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Are you looking for a fun way to teach your children about the solar system? If so, then these printable solar system worksheets for kids are just what you need! Not only are they easy to print out and use, but they also get kids excited about learning.

You could have them label the solar system worksheet or research different space facts. No matter how you decide to use them, they will be educational and fun!

Solar System

Kids and adults alike are fascinated by outer space and the solar system. There is no better way to learn about it than hands-on learning. These solar system worksheets include facts, labels, and drawings of planets in their appropriate order, relative size, and distance from the sun.

These can be a perfect addition to any science curriculum, homeschooling lesson plan, or fun summer activity for your outer space enthusiast.

Solar System Quick Facts For Kids

There are many things to learn about the solar system! Here are a few interesting solar system facts that you may not have known.

  • The sun is a yellow dwarf star, and it’s one of the trillions in our galaxy alone!
  • Earth takes 365 days to make an orbit around the sun.
  • One year has many different names depending on where you live:  a solar syzygy (365 days), a tropical year (12 months), or a common year (leap years!).
  • Did you know that there’s no such thing as a “solar system galaxy?”  That’s because galaxies are made up of stars, planets, and other things.
  • How many stars live nearby, outside of our solar system?  The answer is 100 billion trillion stars total! 
  • Why do we call Pluto a dwarf planet?  Dwarf planets are small space objects like asteroids or comets that orbit around other large bodies instead of just a star.
  • How many planets are known to exist in our solar system?  There are eight!  The sun, Earth, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus. Pluto was also a planet but is now considered a dwarf planet.

People have always been interested in learning more about space. By learning facts about space, we can ask questions and explore further. For example, “Where do comets come from?” and “What are stars made of?”

This set of printable solar system worksheets can help answer those questions and more!

Solar System Worksheets Bundle


  • Solar system cards – Use these cards for identification, planet order practice or print two sets and use them as a matching game!
  • Packing for my journey to outer space – What would your child pack for a trip to visit the solar system?
  • My planet – Have you ever wanted a planet of your own? Now your kids can create, name, and draw their very own planet with this interactive worksheet.
  • “If I met an alien…” – Use this page to practice creative writing about what your child would do or say if they discovered life on another planet.
  • Solar system – This worksheet will help you label your own version of the solar system worksheet with each planet circling around the sun.
  • Planet order – Learn neat tricks to remember the planet order with this creative page.
  • Printable Solar System Planets to Scale – See the planets better with this printable that’s been scaled down for kids.
Solar system worksheets
Printable planet cards
planets worksheets

Supplies You Will Need

Can’t get enough space and color system fun? Make sure to check out Space Activities for Kids post for even more hands-on, out-of-this-world learning.

I hope you enjoy these printable solar system worksheets. You can find the links to download your copies below and enjoy them at home with your family or classroom.

There are many other fun crafts, activities, educational printables, games, and more available on our site that may also be of interest.

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