Our Top Six Best Cloth Diapers for Dads

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Our Six Favorite Cloth Diapers for Dads, Grandparents, & Caregivers
This post contains affiliate links

First, I want to stress that this isn’t to suggest that dads are incompetent. They absolutely are not, but if your husband is anything like mine, he probably wants to keep it simple when it comes to cloth diapering. He may even be skeptical of the idea all together.

It took us six months to start cloth diapering and even longer for my husband to get on board. We have now been cloth diapering for about sixteen months and even now I know that he would rather use disposables. But he sees how much money we save and how much less garbage we generate every time he sees the amount of diapers in the basket on diaper laundry day, so that makes him a reluctant but willing participant.

For the dads grandparents, or babysitters out there, I have compiled a list of the our favorite cloth diapers for dads. We have a large and eclectic stash and I have used a lot of different brands and styles of cloth diapers. Of course opinions are like . . . well, everyone has one, but these are the brands that my husband consistently reaches for whenever they are clean.


The AppleCheeks two size envelope system is a great, simple diaper. There aren’t any rise snaps to worry about and the opening on the inside of the cover allows for the insert to agitate out in the wash so if the diaper isn’t unstuffed before being put in the wet bag or pail it isn’t a big deal. The way the tabs are designed make it nearly impossible to get wing droop as well. Trust me, my husband can make any diaper’s wings droop so this is a great feature for us!

Blueberry One Size Deluxe Pocket Diapers

The Blueberry Deluxe is a one size diaper that my husband seems to reach for a lot. If you have read my diaper reviews you will see that I am a huge Blueberry and Swaddlebees fan. I can’t pinpoint why these diapers are so great for us, but there’s just something about them. I like their slightly uneven snap placement because it allows for a snug fit on the legs without it being too tight on the waist. I typically secure the leg snap one tighter than the waist snap on these diapers for the perfect fit. I have tried this on other diapers and I end up with bunching at the snaps.


BGElemental_Martin_S500x500-300x300bumGenius is a very well-known and popular brand of cloth diaper. It is a typical one-size pocket diaper with a very simple design that makes it perfect for dads and skeptics. The tabs are semi-stretchy so it’s very easy to get a good fit.



Charlie Banana

Charlie Banana is a one size diaper system without rise snaps. The elastic is adjustable from inside the leg and is similar to a bra strap which makes adjustment easy without having to snap the rise up or down. This is a diaper that my husband grabs often.


Ragababe 2-Step

RagaBabe GiveawayI know, I know. I hesitated putting this diaper on this list because it isn’t in everyone’s budget and they haven’t been easy to acquire in the past, but this is a list of dad-friendly diapers and if you are able and willing to buy one, this is a nice option. Typically my husband doesn’t like all in two (AI2) diapers. The least amount of “parts”, the better. However, the Ragababe 2-Step’s insert snaps into the back and then tucks into a little flap in the front so it is just as easy as using a one-piece pocket or AIO diaper. The velcro is also a nice easy feature for those who would prefer the (perceived) ease of a disposable diaper.


Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 1.30.00 PM

There has been a lot of talk recently about “China cheapies” and yes, Sunbaby diapers are from China. On their website’s About Us page the owner, Sun pei assures us that her diapers are manufactured under fair labor conditions. I have tried other China diapers, mostly rebranded versions of the same diaper, and Sunbaby diapers are different. Their shape is different and I am able to get a better fit with them. Also their lining is much nicer than the others. Instead of a lower quality suedecloth, Sunbaby uses a very soft microfleece. This is my husband’s absolute favorite diaper. I’m not sure if it’s more about the diaper itself or the super cute argyle print we have (as shown) but I hardly ever get to use this one!

Of course there are other dad-friendly diapers out there and your opinions on the best cloth diapers for dads may differ, but these are the ones that have worked the best for my very picky husband.

What are your favorite dad-friendly diapers?

Our Six Favorite Cloth Diapers for Dads, Grandparents, & Caregivers

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  1. I can totally see how these would be a lot easier for caregivers. We use prefolds and flats with covers. The first time we left our older daughter with my brother and sister in-law she came home with the prefold sticking out of the back of the cover. smh lol

    1. Toward the end of our diapering days my husband started to prefer a trifolded prefold in a cover. Like me, he got tired of stuffing diapers.

    1. We have been out of diapers for about a year and a half now, but I was able to try a Lalabye diaper right before my son potty trained. I liked it a lot since I was always an AI2 fan. My husband never had a chance to try it though.

  2. My husband is very intelligent and is capable of successfully using any type of cloth diaper. I don’t understand the need to try simplify it. I find that pretty insulting to men.

    1. I appreciate your input, Robin. My husband is also very intelligent, a scientist, and well-read. The point of this post isn’t to insinuate that men are stupid or incapable. In my husband’s case, he just doesn’t want to be bothered. He wants to put a diaper on and be done with it without looking for pieces and inserts. In my time in cloth diaper circles it seems that a lot of dads are this way.

      Also it seems that men are more likely to be skeptical about cloth diapering than women so this list is to show them how easy it is.

  3. Thanks! This is good. I am trying to figure out if we should transition. DH is the one who is holding me back, so this post is just what I needed.

  4. This is a great post! We are just starting to build our stash and already have some BG 4.0s and Freetimes. I had planned on adding some Blueberry’s and Ragababes as well since I’ve only heard wonderful things about them. I will look in to the other brands as well!

  5. Thanks! I’m leaning toward pockets and hybrid shells, but I think I should get some AIOs for my husband. I think once he learns, though, he’ll like to try the different kinds too!

    1. My husband likes any diaper that comes in one piece whether it’s an AIO or pockets already put together. Anything with “moving parts” freaks him out. Good luck finding out what your hub prefers. Having a variety of brands and styles is great

  6. Honestly, tri-folded prefolds and a Thirsties cover and both my husband and childcare provider are good to go.

    1. My husband really loves GroVia AI2s. I agree with AppleCheecks, he loves those too, but GroVia AI2s are his favorite. He only likes pocket diapers if I put them together for him. He’s fully on board with cloth diapering, but has no interest in stuffing diapers.

      1. I used to love GroVia AI2s when my little one was smaller. I would probably like them again now since I’m no longer interested in stuffing diapers. My husband has never done any stuffing either. I am too much of a control freak. I like my inserts to be in a certain way 😉

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