Thirsties Duo Wrap Diaper Cover Review

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I have mentioned on the blog several times that pocket diapers just aren’t my thing anymore, especially now that Dub is older and we should be (knock on wood) in the home stretch of cloth diapers. I want easy, I don’t want to unstuff and stuff diapers especially when they’re dirty. For over a year now I have been steadily gravitating to AI2s and covers.

One cover that I’ve wanted to try for years but just never did for some odd reason is the Thirsties Duo Wrap. I have used both the (no longer made) Duo diaper and AIO and really love the quality and performance. Now I am wondering WHY I haven’t tried the wrap before.

Thirsties Duo Wrap & hemp prefold review #clothdiapers

A look at the Thirsties Duo Wrap and hemp prefold:

I received a size two Duo Wrap in Scottish Storm, a print that I have been coveting for a few years now, along with a size two Duo Prefold to review. Why is it called a Duo? Because it has two sizes to give you a wider size range than typical “one size” diapers.

The Size one Duo Wrap fits babies from about 6-18 pounds and the size two fits babies from about 18-40 pounds whereas a typical “one size” diaper will fit from about 10-35 pounds.

Thirsties Duo Wrap & hemp prefold review #clothdiapers

The Duo Wrap has the typical Thirsties double leg gussets to contain messes, which I LOVE.

Thirsties Duo Wrap & hemp prefold review #clothdiapers

The Duo Prefold is made of super soft hemp jersey (knitted in the USA) that is naturally antimicrobial. It is 25% more absorbent than pure cotton, more trim, and has seams sewn it for easy folding. 

I always use the trifold and lay them inside the cover like an insert. 

Thirsties Duo Wrap & hemp prefold review #clothdiapers

The prefold is sewn together in a way that the middle is completely open which means that they dry faster than conventional prefolds. Genius. 

Thirsties Duo Wrap & hemp prefold review #clothdiapers

Our experience:

My model is 3 years and 11 months old, about 37 pounds and 3’3″ tall. As you can see the diaper has a great fit on the waist with some room to grow (even though, honestly, I’m hoping that he won’t need too much more room to grow!). The elastic on the front panel allows for an even better fit on the waist.

Thirsties Duo Wrap & hemp prefold review #clothdiapers

The double legs gussets in action. These gussets fit nice and snug on the legs so that even the messiest of older toddler messes stay contained within the cover. I can’t say that about the majority of our diapers anymore. 

Thirsties Duo Wrap & hemp prefold review #clothdiapers

Nice fit on the bum, no sagging. Really, how cute is this print?

Thirsties Duo Wrap & hemp prefold review #clothdiapers

The diaper is nice and trim with the hemp prefold. 

Thirsties Duo Wrap & hemp prefold review #clothdiapers

I love the Thirsties Duo Wrap and I am kicking myself for not getting some sooner! This cover has performed perfectly without a single leak. I love the fit and the quality and if we weren’t trying really hard to get Mr. Dub potty trained I would buy several more of these! I highly recommend the Thirsties Duo Wrap and think you will love it, too. 

Buy it:

You can buy the Thirsties Duo Wrap from Thirsties’ website or from your favorite retailers such as Nicki’s Diapers and Amazon.

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  1. Love that there are different sizes! I have the Ocean Collection in size 1 waiting for me to have a baby 🙂

  2. Thirsties Duo Wrap was the first cloth on my baby. I had purchased a different brand (BG) one size pocket diaper, but there was no way it would work for my tiny newborn. On a whim, I got a newborn prefold & cover package from my favorite cloth store. It had a choice for different brands of covers and I just went with the cuter (Thirsties, obv) of the two. I am soooo happy I did. I started with 5 size 1 wraps, but quickly bought 5 more. At 9 months, she still has room to grow in her size 1’s, but she has several size 2’s waiting in the wings. I love them so much, I suggest Thirsties to anybody who will listen lol! 🙂

  3. I love my Thirsties! It’s my favorite cover because of how good it fits on my skinny 3 month old. And you did awesome reviewing it- how in the world do you get your baby still enough to take all those pictures?! 😛

  4. Scottish storm was the first print I fell in love with. When I won a duo wrap, I automatically chose this and I love it

  5. I love Thirsties Duo Wraps! Thirsties double gussets (both in the Duo Wrap and the OS pocket) are awesome for containing messes! The size 1 was great when my baby was a newborn to young infant, I loved that it was smaller/narrower than a OS cover so that it didn’t look so huge but had rise snaps to grow and fit longer than newborn covers. The size 2 Duo Wrap is my favorite cover for over nighttime fitteds since it runs bigger than OS covers. We haven’t used prefolds in quite awhile but you’re review has got me wanting to try out Thirsties Hemp prefolds!

  6. I will be ordering some of these for my little one due in may. I didn’t realize they had the elastic in the front also, love that idea! This will be my first time cloth diapering but I have heard that the double gussets are a must also!

  7. I have never tried this kind of diaper before, but after your review, I really want to. I love how the prefold is sewn so that it has a tube in the middle. I would think that helps the diaper get cleaner. So smart!

  8. I love Thirsties, and wish more of my stash consisted of them. They are durable and cute. If anyone were to ask me what cloth diapers I would recommend, Thirsties Duo Wraps would definitely be one of them. And they have awesome customer service too.

  9. I love Thirsties prints! I have never tried any of their products, but would love to!

  10. You know I’ve windered why it was called the duo for a long time. I see some great things about thirsties covers and wish I had tried one before filling out my stash

  11. Love it. 🙂
    We have many duo wraps in size 2 for my daughter and now a handful of size one for our little boy who’s due in April. And I’m am really excited to use them on a little baby. The fit has always been my favorite part

  12. I’m getting really sick of my pocket diapers too, and I had one thirsties duo when my little guy was smaller, and absolutely LOVED it! I thought I would love Flips so I got several of those covers instead. I am planning to get way more thirsties for this baby coming this summer! I’m interested in trying their prefold though, because I just got their hemp inserts last time!

  13. I have a duo wrap and prefold I love them both They work great for toddlers I use the prefold stuffed in a pocket for overnight and never had a leak yet The prints are adorable too.

  14. I haven’t tried Thirsties Duo wraps but they look super easy to use and leak proof! Since I’m cloth diapering twins I need both of these things. I may have to check out this brand!

  15. I have to say that Thirsties makes some pretty awesome diapers. I tend to get a better fit with their velcro and it is so strong and sticky. It’s the only velcro that I’ve allowed to stay in my stash!

  16. Yes, Thirsties double gussets are really awesome! I like that they are nice and trim too! I have several that I will be using on my new baby! I am completely in love with the new Valentines print, and would really love to acquire one!

  17. I have seen this diaper around a lot, and have not paid much attention to it, until now! Wow that is trim!! I am new to cloth diapers, and a few that I have tried are bulky, something I didn’t really want. But this one looks way trim! They have great prints too! I’ll have to try them now! Than you!

  18. These covers are the BEST! We have always had at least a few in our stash since the beginning. I always recommend them to friends who are considering cloth diapering.

  19. I’m so glad to hear you liked them so much! I put a bunch of these on my registry (mostly due to price) so its great to hear they’re so wonderful.

  20. I’d love to try one of the hemp inserts! I like that the design allows for a faster drying time!

  21. I’ve only been buying AIOs and AI2s because they seem the easiest. But this makes prefolds and covers sound not too intimidating. I love the Thirsties prints!

  22. I’ve tried thirties covers and liked them, but need some hemp in my life for my heavy wetter. Thanks for the review

  23. I just had another baby & due to missing diapers & the need to economize since this our last child, I need to use prefolds & covers. The Duo looks like a better option rather than buying multiple sizes. I would be curious how the rise compares from size 1 to 2. My babies outgrow that first.

  24. I really loved the Duo Wraps in size 1 when my daughter was a little baby. They fit her from birth, but she didn’t outgrow them right away like she did her newborn sized diapers. Also, the double gussts were perfect for keeping ebf blowouts contained. I plan on getting a stash of these for our baby coming in July 🙂

  25. Thirsties duo wraps were the first cover I ever tried and I love them. Never had a single leak and always washed well. They fit perfectly and are easy to use. I have purchased more for the new babe due this year.

  26. My baby’s not even born yet, but Thirsties wraps are on my registry and my “must-have” list! Every review I’ve seen has said “no leaks, fits great” – including my friends who’ve recently had babies! If they use prefolds, they use Thirsties. Plus, the hemp with the open center just might work in my building’s HE washers.

  27. Our Duo size 2 is one of 3 covers that fit my son when he outgrew all my 1-size covers…twice. The 1st time at 12 mos, & a few mos ago now at 22 mos.

  28. These are my favorite covers. You have to be very careful about placing the front so that is doesn’t droop but the fit on the legs is awesome! We use these with prefolds during the day and fitted diapers at night. We even used these on top of disposables on car trips to contain any blowouts 🙂 Now I am curious to try the hemp prefolds because I do like the Thirsties hemp inserts and pocket diapers.

  29. All I use on my 22-month-old are Duo Wraps and prefolds. Nothing beats those double gussets!

  30. I’ve been looking into different kinds of covers, so this is helpful. Would love to try them

  31. Our little one is expected to arrive in the next few weeks and we’ve been stocking up! Thirsties duo wrap covers was the most recommended to us to go over our fitteds because of the dual leg gussets and easy to wipe interior!

  32. My little one was no little peanut. So I’ve been anxiously waiting for her to get big enough for the size 2. In the meantime, we’ve picked up some of the one-sized pocket diapers and love those. Great fit on my long and lean baby and reliable hook and loop. Not to mention cute patterns!

  33. This company has always been a pleasure to work with. I love that they are made in the USA and I love that they are coming out with new prints! My favorite diapers

  34. I have heard such great things about Thirsties covers but haven’t tried them yet. I do love my hemp inserts though!

  35. I have one Duo Wrap in my stash, but I haven’t had the opportunity to use it yet. I like the look of the double gussets, and the snaps feel really solid.

  36. I only hear glowing reviews of the Duo Wrap. I am registering for some at Target, I will have to tell some friends that this is one of the things I really want! 😉

  37. The Thirsties Duo Wrap was the very first diaper we put on our baby. It has never failed to contain runny newborn poops and is the only diaper that has never leaked for us. I wish they had some more interesting prints though! I end up buying pocket diapers that don’t do the job as well, just to have something cuter to put on my baby’s bum.

  38. Thirsties Due has become one of my favorite covers. It’s the only one that completely covers my daughter’s huge fitted at nighttime, and we’ve never had leaks. The quality is awesome. I’d love to have another!

  39. I haven’t been able to try them, but I do know I love double gussets, and the elastic on the tummy panel sounds really awesome!

  40. I like that the legs have gussets. Also, I’m a sucker for any kind of argyle, so I’m in love with the Scottish Storm pattern!

  41. I have the size 2 duo wrap, and I love that it still fits my 2-year-old son and has room to grow. 🙂

    1. Yes, plenty of room! My son is 4 and still needs a diaper at night; his Duo Wrap is one of our go-to choices because it still fits well.

  42. I love the Thirsties duo wrap! It is one of the few covers that does a good job covering a fitted while at the same time working well for a pad folded flat.

  43. I do not have a thirsties duo wrap but I do have a thirsties aio and it is one of the best of my stash. I would love to try a wrap and prefold.

  44. I love the double gussets! Any diaper that has those is on the top of my awesome list! But the front elastics always seem to pull down really far in the front for me. Did you have any problems with the front riding down after being worn for a little while?

    1. I don’t always love front elastic and it does ride down but the Thirsties is tight enough that it doesn’t bother me. Since we’re only using diapers at night now and my son is outgrowing other covers it gives that extra bit of protection.

  45. My stash is filled with Thirsties duo wraps in snaps. I have yet to use them on little one yet but chose them because they’re made in the US, price range, and they’re so cute.

  46. I love my duo wraps and use them even when I’m not using cloth diapers. I mean, they are trim enough to go over a disposable without looking ridiculous and also do a great job as a true cover. I debate about getting size twos but I have other one-size covers that do a great job as well so I’m conflicted. They work so well! But I don’t *need* them since I mostly use pockets/AIOs anyway.

    The double leg gussets really help when your child has very skinny legs! I’m not sure if it’s really “double” since only one really is used, but the way it’s cut/works is great for our daughter so I don’t want to argue semantics!

    Yeah, I see the death stares now that I mentioned the word disposable, but they have their place even though I loathe using them, especially for a long time. But for trips to places where relatives don’t want you to use their washing machine and simplicity at the doctor’s office disposables have benefits that outweigh internet shame!

    1. So funny that you mention only one gusset being used. I’ve often wondered the same thing because not just with Thirsties, with ANY diaper that I have with double leg gussets it looks like only one is truly being used. I just assumed that the smaller, inner gusset is more fitted and the other one which is larger keeps the diaper more in place. I really have no idea but I do like that the smaller inner gusset fits so closely on the leg. I do find that they hold messes in better but I digress. I don’t really know the true mechanics of it either 🙂

  47. I love double leg gussets. We use prefolds now and the double leg gusset has saved many outfits. I like the idea Of the folded insert, but am hesitant to try just folding the insert and putting it in a cover. I do not have any thirsties wraps to try it with so maybe I just need to try it.

    1. You could also use it as a typical prefold. I am just a very lazy diaperer and don’t want to be bothered with fancy folds and Snappis 🙂

  48. I’m just sad that we’re outgrowing the length of our size 1 prefolds. They work great!

  49. That is a really cute print. I love that it has a double gusset. I have never tried a jersey insert but it sounds great.

  50. We have this diaper! For the longest time the duo inserts that snap together were my favorite, but I am doing away with all microfiber…so we would love to try the hemp! We only have 1 thirsties in our collection and I need to get more!

  51. I only have one of these covers, but I love it! It is perfect for putting over fitteds. The double leg gussets ensure a leak proof fit 🙂

  52. I have one Thirsties Duo Wrap for my 2 month old. I like the thickness of the cover, its still trim but seems like it will last a long time.

  53. This is definitely one of the most informative reviews I’ve seen for the Thirsties Duo-wrap. I never knew before why they were called Duo, and also I didn’t know Thirsties covers had double gussets; Awesome! ALSO they are made in the USA! Which is hard to find in cloth diapers, so I think Thirsties is a Win-Win!. I hope we get some off of our registry, I would love to try them!

  54. I have a couple of Duo Wraps and I like them a lot. I think the leg gussets fit extremely well (at least on my toddler) and, like you mentioned, the fit is incredibly trim. I don’t like the horizontal snaps quite as much as I like the snaps on my covers that have a set of vertical snaps. The fabric between the snaps puckers quite a bit, but that doesn’t really impact the cover’s functionality. My main concern with the covers is that my toddler has a long rise and it seems like she’ll outgrow the Duo Wrap before some of her other covers. I guess that’s the trade-off with the front elastic – more leak protection in front, but also a little shorter rise. Overall, like you, I love the cover. That print is adorable!

  55. I would love to try thirsties. I really like that they have double gussets. Thank you for your review.

  56. I’m starting to adopt your position on pocket diapers. I primarily have pockets and I’m sick of stuffing them. I’d love to try this system. I have a Thirsties AIO and I love it!

  57. I love Thirsties Duo wraps They fit great I’ve never tried the hemp prefold but would like to.

  58. Double gussets.. that’s awesome! I never though of how helpful that would be to have! I like that the trifold is sewn together; it leaves the option to add an insert if you wanted to. That’s a very cute print, too! I will have to eventually add one of these diapers to my small, yet growing collection. Thank you!

  59. I loved the duo wrap size 1 on my newborns. But I felt like they outgrew it quickly around 12/13 lbs. Then, they size 2 didn’t fit very well. But now around 28 lbs., I find myself reaching for it more often with my son again.

  60. i love this brand. its so nice to have such great quality US made diapers. I love how trim the covers can be.

  61. I love that these come in two sizes….too many sizes would be overwhelming but this helps get a better fit for little babies, I’m sure!

  62. Love the double gussets on these. I had a couple of size 1’s when my son was smaller, but would love to get a size two to try! I love how well the fit looks, and love how generous the sizing looks!

  63. I just got my first Duo Wrap and it’s quickly become one of my favorite covers. I love the double gussets, but my favorite feature is probably the elastic at the belly. For some reason I can never get the front of a prefold to reliably stay in the diaper, but the elastic is great! Plus, I love that they’re local to me too. 🙂 Thanks for a great review!

  64. We used Thirsties wraps and prefolds when our kiddo was smaller, then switched to pockets (and use Thirstie’s inserts 🙂 but after reading this post, I’m kind of thinking of switching back!!!

  65. I wish they would allow hemo to be grown in the US so it would come down in price. Love hemp!

  66. These are one of our most reliable! Thirsties leg gussets are the best I’ve seen, and I can get a good fit with duo wrap. They always lay flat in front and back which is problem we sometimes have with other covers. Since they’re so roomy, I use them over fitteds or ai2 inserts. I’ve never tried their hemp prefolds but that is amazingly trim!

  67. I really like thirsties as well, but I’ve had problems with stains on the gussets. Did you have any staining on your thirsties and if so, what did you do about it?

    1. The gussets on my Duo diaper are stained. I’ve had that diaper for about 2.5 years and it’s been stained for a while. This one isn’t stained but it hasn’t been used all that much yet since I’ve only had it for about a month.

  68. I love my Thirsties wrap and they are a great company. I had a small hole in one above the snap and they sent me a new one within a few days! All I had to do was send the damaged one back with paid postage. They try to repair the damaged ones and donate them to families in need. Love!

  69. I LOVE our thirsties duo wrap! That was my favorite cover while our little guy was a baby, and we used it until he was about 20 lbs! I want to make that most of our stash for our next baby! I also am super interested in their pre-folds now too!

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