Introducing the New 12″ Ultimate Overnight Cloth Pad Review

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About eight months ago a funny thing happened to me. A thing that I said never would. I became a cloth pad user and even more to my surprise, a cloth pad lover. That in and of itself if the biggest testament to its awesomeness.

The 12″ Ultimate Overnight pad.

12" Ultimate Overnight pad from Pink Lemonade Shop #review #mamacloth

I have been “blessed” with a very heavy flow and have been wishing that a 12″ size existed for my heaviest overnights. I have a few 11″ overnight pads but I felt like I needed a bit more protection and a 13″ postpartum pad seemed like overkill.

12" Ultimate Overnight pad from Pink Lemonade Shop #review #mamacloth

As you can see, the Ultimate Overnight pad is quite a bit longer and wider than the 11″ overnight pads which allow for great coverage and confidence. The 12″ is the perfect size for those with a heavy flow like me. I am finally able to sleep easy. Literally.

12" Ultimate Overnight pad from Pink Lemonade Shop #review #mamacloth

I am in love with the 12″ Ultimate Overnight and it is now my favorite size in my stash.

Are you new or not quite yet sold on cloth pads? Check out my post where I answer the newbie cloth pad questions that I had before I took the plunge.

12" Ultimate Overnight pad from Pink Lemonade Shop #review #mamacloth

If you aren’t quite ready to try overnight cloth pads yet and are a bit hesitant about going all-in with cloth pads why not start out with a few cloth pantyliners? That way you can get an idea of how they work and how comfortable they are. Using pantyliners mid-cycle for ovulation days or if you dribble a little when you sneeze will keep your panties clean but the pads are no more dirty than your underwear so it’s the perfect way to take cloth pads for a spin.

Pink Lemonade Shop overnight cloth pads are the only pads I use and I don’t have a reason to try any others. They are beautiful, well-made, absorbent, and easy to take care of. I highly recommend trying them if you’d like to change your menstrual care for the better.


For fast service and one-stop shopping, cloth pads are available at Nicki’s Diapers and Amazon.

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  1. This week I am 23 weeks pregnant, experiencing the worst allergies of my life (due to a much needed but very much unusual heavy rainfall the previous week) and realizing, with all this sneezing, that I DEFINITELY am not doing enough kegels. Cloth panty liners just jumped to the top of my wishlist. I’ve planned to go reusable with a diva cup for feminine hygiene after the baby, but I am similarly “blessed” and, at least with disposables, pads were NOT for me. Hearing you say these work convinces me it might be worth a shot to try cloth pads too, even with a heavy flow.

    1. I used to be the biggest cloth pad skeptic EVER! About 9 years ago there was a conversation on a forum that I was a member of about reusable options. That’s when I started using a cup, but no way would I ever use cloth pads. But almost two years later, I love them as backup and beyond. Now I use the cup for my 2 heavy days then switch to just the pads. I love them!

  2. These look so cute and comfortable. I would love to try this version because I am a heavy bleeder. TMI, I know. I have some cloth pads, some I love and some not so much. These appear to be very nice quality.

  3. I love PLS! I only have 4 and the 10″ is the biggest I have right now. I think I could go for the 12″

  4. I also have a very heavy flow, and I need something not just for overnight, but for at work, where unfortunately I cannot run to the bathroom once an hour (which is how often I feel like I need to go). These look like they give great protection, I like that they are a bit longer and wider. They would make a great addition to my mama cloth stash.

  5. Thanks for the review. Really been thinking about switching to cloth lately.

  6. This looks like a great size for heavy days, I feel like I might need a few extra inches at night perhaps, but this might work. Your mama cloth stash looks great!

  7. I have a few PLS pads in my stash and they are very well made, soft and comfortable. Mine are all cotton velour and while I love them, they do take longer to dry than minky pads, which is a good thing to know!

  8. I have a very heavy flow, so would definitely prefer the extra coverage that this pad provides!

    I don’t own any pink lemonade brand pads, but have heard only positive things about the company on forums!

  9. I have a few mama cloth items that I use and love. They are so much softer and more comfortable than conventional pads. Your basket is cute. If I get more mama cloth items, I will have to do something like that. Right now I just keep the few I own in my undies drawer.

  10. these look so luxurious and wonderful! those first few nights of my moon cycle aren’t generally the most fabulous & that’s when i need to wear an overnight pad- these sound like a nice gift to give oneself during those bloody crampy moments 😀 thanks for the great review! i definitely need me some of these lovely minky pads!!

  11. I have a few PL pads that I will be trying this month. I’m looking forward to it. This pad looks like a great overnight or PP pad. If my flow ever gets that heavy I know where to get some.

  12. I have heard nothing but good things about this company. I would have loved these long overnight pads, and reusable when I was a teen. I ruined so many undies because the pads available, even overnight were too short.

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