RagaBabe. Are They Really All That?

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This week’s topic for the Cloth Diaper 101 Blog Hop is our favorite diaper. I debated about whether to choose the RagaBabe 2-Step or an easier-to-obtain, more wallet-friendly diaper. But since this is about my favorite diaper, I decided to be completely honest.

Are RagaBabe diapers really all that? In a word, yes.

RagaBabe. Are They Really All That? #clothdiapers

I tried a sort of half-heartedly to “stalk” a RagaBabe diaper a few times about a year ago and like so many others, I failed to score one. I gave up for a while and then found a buy/sell/trade board around the time of the new cart system and decided what the heck?

I bought a used Newspaper RagaBabe 2-Step. I really wanted an AIO since I’m not typically an AI2 fan, but this is what I could get. Turns out that I loved it! I didn’t want to, but I did.

I have one of their AIOs and while it’s a great, easy, absorbent diaper, much to my surprise I prefer my 2-Steps. I enjoy being able to reuse the cute covers, so for that reason above all else I prefer the 2-Step.

RagaBabe. Are They Really All That? #clothdiapers

I also like that you can customize the absorbency a bit more than you can with the AIO. (Yes, you can stuff the AIO but it puts stress on the lining).

Right now K is a pretty heavy wetter and I need to use a regular insert and a doubler in all of my diapers, but the Rags are far less bulky than the other diapers in my stash.

The inserts are made of organic cotton and sherpa so they are super soft and very absorbent. I can go without a doubler in the Rags for longer than I could with my other diapers but I prefer to use it every time to be safe.

RagaBabe. Are They Really All That? #clothdiapers

The other thing that I love about the RagaBabe inserts is that I can use them for nighttime diapering when I have been strictly a fitted and cover fan for more than a year. That is still my nighttime option of choice, but I have wrapped a prefold around a large RagaBabe insert and used that inside a cover and have never had a leak.

The covers are super easy to use. I am not a velcro fan (for the most part) but the RagaBabe velcro is super sticky and stays looking great. The laundry tabs have never come undone for me as they have with other velcro diapers I’ve owned.

Also with the 2-Step, you can buy brand new inserts for them from RagaBabe’s website any time you want. If you want to try RagaBabe but are squeamish about used diapers, you can buy the used cover and new inserts.

RagaBabe. Are They Really All That? #clothdiapers

The good news is that while RagaBabe diapers may be outside of the price range that a lot of people are willing to spend, they are now becoming easier to get thanks to increased production and the new cart system. Up until a few months ago, a used RagaBabe would sell for above retail at around $50, but that isn’t the case anymore.

You can now get them for at or below retail or score one of your own with relative ease. You still have to pay attention to when they’re stocking and you can’t get any print at any time, but if you want one, you can likely get one pretty easily now.

Because of all this, I now have more Rags than any other brand in my stash. If K was a bit younger I would get even more!

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  1. Wow, these are gorgeous – I’m going over there now to stare longingly at the prints 🙂

  2. I love your cut !!! Regan ! I too am on the same boat as you.. “Oh yeah I think you know that ” lol I love your post so much info and exactly how I feel.. About Ragababe! Now let’s try some Chelory??

    1. I knew you would understand, Polly. Since K is 26 months old I was (am?) seriously restricting my diaper buying but I might have to try a Chelory since she has the OTD fabric 😉

      1. lol i bought one!!! i should be getting it soon !! only reason why i bought it was because she offers 15 money back!! and of course the print you know is just amazing 🙂

      2. lol i bought one!!! i should be getting it soon !! only reason why i bought it was because she offers 15 money back!! and of course the print you know is just amazing 🙂 its not letting me post 🙁

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