Pre-K is a Breeze with the LeapPad Platinum

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First, I have to say that the LeapPad Platinum kids tablet has come a long way since Red’s first LeapPad over ten years ago. The characters and approach to learning are the same, but this is a far cry from the old book and pen that we used to have.

I can’t wait to tell you about this amazing kid-friendly tablet that is helping Dub get prepared for Kindergarten and beyond.

Pre-K is a Breeze with the LeapPad Platinum

When we received our box of goodies from LeapFrog we didn’t know what was inside. In addition to the (super fun) Word Whammer, we also were shocked and excited to receive the new LeapPad Platinum and three sets of Imagicards.

Pre-K is a Breeze with the LeapPad Platinum

If you have an older version of the LeapPad tablet then you may be familiar with Imagicards. They are a companion to the LeapPad Platinum and other tablets by adding an extra interactive element. By using the LeapPad camera, your child can activate 30 character and curricular cards and unlock additional gameplay options.

Pre-K is a Breeze with the LeapPad Platinum

PAW Patrol (for ages 3-5)

  • Explore number sequences
  • Find the pup with the right tools to complete your mission
  • Learn shapes and numbers

Letter Factory Adventures (for ages 4-7)

  • Learn to spell by changing letters to create new words
  • Find lost items
  • Practice the alphabet
  • Learn rhyming skills

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (for ages 5-8)

  • Practice ninjutsu
  • Practice multiplication
  • Learn less than/greater than
  • Solve mathematical equations

Dub will be five in early November and all of these Imagicards games are perfect for his comprehension level. He does have a little trouble with the TMNT games, but he loves to make pizza even if he doesn’t always follow the directions.

Pre-K is a Breeze with the LeapPad Platinum

Just like with your smartphone, you can purchase game apps right from the LeapPad Platinum. Don’t worry, though, the parental controls are also easy to locate and your little ones can’t order games without your password.

In the parental controls, you can also set up WiFi to access the kid-safe web, set up profiles, limit screen time, and more.

Pre-K is a Breeze with the LeapPad Platinum

Unless you have a left-handed child or are a lefty yourself, you probably wouldn’t think twice about the location of the stylus. Being right-handed I never thought about just how many things are made for us without consideration for left-handed people. Now that I have a left-handed child I am becoming very aware of these things.

We have several writing toys including a magnetic writer and all of the pens are attached on the right side. When the stylus is attached on the right side it makes it difficult for little lefties to play with it because they either have to hold the string up as it crosses over the screen or they have to turn it upside down. So thank you, thank you, thank you LeapFrog for thinking of the little lefties out there and attaching the stylus in the middle so it’s easy for both righties and lefties to use.

Pre-K is a Breeze with the LeapPad Platinum

The LeapPad Platinum is made for kids ages 3-9 years old. With its durable construction, 7″ screen, kid-safe web browsing, and access to loads of games, your kids will love learning with their LeapPad Platinum for years to come.

Pro tip: Amazon sells $20 LeapFrog gift cards for $14.98 to use for purchasing games and apps.

To purchase:

The LeapPad Platinum from LeapFrog is available where most toys are sold and at retailers like AmazonWalmart, and Target.

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