8 year old boys #giftideas #giftsforboys #christmas #holidays #giftsforkids

Similar to Grumblies are Crate Creatures. Unlock them from their cage and play with them in all of their inappropriate glory. They make funny and gross noises the more you play with them. Pull their tongue, flip them around, and feed them to interact with them. Your child can also record their own voice and the Crate Creature will play it back. Available at Amazon, Walmart, and Target.


Gift ideas for 6-8 year old boys #giftideas #giftsforboys #christmas #holidays #giftsforkids #rccar

Remote control cars are almost always a favorite for young boys, but with this all-terrain remote control car, they aren’t limited to using it in the house or on the sidewalk. Now, they can take their cars over rocky terrain and grass. It’s even waterproof! Available at Amazon.


Gift ideas for 6-8 year old boys #giftideas #giftsforboys #christmas #holidays #giftsforkids #dinosaur #trex #fingerlings

Last year it was the Fingerlings monkey and unicorn, but this is the year of the dinosaur. These fun little toys hug your child’s finger and “talk” to them by making various noises. If you have more than one, the Fingerlings dinosaur will talk to each other. These little guys are selling out everywhere, but there are still some to be found. Available at Amazon.


Gift ideas for 6-8 year old boys #giftideas #giftsforboys #christmas #holidays #giftsforkids #stem

STEM activities are incredibly popular right now, and  Snap Circuits are the perfect introduction to electronics. There are so many sets to choose from based on size and your child’s interests. I recommend getting a basic set then adding to it later, but whatever you choose is sure to be a big hit! Available at Amazon, Walmart, and Target.


Gift ideas for 6-8 year old boys #giftideas #giftsforboys #christmas #holidays #giftsforkids #stem #steam

This is another STEM/STEAM toy that your kids will love to play and learn with. There are 18 activities to teach your child how to build, play, and code. Available kits include Avengers, R2D2, and more! *iPhone or Android phone required. Available at Amazon and Walmart.


Gift ideas for 6-8 year old boys #giftideas #giftsforboys #christmas #holidays #giftsforkids #stem

Laser Pegs are a new take on the ever popular building brick. Not only can you build animals, vehicles, and more with Laser Pegs, your creations also light up for an added dimension of fun. Available at Amazon, Walmart, and Target.


Gift ideas for 6-8 year old boys #giftideas #giftsforboys #christmas #holidays #giftsforkids #hotwheels

One thing I’ve noticed this year is that Hot Wheels track sets seem to be huge! I waited too long and the one that my son wanted was sold out before I could order it. Thankfully, I was able to get another one, but if Hot Wheels are on your child’s list this year, take it from me and don’t wait. Available at Amazon and Walmart.


Gift ideas for 6-8 year old boys #giftideas #giftsforboys #christmas #holidays #giftsforkids #binocularsforkids

Whether you are in the mountains, at the beach, or watching a sporting event, your child will love these high-quality kids’ binoculars that are just the right size for them. Available at Amazon.


Gift ideas for 6-8 year old boys #giftideas #giftsforboys #christmas #holidays #giftsforkids #globe #planets #constellations

Personally, I think all globes are cool, but this one that lights up and shows your child the constellations, as well as the world, is a unique and fun take on an old classic. Available at Amazon.


Gift ideas for 6-8 year old boys #giftideas #giftsforboys #christmas #holidays #giftsforkids
It’s snowing and you’re ready to make a snowman. You get the balls rolled and stacked, then uh-oh. You don’t have anything available for a face. The snow has covered the sticks and rocks and you just ate the last carrot. Now what? Well, never worry about that again with this adorable snowman kit. Available at L.L.Bean


Does your child love to get books for holidays and birthdays, or no? Books are also a great gift idea for kids and even if your child isn’t much of a reader, there is always something out there that will pique their interest. Fiction, non-fiction, reference, something funny. The possibilities are endless.


Gift ideas for 6-8 year old boys #giftideas #giftsforboys #christmas #holidays #giftsforkidsGift ideas for 6-8 year old boys #giftideas #giftsforboys #christmas #holidays #giftsforkids
What little boy doesn’t love a good joke? Either as a gift or stocking stuffer, the child in your life will love discovering new jokes to tell his family and friends. Available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Walmart, and Target.


Gift ideas for 6-8 year old boys #giftideas #giftsforboys #christmas #holidays #giftsforkids #kidscookbook

There are several other fantastic children’s cookbooks available, but as someone who enjoys cooking, I recommend any and every cookbook from America’s Test Kitchen, including this new one specifically for the budding young chef in your life.  Available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Walmart, and Target.


Gift ideas for 6-8 year old boys #giftideas #giftsforboys #christmas #holidays #giftsforkids #childrensatlas Gift ideas for 6-8 year old boys #giftideas #giftsforboys #christmas #holidays #giftsforkids #childrensatlasobscura

A children’s atlas is a great gift that they will be able to look at for years to come. In addition to a traditional atlas, there are atlases filled with odd facts, where animals and dinosaurs currently or once lived, and more. Available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Walmart, and Target.

SPACE ENCYCLOPEDIAGift ideas for 6-8 year old boys #giftideas #giftsforboys #christmas #holidays #giftsforkids #space #books #childrensnonfiction #childrensencyclopedia #spaceencyclopedia

Space and planets are almost always a topic that kids love to learn about. DK and Smithsonian put out some of the best children’s reference books and encyclopedias on the market. If you have a budding astronaut in your family, you can’t go wrong with any DK and Smithsonian’s books about spaceAvailable at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Target.




Are you looking for the perfect gift for a 6, 7, or 8 year old boy on your gift list? Whether they like science, books, building toys, or anything in between, find something they'll love from these gift ideas for 6-8 year old boys #giftideas #giftsforboys #christmas #holidays #giftsforkids

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