The Boba 4G Baby Carrier Review

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To say that I love Boba carriers would be an understatement. I started babywearing with a “crotch dangler” and realized very quickly that it didn’t seem comfortable for K-Dub and it sure wasn’t comfortable for me so I looked for something different. Something better. I then discovered my first soft structured carrier. It was so much more comfortable for both of us that I couldn’t imagine why the other carriers were even still on the market and most of all, why anyone was buying them. 

Then I heard of Boba and had to try one. That was when I was hooked. I have tried a few other carriers over the years but I always go back to my Boba. Not only are the carriers great, but so is their customer service. I have had nothing but fantastic experiences with Boba and don’t feel the need to look anywhere else for my babywearing products.

Now that we live in Colorado where Boba is located I love that I can support such a fantastic business that is also local.

Obsessed much? Why yes, yes I am!

Boba 4G baby carrier #review #babywearing

When I had the opportunity to try the new 4G carrier I was excited. I may have even let out a little yelp. I can’t wait to tell you about it. 

At first glance it doesn’t look like there is much of a difference between the 3G (on the left) and the 4G (on the right) and in general the changes are much more subtle than the changes between the 3G and the 2G. While subtle, the changes are for the better.

Boba 4G baby carrier #review #babywearing

The waistband is a little longer than on the 4G.

Boba 4G baby carrier #review #babywearing

The padding on the straps is now longer on the 4G. This means that the buckle on the strap has been moved and it no longer rubs against your underarm. That was the one thing that bothered me the most on the 3G. 

Boba 4G baby carrier #review #babywearing

The 4G is now a little wider in the body than the 3G was. This also creates a wider seat which is more comfortable for your baby.

Boba 4G baby carrier #review #babywearing

Boba 4G baby carrier #review #babywearing

Here is the 3G and the 4G side-by-side, being modeled by my fourteen year old son. As you can see, the 4G (on the right) is a bit wider throughout.

Boba 4G baby carrier #review #babywearing

If you are a small person the 4G will be a wonderful fit for you. My son is about 5’3″ and probably 90 pounds soaking wet and he said that he was perfectly comfortable carrying his 33 pound brother around in it.

It is also great if you’re on the larger side. The Boba is the only carrier we’ve tried that fits my husband without having to buy a waist extension.  

Boba 4G baby carrier #review #babywearing

Some of the other changes from the 3G are that there is now an infant insert instead of snapping up the carrier to make it shorter, the sleeping hood is longer, and the buckles seem to be a bit stronger. They are a little harder to buckle and unbuckle than the 3G.

I am not sure which of these changes makes the 4G more comfortable for me but it is weightless! Right out of the box I got it adjusted perfectly for me in a few quick pulls of the straps and I am able to walk around with a 33 pound toddler on my back for several hours without feeling the need to cry uncle.

While I loved the 3G I did have some comfort issues when I was wearing him for a long time due to the buckle that rubbed on my underarm. I tried to compensate by adjusting the buckles further and therefore no longer having a good fit. But the 4G is perfection! I am wearing my toddler more again which thrills him. He loves his piggyback rides. 

If the Boba has been on your wish list, now is the time to buy one. If you’re wondering if you should upgrade to the 4G, the answer is yes! While the changes seem to be small, they make a big difference.

Buy It

You can buy your own Boba 4G carrier directly from Boba or your favorite retailer for $125 


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  1. The new Boba 4G Carrier looks GREAT! I absolutely LOVE baby-wearing. My daughter loves it too 🙂 She has been a very affection loving baby right from birth, and before I got the baby carrier I currently have (which is not a Boba, and quite uncomfortable, but I use it anyways! The things we do for our children :)), it was very hard to get things done while holding her (I never realized how important having TWO hands free was! ;)) , and I wasn’t actually able to actually DO anything because she wanted to be held all the time. It’s really not a problem for me to wear her, since I have fallen completely in love with it. I just love being so close to her, bonding, watching her watch what I’m doing intently. It’s an unbelievable feeling 🙂 Thanks so much for the review of this carrier. I’d love to own one! And thanks so much for the opportunity to win it!!

  2. What I love most about Boba is the good quality durabilty of their products. Their Cute designs also stand out! Tweet is my absolute favorite print they have!

  3. This sounds like a great carrier. I like that it is wider and more comfortable to wear. I love baby wearing!

  4. I love babywearing! I have 4 kids and my 4th and last is the first one I started using a carrier with. At first it was the only way I could get anything done. Now I just do it mostly if we’re out and about. I have the Boba Air and would love the 4G!

  5. I love how it can handle small sized people as well as burly sized people. I also love how they made changes from the G3 to 4G, to be more comfortable for the lil ones

  6. I love these, I have never tried them, but I absolutely love all the prints! If I won one I think I would have a hard time picking the print, no wonder you have so many carriers!

  7. I love babywearing and have tried several different carriers but would love to try this one also!

  8. I am pregnant with my first child and therefore don’t have much personal experience with baby-wearing yet. But I know it’s something I want to try to make a apart of our life as a growing family. I’ve been doing a lot of research about different kinds of carriers and was a little on the fence about the soft structured carriers, but this review was REALLY helpful. I’d love to try one and I think it would be a lot easier for my husband and my dad to use then some of the wrap around carriers. Thanks for helping me gain some clarity around the soft carriers and for such a glowing recommendation of the Boba 4G!

  9. I love wearing my baby because I can get things done and keep baby close . I love going on walks with him on my body instead of in the stroller and I feel like we bond more. I would really like to try the boba 4g because it looks very versatile and comfortable

  10. I love that the waistband is longer on this one, this was a much needed improvement. The prints are very cute and fun too. I love babywearing, but to have it work for me I need to find the perfect carrier and it’s been tough to do that. I need to test this out!

  11. ive never tried a boba but my littlest one gets wrapped every day. she needs those snuggles. and its such a sanity saver running after my toddler!!!

  12. I have a boba air that I love, but would love to have a More padded carrier for long hauls! My air is perfect if we aren’t going to be out long, but after a while my 26lb son gets to me and it starts to hurt my shoulders. I think the 4g would be perfect solution! We have a City Forest I’d love to go to and I think my shoulders would hurt after a few hours in the air! lol and the terrain isn’t good for stroller.

  13. I love the prints that this carrier comes in! So much more fun to wear than plain black!

    Thank you!

  14. I love that they have great customer service, that is so important to me!

  15. I love that you say this carrier is comfortable for various body types. I’m very petite (5’1”) and my husband is definitely not. We’re expecting our first baby in a few weeks and we’ve been wondering what carrier we could get that would accommodate both our needs.

  16. The designs on these are so adorable and I would love to baby wear because really more convenient when going anywhere instead of lugging the heavy stroller where ever we go around doing things that need to get done like laundry, grocery shopping, up and down the stairs, etc. It looks very roomy and comfortable for her to move around in if she need to. I would also love to try this 4G carrier too. I think it would do wonders for both my daughter and I.

  17. I really like the designs on these–they are so cute. I like baby wearing because I like being close to my son as opposed to having him far away in a stroller. It’s more convenient than lugging around a stroller too.

  18. I agree that I love my Boba 3G – except for that terrible biting piece under the arm. I wonder if I could retrofit it somehow….

  19. I really like babywearing for hiking. It is so practical! I am really needing one for my baby this spring/summer, as I think she has outgrown my Boba wrap, which worked great for her when she was little.

  20. I am on the shorter side (5’3″) and am excited to hear that the 4G works well for someone that is shorter. I would love to try.

    1. I am also 5’3″ but not nearly as skinny as my son the model and it fits me great!

  21. I’m really glad you pointed out the extra strap length- that entices me to want to give Boba another shot! I tried out a 3G, but wasn’t impressed. All of the differences between the 3G and 4G seem like improvements to me!!

  22. I love that the 4G is wider and therefore more comfortable than the 3G! Having this carrier would be great for my son and I!

  23. Wow I’d be in big trouble if I lived where you live! I’m definitely in love with the new 4G. I’d buy every print if I could! I just had #4 so babywearing is pretty much a necessity, I need 2 free hands to take care of the older ones and my baby loves to snuggle. We’ve never been a huge fan of strollers either, this doesn’t take up near as much room in the trunk of your car!

  24. I love your comparison of the old and new style. I have to say that Boba makes some of the cutest prints in my opinion. I always enjoy seeing their bright splash of colors.

  25. I love baby wearing because it allows me to get my normal stuff done and spend time with my baby! I feel like he gets so much more stimulation this way too!

  26. my boba was the first real carrier i had (besides a moby wrap) and is what made me a baby wearing advocate!!

  27. I have been wanting to try one of these carriers for awhile! I love the fun prints and the ability to wear the carrier on your back.

  28. i like that the 4g is wider in the body. I think that would help make the child more comfortable. it looks like an even better fit than the 3g

  29. I had no idea that boba was located in colorado. Local to me too. I love all the pretty prints they have for their carriers. I’ve not had one so can’t say what I love past the way they look.

    1. I’m also 5’3 but not nearly as skinny as he is 😉 He had fun wearing it.

  30. Never tried one but looks great! Love that your hubby can use it without an extender.

  31. I had the 3G with my daughter and loved it. It was easy to put on and so comfortable that even my husband who has a really back could use it with no problems. I’m super excited for the new built in infant insert pillow in the 4G. It looks like they took a great product and made it amazing:).

    1. My husband loves the 3G too. He didn’t have the same issue with the buckle rubbing his underarm since he has broader shoulders than I do. He hasn’t tried the 4G yet because I’ve been hogging it 😉

  32. I like the simplicity of a SSC carrier for my husband who doesn’t want to fiddle with tying things or folding things. And the prints are cute!

  33. I love that it allows me to be able to hold my baby safely while still taking care of my other kiddos. I love that baby is happy in it and that I can attend to his needs while having my hands free

  34. I gave our daughter in law a Boba Carrier for one of her baby shower gifts. She just loves it and loves carrying our grandson close to her. She uses it a lot.

  35. This carrier always has great reviews, and it looks so confortable. Thanks for this great review. I would love to try it.

  36. Thanks for the review, the photos are very helpful. I love that the 4G is a little wider than the 3G, it looks really comfortable! I love all the colors they have to choose from too!

  37. Lovely carriers. I’ve been babywearing my second son since he was born. I love it, so wonderful to have hands free. I haven’t had a chance to try Boba carriers yet, but I am looking into getting one, as I am currently pregnant with baby #3, and will need a good carrier for back carries!

  38. Nice review! I like how you showed comparisons with the older model; the extra padding on the straps sounds like a great change. I’m due with #2 in a few months and am looking for a carrier so I can tote around my new son.

  39. Thanks for the review! I am a smaller person, so I’m glad you included the info about smaller people! I would love to try one of these out!

  40. I’m a new mom and therfore new to baby wearing – I just started wearing my daughter last week. The Boba looks like an awesome, easy to use carrier. It doesn’t have lots of confusing material like many wraps and it avoids “crotch dangling” (which is prevalent in so many carriers). The Boba looks like an all around win 🙂

  41. This looks like a great carrier. I lost mine when I left it on an airplane, and never got it back. This would be a great option for my husband and I.

  42. Don’t have any of the Boba~ carriers ~ I know that my daughter is really hurting by the end of the day from holding my grand daughter ~ reading this review is a real eye opening ~ love the design ~ Boba~ 4G with longer padded straps & wider seat sounds perfect ♥

  43. Oh, and thank you for detailing the differences between a Boba 3G and 4G! It’s neat to see how they’ve improved the style.

  44. I love the colorful prints that Boba has! We’re expecting baby #4 in a few weeks and I would loooooooove to try a Boba with him. I’ve loved babywearing with the other 3 and plan to continue with this one. It’s such a great way to still give them attention/time with mommy, yet still be able to get things done around the house, go shopping, or do stuff outside. I wonder how the Boba would fit on me with my toddler while pregnant still…

    Oh, and I love the picture of big brother wearing little brother! That’s awesome!

  45. Great review- I’ve been wanting to try a Boba carrier for a while now but haven’t yet bought one. I had another carrier that was extremely uncomfortable once my daughter was over 15 lbs so I’ve been hesitant to spend a good chunk of money on one like this. It sounds like this one truly is comfortable (even with a toddler). Thanks for sharing the details – it might be time to consider getting one of these when baby #2 arrives soon.

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