Rock Your Son’s Style with Stitch Fix Kids for Boys

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If you’re the parent of a boy then you know finding good-looking stylish clothes for boys can be challenging. No matter which is your favorite store to shop for your son, chances are that you will find little variety. Because of this, I wanted to give Stitch Fix Kids a try.

I am hoping that with Stitch Fix we will find some more unique pieces than what is available at the usual stores because after 19 years of shopping for boys, I would love to have more options when shopping for my 8-year-old son’s clothes.

We just got my son’s first fix from Stitch Fix and I’m excited to show you what we received and share our thoughts on the experience.


If you’re familiar with Stitch Fix, Stitch Fix Kids works in the same way. Use your existing account or create a new one, then add your child to your account by filling out a profile for them. Enter their clothing sizes, height, and weight along with the kinds of clothes you would like to receive.

In order to customize your child’s fix, you will add information about their likes and dislikes, color preferences, and choose between outfit examples to let your stylist know which styles they like best. To customize your child’s fix even more, create a Pinterest board to add to their profile.

What will you get?

There are many things to choose from such as t-shirts, sweaters, polo shirts, sweatshirts, jeans, pants, and more. You can even get pajamas and shoes!

How often will you receive a fix?

Once you’ve completed your child’s profile, you can choose how often you would like to receive a fix. You can get them monthly, every other month, or every three months.

How much does it cost?

After letting Stitch Fix know what kinds of clothes you’d like to receive, you choose a price point for each item that fits within your budget. Once you’ve completed your child’s profile, you then place your order and you will be charged a $20 styling fee. This fee will be deducted from your order if you decide to keep any of the items in the fix. If you don’t keep any of the pieces then you will forfeit your styling fee.

How long does it take?

In about a week you will receive your order which will include 8-12 pieces. Once you receive your fix, you will be given a few days to try them on your child and if you like any or all of the pieces, you will complete your checkout and keep them, then send back the pieces you don’t want in the postage-paid shipping envelope provided. It’s so easy, there’s no reason not to try it!


What we received:

Rock Your Son's Style with Stitch Fix Kids for Boys #stitchfix #stitchfixkids #kidsfashion #boysfashion #boyoutfitideasRock Your Son's Style with Stitch Fix Kids for Boys #stitchfix #stitchfixkids #kidsfashion #boysfashion #boyoutfitideas

The model:

8 years old, 4’1¼”, and about 55 pounds. He typically wears a size 7 shirt, size 6-7 pants, and size 1 shoe.

How they fit and what we thought:

(Note: the sneakers were not part of our fix).

Rock Your Son's Style with Stitch Fix Kids for Boys #stitchfix #stitchfixkids #kidsfashion #boysfashion #boyoutfitideas Walnut & 39th | Ryder Short Sleeve Graphic Tee | Size: L | $12

Upon opening our box, I thought, “meh” when I pulled out this shirt. The fabric is soft and it seems to be well made, but the design isn’t my personal style. It fit a bit big, but with spring and summer still a little way off, this would probably fit pretty well by then. While the design wasn’t my style, Dub liked it.


Tailor Vintage | Maxwell Stretch Ripstop Cargo Jogger | Size: 6/7 | $28

If you remember the ’80s then you probably remember parachute pants and these joggers have a material that reminds me of those. They are a little big, but they’re three season pants so there is room to grow.


Rock Your Son's Style with Stitch Fix Kids for Boys #stitchfix #stitchfixkids #kidsfashion #boysfashion #boyoutfitideas Rock Your Son's Style with Stitch Fix Kids for Boys #stitchfix #stitchfixkids #kidsfashion #boysfashion #boyoutfitideas Rock Your Son's Style with Stitch Fix Kids for Boys #stitchfix #stitchfixkids #kidsfashion #boysfashion #boyoutfitideasDiamond Jack | Aron Long Sleeve Sherpa Lined Flannel Hoodie | Size: 7 | $24

As soon as I opened the box I knew we would be keeping this shirt unless it didn’t fit. Even The Husband commented on how much he liked it. The sherpa lining is super soft and it will be perfect for cold New England winter days, either as an extra warm layer or as a jacket. The second Dub tried it on, he said, “Ooh! This is warm and cozy; I’m keeping it on for the rest of the day!”


Note: When I washed all of our new pieces, this one didn’t hold up well. I always wash clothes in cold on the gentle cycle and dry on low, which were also the washing instructions on the tag of this garment. When it came out of the dryer the sleeves had shrunk and the overall shirt was shorter with some of the inner sherpa now showing on the outside due to the outer fabric curling. The outer fleece fabric also became pilly. Immediately, I contacted Stitch Fix with my concern and they quickly made it right. They credited me for the garment and told me to send it back with the rest of my returns. Thank you, Stitch Fix, for your excellent customer service!

Rock Your Son's Style with Stitch Fix Kids for Boys #stitchfix #stitchfixkids #kidsfashion #boysfashion #boyoutfitideas

Capsule | Malachi Long Sleeve Graphic Tee | Size: S | $14

I loved the style of this shirt and Dub thought the design was funny. It says “I don’t do mornings” and down the sleeve, it says, “do not disturb”. How do I find one of these in my size?

Unfortunately, though, this shirt was way too big. Dub wanted to see if we could exchange it for a smaller size, but Stitch Fix didn’t have any more available so we had to return it.


Rock Your Son's Style with Stitch Fix Kids for Boys #stitchfix #stitchfixkids #kidsfashion #boysfashion #boyoutfitideas

Odin & Ivy | The Classic Short Sleeve Graphic Tee | Size: M | $12

One thing Dub loves is space, so this moon phase shirt was right up his alley and couldn’t have been more perfect for him. The fit is good with a little room to grow, so it should be perfect by spring and summer. The fabric is soft and it feels like a good quality shirt, so the price is great, too!


Threads 4 Thought | Essentials Jogger | Size: 7 | $24

These sweatpants are made of recycled polyester and organic cotton. They are so soft and comfortable, Dub had to keep them. They’re a little big, but there’s room to grow which is what we wanted. They’re a bit pricey for a pair of sweatpants, but they appear to be well made and will hopefully last us until Dub outgrows them.


Rock Your Son's Style with Stitch Fix Kids for Boys #stitchfix #stitchfixkids #kidsfashion #boysfashion #boyoutfitideasDiamond Jack | Kingston Colorblock Varsity Raglan Sleeve Pullover | Size: 7 | $24
This one was another big hit that looks great on him, is very soft, and I love that it doesn’t have strings coming out of the hood. It’s a bit big, but he should also be able to wear this next year which made the $24 price tag on a sweatshirt easier for me to swallow.


Lazer | Daniel Ultra Flex 5 Pocket Skinny Knit Denim | Size: 7 | $24

These jeans were so soft and not stiff like most jeans, but unfortunately, they were way too big. They did have an adjustable waist, but as you may be able to see, we had the waist taken in a lot and they were bunching at the waist and also much too long. They were nice quality and I liked the color, but they weren’t going to work for us.


Rock Your Son's Style with Stitch Fix Kids for Boys #stitchfix #stitchfixkids #kidsfashion #boysfashion #boyoutfitideasAtlas | Tristin Solid Graphic Jacquard Sweater | Size: M | $24

This sweater missed the mark and just wasn’t our style. Dub doesn’t have any sweaters and the price was reasonable so if this was a solid color, we may have kept it.


Rock Your Son's Style with Stitch Fix Kids for Boys #stitchfix #stitchfixkids #kidsfashion #boysfashion #boyoutfitideasCapelli New York | Sulley Faux Fur Claw Slippers | Size: 1Y/2Y | $16

The second I took these out of the box, I knew we would be keeping them as long as they fit. Dub saw them and his eyes lit up. These slippers are hilarious, nice quality, comfortable, and they glow in the dark! Once he tried them on, he kept them on for the rest of the day.



Now you may be wondering, yeah, but what does it cost? We checked out with two t-shirts, a sweatshirt, a sherpa lined shirt/jacket, two pairs of pants, and a pair of slippers for $140 minus the $20 styling fee for a total of $120. That works out to about $17.14 per item which I think is reasonable for what we received.

If we kept everything, the total would have been $202 minus the 25% Buy All discount, minus the $20 styling fee for a total of $131.50 or $13.15 per item. That’s an amazing deal!


Overall, we were incredibly happy with our first Stitch Fix Kids experience; even my husband commented on what a cool service it is. The prices were on point with the range I put in our profile and I was pleased with the quality of the pieces.

We are signed up to receive fixes every other month and I can’t wait until Dub’s next fix arrives at the end of February.

If you’re looking for convenience, variety, and value, why not try Stitch Fix Kids for boys? I think you’ll be glad you did.

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