The Menstrual Cup that Changed My Life {AKA: My Favorite Menstrual Cup for Heavy Periods}

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This post contains affiliate links

A menstrual cup can change someone’s life? Come on. Really? Yes, really. 

The Menstrual Cup that Changed My Life {Menstrual Cup for Heavy Periods}

Are you someone who also suffers monthly with heavy periods? They can be a real drag and in some cases, have a profound impact on your life during those few days a month. I have always had heavy periods and until recent years had no idea that what I was experiencing wasn’t the norm. There have been times when I’ve stayed home for my two heaviest days because it affected my life that much. Talk about a downer. 

After a conversation with some friends about nine years ago, I bit the bullet and tried my first menstrual cup. Things got much better, but in retrospect, they were never perfect. I figured that leaks were just something that I had to deal with and I rejoiced in the fact that I wasn’t leaking as much as I did with tampons. There is no way that a menstrual cup could last me 12 hours and I am jealous of those this is true for, but for me, cups were still a huge improvement.

Over the past nine years I have tried several brands of cups and finally, about five months ago I gave yet another brand a try. I took this quiz just for kicks and giggles and it recommended a cup I’d never heard of before. It claimed to have a larger capacity so, figuring I had nothing to lose, I ordered one. 

In all seriousness, I haven’t had such easy periods since I was a teenager and I am, well, significantly older than that now. 

The Menstrual Cup that Changed My Life {Menstrual Cup for Heavy Periods}
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I introduce you to the cup the changed my life: the Super Jennie

As far as I’m concerned, the Super Jennie is the perfect menstrual cup for heavy periods. It is larger than most other menstrual cups so it has a higher capacity than any of the others I’ve tried. The Super Jennie is also softer than many other cups so even though it’s bigger than many others, it’s still as unnoticeable as my smaller cups when inserted correctly. 

The Menstrual Cup that Changed My Life {Menstrual Cup for Heavy Periods}

Along with larger sized cloth pads, you can have a comfortable, green period even if your flow is heavier than the typical woman. There really is a perfect menstrual cup for heavy periods, so I highly recommend you give the Super Jennie a try if other menstrual cups haven’t lived up to your expectations. 

Have you already tried the Super Jennie or have another great suggestion for a menstrual cup for heavy periods? I’d love to hear about your experience. 

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  1. I have tried 2 non brand name cups and was not a fan, but I suspect I need to get my self one of these to try. I think the concept is a definite winner.
    I hate disposables!

  2. I just heard about these for the first time yesterday! They seem like a great option for women with heavy periods. I’ll still just be happy to find one with a super long stem. lol I’m going to go take that quiz too right now for fun. 😉

      1. No, but I will! I have that comparison chart saved for when I actually start having periods again. (breastfeeding) I’d really like to find one that works!

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