Sunbaby Cloth Diaper Review

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There is no denying that over the course of diapering your child for up to three years, cloth diapers can save you thousands of dollars over the cost of disposables. But the up-front cost of buying cloth diapers can be cost-prohibitive for a lot of families at $15-$25 or more per diaper.

“They” say that a full stash of cloth diapers is at least 18 diapers, and I think this is a very conservative number in order to reduce wear and tear so that they will truly last from infancy to potty training. But even so, acquiring a minimum of 18 diapers can cost around $300! But not when you use Sunbaby diapers!

Sunbaby diapers come in packs of 6, 12 and 24 and the bigger the pack of diapers, the less they cost per diaper.

  •  6 diapers + 12 inserts = $45.00 ($7.50 per diaper)
  • 12 diapers + 12 inserts = $60.00 ($5.00 per diaper)
  • 24 diapers + 24 inserts = $108.00 (4.50 per diaper!)

A family could easily use cloth diapers full time for just over $100! How long can you diaper a baby with $100 worth of disposables? Less than 3 months for a newborn using store-brand diapers. About a month and a half for a newborn using premium diapers! Crazy, isn’t it?! Not only are Sunbaby Diapers inexpensive, but they’re also super cute! Here are just some of the colors and prints that you could choose from:

Sunbaby Cloth Diaper Review #clothdiapers

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Now you may be wondering about the quality of such an inexpensive diaper. I have tried several inexpensive diapers that still cost more than Sunbaby Diapers and I can honestly say that Sunbaby is superior to the others. They are a typical, no-frills one-size pocket diaper, but where they differ is in the quality of the lining and the microfiber insert.

The lining is one of the softest linings in any of my diapers in my current stash and the insert has held up to about 2 months of wear so far without going flat. I can’t say that the same is true of other inexpensive diapers that I’ve tried. My son is an average wetter but getting heavier yet I can still use just one Sunbaby insert where I have to put a doubler in my other inexpensive diapers because the microfiber has gotten flat.

Sunbaby Cloth Diaper Review

Sunbaby Cloth Diaper Review #clothdiapers

Look at how soft this lining is!

Sunbaby Cloth Diaper Review #clothdiapers

There is a nice wide opening for easy stuffing and unstuffing

The fit of Sunbaby diapers is great, too. This is another diaper that fits on the larger side, which I like. It’s kind of a high-waisted diaper compared to a lot of the others. At almost 17 months and about 24 pounds, K wears this on the medium rise setting and the second smallest snap setting.

Sunbaby Cloth Diaper Review #clothdiapers
Sunbaby Cloth Diaper Review #clothdiapers

The leg elastics fit nice and snug without being tight and leaving marks.

Sunbaby Cloth Diaper Review #clothdiapers

There is some slight sagginess in the butt, but it’s an overall nice fit.

Sunbaby Cloth Diaper Review #clothdiapers

Overall, for the price, I think that this is a great diaper. I was pleasantly surprised and impressed with the quality of a diaper that costs less than $8. I really wish that I had heard of Sunbaby when I was first starting out. I ended up wasting quite a bit of money, in the beginning, trying to buy diapers “on the cheap” to build a stash as quickly as I could and I ended up eventually selling all but one of them because they just didn’t work for us.

I started to hear about Sunbaby a few months ago and at first, I thought that there was no way that they could be any good and brushed it off. I have been made a believer! While the print isn’t what I would have chosen for myself, it’s much cuter in person.

  • The price and quality for the price.
  • On the larger side for a one-size diaper
  • Super soft lining
  • Fits well under pants and jeans

Really, the only thing that I wish is that you could buy a single diaper. I absolutely love the Argyle print but at this point, I just can’t justify buying six diapers in order to get one. My rating for this diaper is a little different from other diapers because if this was your typical $15 diaper, I would give it about three stars. It’s a perfectly good diaper that doesn’t leak, but the fact that it costs between $4.50 – $7.50 per diaper and is made of the quality that it is, I’m giving it five stars.

I would recommend Sunbaby diapers to anyone who is trying to build a stash quickly or just doesn’t have $20 to spend on a diaper.

Update 1/3/14: The snap broke on the diaper that I reviewed a few months later but by that time I had purchased the argyle print Sunbaby that I wanted from an Etsy shop selling single diapers. That diaper is still in our stash, is holding up well, and the lining is still soft. I have a lot of premium and even super-premium diapers in my stash and this Sunbaby remains one of my husband’s favorites in our stash.

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  1. >I love that you can buy in larger amounts to save money…really cute designs too.

  2. >I love the prints that they have and I have heard great things about these diapers! I would love to try them!

  3. >I have heard so many great things about sunbaby diapers and really want to order some for our new baby coming in June!

  4. >I've heard some people love them and some people don't care for them. I'm edging closer to trying them out, though.

  5. >I have some of the older style, and I think they're a great deal for stash-building!

  6. >I am still building our stash and I really thought that the quality of these diapers must not be that great b/c of the price. I appreciate the honest review. I might just buy a small pack to try out after all.

  7. >Luv their prints and 24 diapers close to a full stash for one for only $108. what's not to Luv! They fit excellent, sounds like a deal to me.
    Gladys P
    sps1113 at yahoo dot com

  8. >I've never heard of them but I am SO going to check them out! For the price of just TWO of the highly visible name-brand diapers, you get SIX of these?! I'm in 🙂

  9. >My 19 month old daughter is 19 lbs. I love the fact that it's slightly on the larger side!! I also like the pink zoo print.

  10. >i always here great things about sunbaby but just havent bought any yet, and you cant beat that price!

  11. >I have heard a lot of people rave about these diapers. That circle print is so cute.

  12. >Wow, great price, soft on the inside, cute on the outside. Luv the review full of information. I am starting a stash for my son.
    Gladys P

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