Ella Bella Bum Pocket Diaper Review

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Sam Campbell is the founder, owner, and creative designer of Ella Bella Bum Inc. and is based out of Ontario Canada. She started making her own diapers after being disappointed with mass-produced diapers.

Along with the support of her husband, Courtney she launched her own Hyena Cart shop. Over the past three years, she has grown and expanded to the brand we know today. Ella Bella Bum is a true WAHM business consisting of Sam, two production assistants, and three local WAHM seamstresses along with help from her husband where and when needed. 

I’ve heard a lot about Ella Bella Bum over the past few months and when I was asked to review one of Sam’s pocket diapers I jumped at the chance. I had to know what was so wonderful about these diapers. I’m excited to tell you about them. 

Ella Bella Bum pocket diaper review

About the diaper:

The Ella Bella Bum pocket diaper is well made and incredibly cute.

Ella Bella Bum cloth diaper review

There are three rise settings for small, medium, and large babies. It will fit babies from about 15-35 pounds.

Ella Bella Bum cloth diaper review

This. I’ve never, ever seen this before in a diaper. Check out the inside of this diaper. Not only is the color unusual, so is the fabric. The inner lining is made of athletic wicking jersey so it’s nice and soft, is resistant to staining, and lets wetness pass through very easily.

Ella Bella Bum cloth diaper review

The pocket opening is quite generous so even big hands should be able to stuff it with ease. 

Ella Bella Bum cloth diaper review

The insert and booster are made of zorb underneath a layer of bamboo which makes for a super absorbent insert. If you aren’t familiar with zorb it can hold up to ten times its weight in about half a second!

The insert has three snaps on it to adjust to whatever size you need. 

Ella Bella Bum cloth diaper review

The inside of the diaper has something else that I’ve never seen in a diaper before. There is what looks like fleece along the snaps which would presumably help with wicking through the snaps. Genius.

Ella Bella Bum cloth diaper review

My experience:

I chose the Woodland Gnome diaper for my review. I love gnomes and this print caught my eye immediately. So colorful and vibrant. 

Ella Bella Bum cloth diaper review

K-Dub is 3-years-old and 32½ pounds. When I first saw the diaper it looked small to me. I worried that K-Dub may not really be able to wear it but come to find out, the elastics are quite stretchy. I didn’t have any trouble with the diaper fitting him just like any of his other one-size diapers.

Because of the unique materials used, this diaper is very trim.

Ella Bella Bum cloth diaper review

We got a nice fit in the front as well as in the bum

Ella Bella Bum cloth diaper review

He has plenty of room and stretches to move comfortably without any gaps which is good since K never seems to stop moving!

Ella Bella Bum cloth diaper review

The leg elastics are nice and snug without being tight to keep messes fully contained.

The Ella Bella Bum pocket diaper is very well made and quite unique with the materials that are used. It is made with superior craftsmanship as well. The stitches are even and the cutting is consistent. The diaper fits just as well as any big-name, mass-produced cloth diaper on the market. This is by far the nicest WAHM diaper I have ever used. 

Ella Bella Bum cloth diaper review

We didn’t have any leaks or blowouts which is always a plus and the diaper washes well. The fabric didn’t fade and the stitching stayed pristine. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone and I thank Sam for letting me review her awesome diaper!

Buy It

You can purchase your own Ella Bella Bum diaper directly from her store.

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  1. I am so glad I discovered cloth pads and learned about all the chemicals in them! I cannot fathom putting such chemicals on a babies sensitive skin 🙁

  2. i love that the insert is made with zorb and bamboo! i’m totally over microfiber and its stinkiness.

  3. Oh, I’m very intrigued by that wicking fabric inside! I’ve never seen that before. Thanks for this great review. Looks like you got a great fit on your little guy and I love the photos.

  4. I think that the jersey knit inside is really cool. I am interested to see how it works in comparison to the other cloth diapers I use.

  5. I’ve never seen athletic jersey as a lining. Does it stay wet against your guy’s skin?

  6. I love the coloured inside! I also think it’s great that the inserts are contoured!

  7. I love the Woodland Gnome pattern! These diapers look so well made. The athletic jersey is totally intriguing to me.

  8. I just cant stand how cute that print is!!! Ive never tried zorb, I wonder how well it will hand wash and what the fiber structure is!

    1. From what I’ve read “Zorb contains only tangled cellulose fibers from bamboo/cotton/viscose and poly micro fiber”. It is also in the RagaBabe inserts that I love so much. Both inserts hold a ton.

  9. These diapers are seriously gorgeous. They are a work of art and the prints are awesome! I would love to try a diaper with this type of lining. It looks very interesting.

  10. I would love to try a cloth diaper made by a WAHM. I love the idea of the athletic wicking jersey material.

  11. I like the fleece to prevent wicking through snaps. That’s not something I would have even thought of!

  12. these are super cute diapers and look very well made. i love the “Doe Eyed” print diaper! 🙂

  13. I love WAHM businesses 🙂 These diapers are so cute! I especially love the Christmas Sweater Penguin Embroidered, One Size Pocket Diaper!

  14. Omg that has to be the cutest print ever!!! I love the one EBB diaper I have and would so love to have another, especially I that adorable gnome and shroom print.

  15. I love these diapers. I like how well they fit my daughter and how cute they are. I wish I had several more

  16. This looks like an economical version of gDiapers. I love g’s, but hate the high price tag. This might be a good option…

  17. This diaper is absolutely adorable! I’m a hybrid AI2 CD mom, but may have to try this one!

  18. I like my EBB pocket, toddler poop comes easily off the athletic jersey. The fit was great for my toddler, though on my 4 month old she will have to wait till her next growth spurt before she has a nice fit on the small setting.

  19. This diaper looks super fit! and I need a gnome diaper!! Our family has been all gnomes for a couple halloweens now

  20. This diaper is pretty cool. I love the colored inside and the fleece around the snaps is a great idea.

  21. I’m so in love with this print!! I really like the red inside, makes it more fun than just the usual white 🙂

  22. That woodland print is too cute! I’ve never tried zorb, but my daughter is a heavy wetter, so i’m interested to try. And i love that there’s also a layer of bamboo (one of my fav. CD materials)

  23. love the idea of athletic fabric as the inner liner. great idea. it would really help my little girl’s bum not to be so red after peeing so much.

  24. I didn’t realize that EBB was a Canadian WAHM!

    The diamond Hello Kitty diaper in-stock is very cute, and I LOVE the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles she made a while back!

    Having a stain-resistant inner is a good idea.

  25. I love the look of EBB diapers. My current favorite is the Cardinal Christmas print. These look so well made.

  26. Cute! I really like that woodland animals print! My boys would love that! 🙂 The fit looks perfect on your little man.. I’d love to try out one of these on my daughter!

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