The Real Reason I Use Cloth

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Oh sure, I could sit here and tell you that I use cloth diapers and cloth pads because I’m trying to be environmentally responsible or that I’m trying to save money. It wouldn’t be untrue but it isn’t the real reason that I started or continue to use cloth. They are just very nice, much appreciated side effects to the truth. 

Why I REALLY use cloth

Don’t get me wrong, I love that I’m not adding more trash to the landfill by switching to cloth but I really started using cloth because when I saw a friend of mine change her baby into a cute purple cloth diaper cover it made an impression on me. Who really loves changing diapers or that time of the month? I’d venture a guess and say that no one does. Diapers aren’t fun. Periods aren’t fun. But cloth is much prettier than disposables which makes a normally unpleasant task a little more pleasant.

This post contains affiliate links.

Paper hygiene products are unattractive, smell of deodorizer, and make unpleasant crunchy noises. I don’t know about you but I have never, ever gotten excited about buying a box of diapers or pads but I do get excited about trying a new diaper style or when a new diaper print comes out. I also get excited when my favorite cloth pads stock a new print. 

Why I REALLY use cloth

I never set out to use cloth pads but about a year ago I was approached for a cloth pad review. I tried my first cloth pad as backup for my cup instead of my usual disposable one and I was hooked. Why? Because it was so soft and pretty!

Which pantyliner would you rather wear? Pantyliners are a great way to try cloth pads because they don’t get any more dirty than your panties so washing them is a snap. 

Why I REALLY use cloth

Even the larger sized pads to use during your time of the month are very easy to wash and look at how much prettier they are. I still don’t love having my period but bringing out my pretties makes me a little more happy about it. 

Why I REALLY use cloth

How about you? If you use cloth already, why do you do it? If you don’t, do you think having a prettier, softer option might make it a little less of a drag? 

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  1. I started CDing to save money. That it helps the environment is just a happy perk. And I’m now a bit of a cloth addictive! I made my own mama cloth (but having had a baby 11 days ago I’m unfortunately using disposables because I don’t have near enough to keep up with the frequent changes), I switched my house full-time to cloth “paper” towel, and I’m experimenting with family cloth. I’m all about diy and I’d like to someday sell my sewing as a business!
    The pretty factor is so nice! I’m proud to show off my babies’ diapers! And I cringe when I see a disposable poking out – thanks Hubby.

  2. I have to admit, I’m a sucker for pretty. I’m picky about busy prints (in clothing, in the cloth diapers I browse online, and probably here too) but I think you’ve hit on a bit of truth!

  3. I’m right there with you. I started cloth diapering strictly to save money, but I’ve become addicted to the cuteness. I hate having to cover up the adorable fluff in winter. 😉

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