How to Increase Your Chances of Scoring a RagaBabe

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How to score a RagaBabe cloth diaper #clothdiapersMost of you have heard about RagaBabe and probably have a pretty strong opinion about them. Either you don’t see the point of going through so much trouble for a poop catcher and are in disbelief that anyone would do this, or you love them/want to try them.

A RagaBabe stocking can be a frustrating experience when they’re hot but there are some tips that can help you succeed. Of course my tips aren’t a guarantee that you will score a diaper but they could increase your chances, especially if you’re new to RagaBabe stockings. I have only failed one time at a RagaBabe stocking and it was for a highly anticipated popular color. 

I admit that the process can seem overwhelming but once you go through it once then it will all make sense. First check out RagaBabe’s How to Buy a Diaper page and then check out my insider tips for actually scoring one. 

This isn’t a guarantee that you will score and it make take some practice. There is a reason why they have a reputation for being hard to get. They are a small family business and only make a few hundred of each type and print per stocking. 

First thing’s first, like the RagaBabe Facebook page and choose to get notifications. This way you won’t miss stocking times and sizes to be stocked that week. Tip: they are almost always at 10:00 am Central Time (11:00 EST) and usually on Tuesdays, Thursdays, or Fridays

How to score a RagaBabe cloth diaper #clothdiapers

So now you know when the stocking is going to be so go to (of course) about 10-15 minutes before stocking time. Go to the link that says “Shop RagaBabe Now”. 

How to score a RagaBabe cloth diaper #clothdiapers

Now that you’re in the store login if you already have an account. If you don’t have one yet, don’t worry, I’ll get to that later. Now go to the Stocking Day Quick Picks page. This is where the diapers (and accessories) that are stocking that day will be. 

How to score a RagaBabe cloth diaper #clothdiapers

Find the diaper(s) that you would like to buy that day and open it up. If you would like two then open each of them in a new window. 

How to score a RagaBabe cloth diaper #clothdiapers

To purchase ONE diaper:

Now that you’re all set up and ready to go and your adrenaline is pumping, choose the option of the diaper you want in the drop down menu and refresh like crazy until the Sold Out turns into a price. Once the price shows up add it to your cart as soon as you can and check out immediately. 

To purchase more than one diaper:

Follow the directions above but add these extra steps

  • Open each diaper in a new window
  • Keep the window of the diaper stocking first open
  • Cart your diaper and get to the WHITE payment screen (where your diaper will be held for 5 minutes)
  • Once you have that one secured, open your second window and repeat the process with the second diaper.
  • If your diapers are stocking back to back DO NOT CHECK OUT YET.
  • Once you get to the white payment screen then go the new window of the second diaper. 

How to score a RagaBabe cloth diaper #clothdiapers

If you are going for a second then you want to make sure that you’re far enough so your diaper doesn’t jump your cart. They say that being on this white screen is enough but I like to get to the Paypal screen to make myself feel better before switching to my new window. 

As you can see, step 1 is when you fill in your address. If you have an account you want to be signed in and this will be populated already. If you don’t have an account yet this is where you will make one. You will have to type fast if you want a second diaper OR take your chances that this is far enough for your diaper to be held and type your address before final check out.

How to score a RagaBabe cloth diaper #clothdiapers

If you get to this screen then congratulations! Check out with Paypal or your credit card and you’ve scored a RagaBabe!

How to score a RagaBabe cloth diaper #clothdiapers

If you get the below screen then the diaper you want is already accounted for but don’t give up yet! Someone may take too long and lose the diaper or will change their mind. Keep pressing your back button and keep adding it to your cart until the words Sold Out show up again. As long as there is a price showing there is still a diaper available sitting in someone’s cart. Yes, I HAVE scored by repeatedly going back after getting the dreaded inventory issues.

How to score a RagaBabe cloth diaper #clothdiapers

If you are trying to score more than one diaper then this is the time when I would check out with the one and then go back and try for the second so you don’t run the risk of your 5 minute window ending and losing your first diaper. It’s better to end up with one than none, right? If you are able to score the second diaper then use shipping code 95CENTUS so you won’t have to pay full shipping twice. 

If you are still unsuccessful, fear not. After a stocking is over be on the lookout for the Overflow List. This will be posted on Facebook and stays up for about 15 minutes. This is where you can enter your information and if there are any extra diapers you will get an email to purchase one of them. 

I know, it’s a lot to take in and sounds really complicated. Once you go through the process once then I promise, it’s not as difficult as it may sound. There was a while recently where scoring was pretty easy but now RagaBabe diapers are really hot again so the stockings are becoming more difficult again. Even vets are failing at stockings so if at first you don’t succeed, try and try again.  Good luck! 

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