Surviving a Three Day Weekend with Cloth Diapers

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Three day weekend with #clothdiapersOkay, so it wasn’t really a weekend, it was a three day mid-week vacation. Also the word surviving is a bit dramatic. In all honesty, three days with cloth diapers is very easy and doable. If you have any doubts or concerns about traveling with cloth, a long weekend getaway is the perfect time to try it out.

You’re not gone so long that you need to pack an entire suitcase full of diapers and most likely, you won’t have to do laundry away from home either. The laundry part is what makes me a bit nervous about traveling with cloth since you never know what kind of laundry facilities you may have access to. So what did I bring with me on my three day weekend?

I had my diaper bag for the car ride which was about three hours, a Rumparooz wet bag, and a small bag full of AI2s, inserts, covers, prefolds, and cloth wipes.

AI2s and prefolds/flats and covers are a great way to go when traveling. They take up less space since you don’t need to bring as many covers with you.

Three day weekend with #clothdiapers

For the drive my diaper bag was pretty minimal as usual. I don’t like to carry around a lot of extras.

  • Two all in one (AIO) diapers
  • One AI2 cover with two sets of inserts (he wore an AI2 for the ride as well)
  • One cover w/ two prefolds
  • A handful of cloth wipes
  • Spray bottle with wipes solution, hand sanitizer, and an extra pair of shorts
  • The Rumparooz wet bag was handy in the back of the car

This was more than enough for the ride but I would rather have too much than not enough.

Three day weekend with #clothdiapers

Now on to what I had in the small bag.

  • Seven covers
  • About a dozen cloth wipes
  • Two fitted diapers (for nighttime)
  • One wool cover (for nighttime)
  • Six prefolds
  • Six AI2 inserts & doublers
  • An extra medium-sized wet bag

Three day weekend with #clothdiapers

Three day weekend with #clothdiapers

This ended up being a great amount for the trip for a 2½ year old; you may need to pack a little more for a younger infant. K-Dub goes through an average of about 6-7 diapers per day at this point and I ended up having just the right amount. I did end up bringing home a couple of extra diaper covers, but it’s better to have more than you need than not enough, right?

What are your favorite types of diapers to bring with you on vacation?

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  1. I’ve been cloth diapering for about 6 months and am always nervous to use cloth on vacation, or even if I know we will be out of the house for several hours. This post shows it is certainly do-able!

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