Hiking the Boulder Flat Irons with Kids

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When you live in a state as beautiful as Colorado it’s impossible to stay inside. We moved here two years ago and we’re still in awe of the beauty and take advantage of it every chance we can get. When you think of Colorado you probably think of the mountains, but one thing that most people don’t realize is that it’s quite arid. Whether you’re out exploring or just hanging around the house, water is a must here. 

Mountain Hike Survival Kit with Arrowhead Water #HealthyHydration #shop

Our hiking survival kit is really very simple.

In the time we’ve lived here and all of the times we’ve been to Boulder, one place we hadn’t yet visited were the Boulder Flatirons. We always have a baby carrier in the car so for our hike we just had to make a pit stop at Walmart for some easy to carry bottled Arrowhead water and healthy snack bars.

Mountain Hike Survival Kit with Arrowhead Water #HealthyHydration #shop

Red was our water boy for this trip. Armed with some ice packs and a portable cooler bag, the Arrowhead water stayed nice and cold while being easy for a teenager to carry on a mountain hike. We use Arrowhead bottled water because their bottles are made from BPA-free PET plastic.

Mountain Hike Survival Kit with Arrowhead Water #HealthyHydration #shop

Really, have you ever seen anything so gorgeous? 

Mountain Hike Survival Kit with Arrowhead Water #HealthyHydration #shop

This guy learned the importance of staying hydrated very early on. Soon after we moved here we went to a festival and he didn’t take our warnings to keep hydrated seriously and passed out while waiting in line for a ride. Since that day he has never forgotten to make sure he has water at all times when outside, especially in the warmer months. 

Mountain Hike Survival Kit with Arrowhead Water #HealthyHydration #shop

Even Dub had his Arrowhead water in a cup while getting a piggyback ride from daddy. Our baby carrier is another must-have here. Even though he isn’t a baby anymore he still loves to ride in his carrier. This allows us to do more hiking than we normally would since we don’t have to worry about him being able to keep up or getting tired. 

Mountain Hike Survival Kit with Arrowhead Water #HealthyHydration #shop

While we’re at home we still have to stay hydrated and would love to one day purchase a water cooler for the BPA-free 5-gallon bottles of Arrowhead water. Hopefully, Walmart will have these available soon so we don’t have to make sure we’re home for a delivery. That would be a huge time saver for us. 

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What is your favorite weekend family activity? How do you make sure that you stay hydrated?

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  1. We also fill our refillable bottles before heading out for a family adventure. This Fall, we are mostly on the soccer circuit with both of my sons playing each weekend day! I’m a frequent Walmart shopper, so it would be fantastic to know that I could stop there to buy a BPA-free 5 gallon bottle of water for my family! Thanks for sharing! #client

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