My Favorite Cloth Diapers & Accessories

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My favorite #clothdiapers & accessoriesI was asked on my page the other day what the best cloth diapers were. That is highly subjective and depends on so many things like your child’s age and shape, your budget, and your personal tastes. If you ask five people this same question you will probably get five different answers. 

I have used a lot of different brands and types of diapers in my three years of cloth diapering and my stash is finally filled with nothing but diapers that I really like and I no longer have diapers that make me groan when it’s their turn in the rotation. Of all of the diapers and accessories that I like, I still have my favorites. 

For more information on these diapers and accessories (and others that didn’t make this list) check out my cloth diaper & accessories reviews.

Pocket Diaper

  1. Ella Bella Bum
  2. AppleCheeks
  3. bumGenius 4.0

All-in-Two Diaper

  1. RagaBabe 2-Step
  2. Funky Fluff
  3. SoftBums Omni

All-in-One Diaper

  1. RagaBabe Easy All-in-One
  2. Sized Blueberry Simplex (formerly Swaddlebees)
  3. Blueberry Basix 

Fitted Diaper

  1. Sustainablebabyish Snapless Fitted
  2. Kiwi Pie Fitted

PUL Diaper Cover

  1. Blueberry Capri (formerly Swaddlebees)
  2. Blueberry Coverall
  3. Flip

Wool Cover

  1. Disana
  2. Kiwi Pie

(my experience here is limited but both of these have worked well)

Budget Diaper

  1. Diaper Rite AIO
  2. Sunbaby


  1. Ragababe sherpa inserts
  2. Small GMD prefolds

Cloth Wipes

  1. GroVia
  2. RagaBabe
  3. Thirsties 

Wipes Solution

  1. Balm Baby Juice Those Wipes
  2. {homemade} water & liquid Castile soap
  3. CJ’s Carcass Cleaner

Wet Bag

  1. Monkey Foot Designs
  2. KangaCare/Rumparooz

Rash Cream

  1. Balm Baby Diaper Balm
  2. GroVia Magic Stick
  3. Grandma El’s

Laundry Detergent

  1. Tide Original (without ActiLift) or Free & Clear powder
  2. Eco Sprout
  3. Eco Nuts Soap Nuts

Of course not all diapers will work well for every baby but these have worked very well for us over the years. 

You can buy these products from your favorite cloth diaper retailers like (aff. links) Diaper Junction and Kelly’s Closet.

What are your favorite diapers and accessories?


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  1. I’m a first time mom and would like to start cloth diapering. Just wondering if this post is still up to date, or if you’ve come across anything better in the last year to change this list 🙂 I’m leaning towards AI2 or pocket diapers, and thinking of tryng funky fluff, Apple cheeks, and Ella Bella bum.

    1. Hi Janice. Congratulations on your decision to use cloth. For the most part this list is still up to date though I would add the Lalabye Baby AI2, Thirsties Duo Wrap cover, and the Wonderful Bambino fitted to my list of favorite diapers. I would also remove AppleCheeks because the elastic has gone in all of my AC diapers, even now the “higher quality” braided elastic.

      1. Thanks for your reply!! Can you compare the funky fluff with the Lalabye baby diapers? I think I am leaning towards an AI2 system, because lazy! haha.

        1. Also, what inserts do you like to use with these diapers? Do you use the ones that come with the diaper, or another brand? Which inserts do you like for the Thirsties Duo Wrap? Thanks for your help!

        2. Here is a review that I wrote about the Funky Fluff. The bamboo version is trimmer and I like it a little better than the microfiber version

          I haven’t done a full review of Lalabye (though I do own one) but here are some pictures of it from a giveaway. It has bamboo inserts that snap inside in a similar way to the Funky Fluff

          The Duo Wrap isn’t an AI2, it’s a cover but I like it. I use their hemp prefolds and just fold them in thirds and lay them inside

          For the AI2 diapers I use the inserts that come with them.

          1. Thanks for the links! Do you have a preference between the funky fluff vs the lalabye baby diapers, or would you say they are about equal? I have already ordered the funky fluff, and just wondering if it’d be worth it to order some Lalabye to try out as well. Thanks again for your help!

          2. I like them both, though I think the Lalabye are a little bigger. My son is no longer in diapers during the day so we aren’t using either of them right now but he had more room in the Lalabye.

          3. Good to know, thanks! My 9 week old son is long and skinny, so funky fluff will probably fit him better if they are smaller. Thanks again for your help!

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