Best Bottom Cloth Training Pants Review

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potty time2

For K’s third birthday a few weeks ago I decided that I should probably start to introduce him to the potty. He doesn’t have many signs of readiness yet but I am hoping that having potty training items around the house will encourage interest. So far that hasn’t happened yet, BUT we have been trying out some cloth trainers to (hopefully) get him used to the idea.

The first trainers we tried were sent to me for review from Best Bottom. I have heard great things about these trainers and was very happy that they wanted to participate in this event.

Best Bottom Cloth Training Pants #review #clothdiapers

About the trainers:

The Best Bottom trainers come in three sizes:

  • small – 2T (20-28 lbs)
  • medium – 3T (25-35 lbs)
  • large – 4T (30 -40 lbs).

Each trainer comes with three snap-in inserts. You could snap in your own medium or small inserts that you already own if your child isn’t quite ready yet. Use medium when they’re just starting out and switch to the small when they are starting to get the hang of using the potty.

The outside is cotton and the inside is PUL with a flap in the front and back to help with leaks.

Best Bottom Cloth Training Pants #review #clothdiapers

The inserts that come with the training pants are microfiber topped with FeelWET material and have cute prints on top. These are thinner than typical inserts.

Best Bottom Cloth Training Pants #review #clothdiapers

The inserts snap right in to the training pants and then your toddler can put them on just like big kid underwear.

Best Bottom Cloth Training Pants #review #clothdiapers

The sides have a stretchy panel to make it easier for your child to pull them up and down on their own.

Best Bottom Cloth Training Pants #review #clothdiapers

My experience:

K-Dub is about 32-33 pound sand could wear a medium or a large based on his weight. We took his measurements and decided on the medium. They fit him really well, just like little underwear. I think the large would have been too big so taking your child’s measurements is a good idea before ordering.

(I swear, the matching shirt was a happy accident)

Best Bottom Cloth Training Pants #review #clothdiapers

Of course the leg elastics won’t be as tight as a cloth diaper but they still fit pretty snug. Thankfully we haven’t had the opportunity to test whether they could handle a #2 accident. If you caught it right away then I imagine you wouldn’t be left with too much of a mess.

Best Bottom Cloth Training Pants #review #clothdiapers

As I mentioned above, K is not quite ready for this potty training thing so he did wet in the pants completely. While we would have needed to change his pants if he was wearing any, I was surprised at how dry the pants stayed. Yes, there is wetness along the sides and up near the waistband in the front, but these aren’t meant to absorb like a diaper. Since the inserts are quite a bit thinner than cloth diaper inserts I was expecting more of a mess if/when he wet in them.

Best Bottom Cloth Training Pants #review #clothdiapersOverall I like these trainers a lot. They are the most versatile of the trainers that I am aware of in that they come with three inserts so you don’t have to buy as many trainers as you may of another brand. I also love that you can snap a Best Bottom diaper insert inside until your child is used to going to the potty at least some of the time. If I were to change anything about them it would be to have more colors and even some prints available.

Unfortunately I only have large BB inserts but I may have to get some mediums and maybe even some smalls to use with these for the different stages of the potty training process.

Buy It

You can buy Best Bottom trainers directly from the Best Bottom website or from Nicki’s Diapers and other retailers.

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  1. Hi
    Would you still recommend these trainers? I see this post is from 2013. Do you think these training pants helped?
    How old was your son when he got potty training? My sons normally wear disposable diapers we live in an apartment and with shared laundry so cloth wasn’t an option for us. We have started using the gerber cotton trainers and they don’t care if they pee and we get huge puddles on the floor.

    1. Hi Erika,

      These were actually my favorite trainers. They might not be the cutest trainers on the market, but they were nice because they are lined with PUL and the inserts are changeable so you don’t need as many pair. One “pair” is actually like three since they come with three inserts.

    2. Thank you for this review.
      I am wondering if the “I’m wet” inserts are still for sale as well? If so they’re hard to find. It seems they’re selling the pants individually, without inserts! Like why?It’s a crucial part of the potty training ideation! Especially for the people new to cloth that don’t have a stash of old inserts to use. These could be more popular if there were stages of inserts sold in one trial package: beginning, middle and end stage. Not to mention a nighttime option. If it were marketed correctly it would be very successful in my opinion!!

      1. We used these about 8 years ago so I’m not 100% sure, but it does look like the inserts are sold separately now. I don’t remember how much they cost when we used them, but the price seems less than they were with the inserts.

  2. Loved your review of these trainers! Can’t wait to try these on our accident prone three year old!

  3. We’re not quite to the potty training stage yet, but I want to start a stash of trainers. These look like a great one to try!

  4. I have the Best Bottoms trainer system for my son and would love to win one for my friend’s toddler.

  5. I am dreading the day we have to start potty learning… goodbye all the cute fluff! But at least there are some cute trainers!

  6. Those owl trainer inserts are completely adorable. I’m sure they will end up at our house one day soon!

  7. I’m really interested in starting my potty training stash! My daughter is only 11 months but I hope to start training earlier than later. I love that the inserts have designs, I’ve heard it helps to tell them not to pee on the owls!

  8. I would love to try these out on my daughter who will soon be starting to potty train. Seems less expensive than other brands I’ve looked at and it seems much simpler too!

  9. These look amazing! My little guy is getting ready for potty training and he is about the same size as your boy. Really helpful review

  10. thanks for the review! so glad to hear you liked them, as we are building up our cloth diaper / training pant stash right now. we plan to cloth and undiaper, so hopefully less waste this time around!

  11. I have the Best Bottom Diaper covers and I love them. I’ve looked at the Potty Training Pants, but it’s so hard to tell what they are like with stock photos. I loved this review! It really helped seeing it in action!

  12. I would think the fun prints would help motivate toddlers to wear them (versus some plain solid ones). Cute!

  13. I have never seen these trainers before, but I think this is a great idea. I like how they are underwear that your toddler can pull on and off and yet you can snap different inserts in case of accidents etc. good idea!

  14. I love my Best Bottom diapers so I have been very eager to try the trainers. It’s reassuring to see such positive reviews!

  15. I’ve been looking for trainers. Its almost that time! I’ve seen these before and they look like great trainers. I would love to be able to try them!

  16. I use Best Bottom diapers right now on my 6 month old. These look great for when she starts potty training!

  17. These look great. I just have the gerber training pants but they don’t stop leaks much at all and if my kiddo has an accident it just goes on the floor. I like that these hold in the leaks better! 🙂

    1. I used Gerber trainers on my oldest (who is almost 14) and these work much better. While they will get wet if your child pees a lot in them, we didn’t have any puddles *knock on wood*. It got to a point with my oldest when I just started letting him run around the house naked.

  18. I love my best bottom cloth diapers! This was a great review, since my 2 year old will be entering the potty training phase soon! Thanks for the all the details, specifically the different sizes and the options to use the small/medium inserts from regular diapers.

  19. The versatility of these trainers are very interesting. Would love to try them on my son. To bad there isn’t a greater selection in color or prints as that helps toddlers buy into the trainers/experience.

  20. My 19 month old is starting to show the signs of readiness and we’ve used best bottom diapers with him since he was a newborn. Love the idea of training pants that build on the same diapering system!

  21. I love the best bottom diaper system. It looks like I would love the trainers as well for when my daughter is ready to potty train! I love the new prints on the feel wet inserts sooo cute!

  22. These work well! Would love some more for the next child when they go through potty training!

  23. We’re not totally ready for potty training, but we’ve caught a few pees on the potty (and even more on the floor, LOL). I like how these look more like “big kid” underwear instead of just a diaper with stretchy sides.

  24. I’m so happy to find this review! My two-year-old is potty training, but I’m having a hard time deciding what kind of training pants to go with. As another commenter mentioned, I wanted to see the inside. Thanks!

  25. I have purchased best bottom cloth diapers to try for when my first arrives in 2014. I love the print on these inserts and will most likely try the trainers too when the time comes!!

  26. I’ve been looking at theses trainers for a little bit and wondered exactly how they worked! Thanks for the great post explaining them and your experience. I can’t wait to try them now!

  27. Best bottoms are my favorite brand of cloth diapers and I have been wanting to use/get the trainers to use with my potty trained daughter on the go and for my soon to be potty training son!!

  28. These look like great training pants! I would love to win them for my (almost) 2 year old granddaughter, she`s beginning the potty training process.

  29. My daughter is only 3 months old so I don’t need to worry about trainers for a loooong time but I was always curious what made a trainer different from a regular cloth diaper. Now I know! Thanks!

  30. love these! we aren’t quite to potty training yet, but best bottom will be on my list!

  31. This is the new trainer I have not tried yet. I am very interested now that I can see how they work!

  32. I would love to try these trainers for my potty training 2 year old. I’ve heard some great things about them.

  33. I haven’t tried Best Bottom diapers, yet. My son isn’t potty training, but I will definitely keep these in mind when he starts.

  34. I’d like to see how this trainer works for night-time use. I am curious if it would leak if a medium or large insert was used.

  35. I love your photos! These look like great trainers and I wish I had bought something simple like this when my daughter was potty training. We ended up with some overpriced AIO system- it was so unnecessary. I love that Best Bottom developed an easy trainer that is inexpensive AND it resembles underwear!

  36. Isn’t it nice that one’s cloth diaper addiction doesn’t need to end just because your kid is potty learning? I do wonder how realistic it is to be able to reuse the cover after accidents, but I suppose that if it’s just a little tinkle it might be possible. It should would be nice to be able to do so in order to reduce costs.

    1. At this point with these inserts, we can’t reuse the pants. If we get some BB inserts and use those instead they would be more absorbent so we may be able to reuse the pants with those or when he’s able to hold it more and just does a little tinkle on his way to the potty.

    1. I caught that, Anne. Thank you. I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t have to edit the GT at least once after going live, lol

  37. I’ve always wondered exactly what these trainers look liked on the inside and couldn’t find the info I needed online until your review. Thank goodness for cloth diapering bloggers! They cover all the angles. Sam is trying/reviewing a lot of different trainers right now, but this is one we haven’t tested yet. I’m intrigued! Love the Bluberry set.

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