TushMate One-Fits-All Cloth Diaper Review

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I have had the opportunity to try a lot of cloth diapers, either through reviews, my own addiction purchases, and even some giveaway wins. Because of this there is very little that I haven’t tried or at least seen. The TushMate diaper is now an exception to that rule. I was sent a TushMate One-Fits-All cloth diaper starter kit for review and I have to say that it is pretty different from the other diapers that I’ve seen out there. I’m excited to tell you about it.

TushMate cloth diaper review

One fun fact is that TushMate is a multi-national company. ELMA Products is a US-based company with many years of customer service experience, their product designer and co-founder is Canadian, and their product technician and product manager are both in China where the TushMate diaper is fairly and ethically produced with quality materials and certified organic fabrics.

Their quest was to design a diaper that is convenient, affordable, reliable, comfortable, gentle, and requires less washing. Added to these features they also wanted their diaper to be easy to assemble, have customizable absorbency and adjustable to accommodate a baby’s rapidly changing size. I think they have succeeded in their mission.

For my review I received a cover, a large organic cotton insert, a regular sized organic cotton insert, a regular sized hemp/organic cotton insert, and a snap-in stay dry liner.

TushMate cloth diaper review

TushMate cloth diaper review

TushMate cloth diaper review

I would personally consider the TushMate a hybrid system. You can snap the liners into the cover to use as an AI2. My favorite feature of this diaper is having the option of using the snap-in stay dry liner to keep your baby’s skin dry.

TushMate cloth diaper review

Or you can use the cover with the included inserts or any other insert, prefold, or flat diaper that you like. The cover has great front and back flaps to hold your insert of choice in and you can still use the stay dry liner if you choose.

TushMate cloth diaper review

This diaper has a generous rise. We usually have K’s diapers all the way unsnapped but with the TushMate I noticed that he had a bit of droop in the bum. I snapped it down once and noticed that the droop was gone and the diaper wasn’t too short in the rise.

He is a little in between snaps on the waist though. By using the third set of snaps it was a little snug around the waist but since I could still run my finger along the inside of the back elastic pretty easily, I kept it on this setting. When I tried it on the fourth set of snaps it was a bit too loose.

TushMate cloth diaper review

TushMate cloth diaper review

The legs elastics are snug to hold in messes without leaving red marks behind.

TushMate cloth diaper review

I love that the TushMate inserts are made from all natural fibers. This way you get a trimmer, more absorbent diaper. This diaper isn’t much more bulky than a disposable diaper even with two inserts inside.

K is 2½ and has become a pretty heavy wetter and we haven’t had any leaks with this diaper, even when the inserts are really heavy. I also love the versatility of being able to use my prefolds and not worry about it bunching up or shifting. I trifold my prefolds so in covers without flaps I do find that once in a while it can shift and bunch.

I have become a huge fan of AI2s, hybrids, and covers with prefolds and the TushMate is all of those in one diaper. If there was one thing that I would change about this diaper, I would like to see longer waist tabs. K is about 31 pounds but still wears most of his diapers snapped on the second set of waist snaps. But other than that, I don’t have any complaints about this diaper!

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You can buy a TushMate One-Fits-All starter kit from their website for $25.78

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  1. What a fascinating company- . It is an interesting mnc to say the least 🙂 I like how there is an additional insert- perfect for naps or overnight,. I also love the fit. Great design!

  2. We’re new to CD’s, but these are the style we’ve decided to go with! We’re very excited to get started!

  3. I love AI2s with a snap in liner because it is more economical to use the cover more than once. I will definitely have to try out Tushmate. Thanks for the review.

  4. this looks like a very neat and great fitting diaper to have! The insert definitely looks different than others I have seen.

    -Hannah Avery

  5. I really love the unique design of the soaker!! They also don’t look bulky at all!

  6. The idea of inserts in the diaper is a very good idea! That it fits nicely around the legs also.

  7. We haven’t tried any AI2 systems yet, but I’d be interested in trying this one.

  8. Thank you for the review of the tushmates. I keep seeing these and have been wondering how effective they are. I love the idea of the snap in dry liner and the snap in inserts. Plus, I do like seeing they offer a bamboo/hemp type insert as well as the microfiber. Thanks!

  9. My little one is pretty sensitive to wetness so I like that these have a snap-in stay dry layer.

  10. I like that this diaper is so versatile. You can use it in so many different ways.

  11. I like the snap on stay dry lining. I also like the diffrent choices of liners.

  12. Thanks for the review – I’ve heard about this diaper but haven’t tried it. I like the trim fit and the natural inserts, and the fact that it can be used in so many ways!

  13. What a totally different diaper!!! The trim fit, the tightness on the legs w/o the red marks, the different snap ins….I could go on & on!

  14. I love all of the options with this diaper. love the natural materials for the inserts and really like that the fit looks good around the legs!

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