LOVE by Little Giraffe Review

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Most of us have at least heard of Zulily but in case you haven’t, they are a daily deal site offering high quality items available for moms and kids at discounted prices. I have gotten a lot of great deals on Zulily and check them out almost every morning when I get my daily email notifying me of the day’s sales. 

I was given the opportunity to review some items from the LOVE line by Little Giraffe that will be featured on Zulily from February 4 – 6. Not only can you shop their sale, you can win a prize pack similar to the one that I received for review in either boy or girl colors. 

LOVE by Little Giraffe review #zulily #sponsored

For my review I received the following items:

  • Travel Pal Security Blanket
  • Giraffe Plush Rattle
  • Giraffe Plush Toy
  • Cherish Satin Security Blanket
  • Posh Satin Security Blanket
  • Knit Giraffe Blanket
  • Polka Dot Butter Blanket
  • Posh Satin Blanket
  • Cherish Satin Blanket

When I first opened the box and took the items out I was immediately struck by how soft everything was. I chose the boy colors and love that it came in a mixture of blue and grey instead of all blue. 

LOVE by Little Giraffe review #zulily #sponsored

My son loves cuddly blankets. He has two of these on his bed and one is in the living room for him to snuggle with while he watches Sesame Street or reads his books.

I love this giraffe blanket! They’re all soft, very well made and snuggly but the giraffe is too cute for words. This one seems to be K’s favorite to use as a throw since it’s knit and a little more lightweight than the others.  

LOVE by Little Giraffe review #zulily #sponsored

All of these are in his bed right now. He loves the softness of these two blankets and insists on keeping the plush giraffe in his bed as well. 

LOVE by Little Giraffe review #zulily #sponsored

Overall we are very impressed with the quality of these blankets and would highly suggest picking some up during the LOVE by Little Giraffe sale on Zulily. These are high quality blankets and wash well. We wash them on the hand wash cycle with cool water and dry on medium heat. They look just like they did when I opened the box and we haven’t noticed any shrinkage.

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  1. I love the look of the Dream Sack :: Stretch Chenilleโ„ข. I bet it would be really warm.

  2. Thank you so much I was looking at the polka dot butter pink blanket or the posh satin and didn’t know which one was softer. Is the butter one fairly thin?

    1. Both of them are very soft, about equally soft I would say. They are both on the thicker side and are similar except for the satin edging on the satin blanket

  3. Which blanket do you recommend on Zulily, my daughter is turning 1 and I was thinking of getting one but not sure which one, they all look soft and cozy.

    1. Hi Jen,

      My two favorites in this bundle are the giraffe knit blanket and the polka dot blanket. The polka dot one is softer but the knit one is also really soft and really cute. In terms of size, they’re all pretty much the same size though the knit blanket is slightly larger in that it’s more of a square than a rectangle.

  4. Haven’t bought any Little Giraffe products yet, but I don’t think I’ll be able to resist before our new little one comes in May. All their products are adorable and look super soft. Love that Zulily is offering this more affordable collection, too ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I’ve heard nothing but wonderful things about little giraffe! Their blankets look incredibly soft and cozy ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. My sister bought a little giraffe blanket for my nephew and it’s super soft and cuddly. Something like this would be great for my niece, who loves to cuddle.

  7. These are all adorable, i’ve drooled over the Little Giraffe collection and I love that LOVE by Little Giraffe is more affordable but still so luxurious.

  8. I really love the Stretch Chenille Zipper Hoodie in Pink! It is so adorable, it looks so soft and comfy for baby!

  9. these blankets look super soft! my kids would love them. maybe it would help them stay in their beds and sleep through the night? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  10. My daughter had a Little Giraffe blanket and it was seriously the softest thing ever. I’d like to get one for our new baby boy too.

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