Get Your Future Babywearer Started Early with the Boba Mini

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My love of Boba has been going strong for almost three years now. I started with a Boba 2G and have stayed with them as my favorite baby carrier ever since. Both my husband and I can use it with ease and our son, almost four, still loves going for piggyback rides. Because I love my Boba so much it hit me that I should see if Dub would like to wear one as much as he still loves to be in one. 

Get Your Future Babywearer Started Early with the #Boba Mini #babywearing #bobalove #BobaAmbassador

A look at the Boba Mini:

The Boba Mini comes in a very cute, high quality mesh bag that you can use for storage and travel. This is such a great idea so the carrier doesn’t get ruined in the bottom of a toy box because let’s be honest, kids will just throw things wherever they feel like. 

Get Your Future Babywearer Started Early with the #Boba Mini #babywearing #bobalove #BobaAmbassador

The Mini isn’t just a chintzy piece of shapeless fabric, it truly is a mini. From this angle you would never know that this is for a doll and not a real baby. 

Get Your Future Babywearer Started Early with the #Boba Mini #babywearing #bobalove #BobaAmbassador

Of course, it lacks some of the structural aspects of the full-sized Boba but that isn’t needed for a doll carrier.

Get Your Future Babywearer Started Early with the #Boba Mini #babywearing #bobalove #BobaAmbassador

The buckles are just smaller versions of the original. Very high quality which tells me that this carrier will last a long time and will be able to handle being played with frequently. 

Get Your Future Babywearer Started Early with the #Boba Mini #babywearing #bobalove #BobaAmbassador

It even has a little pocket, just like the full-sized Boba. 

Get Your Future Babywearer Started Early with the #Boba Mini #babywearing #bobalove #BobaAmbassador

Our experience:

We found the Boba Mini to be very easy to adjust for the perfect fit. You don’t get much cuter than this.

Get Your Future Babywearer Started Early with the #Boba Mini #babywearing #bobalove #BobaAmbassador It was just as easy to wear as both a front and back carrier. Dub seemed to like to wear it best on his back, maybe because that’s how he’s used to being carried in his own Boba.

Get Your Future Babywearer Started Early with the #Boba Mini #babywearing #bobalove #BobaAmbassador

Dub is a very active kid who runs and climbs constantly and quickly moves from one activity to the next. He liked being able to carry his Elmo on his back without it getting in the way of other things. 

Get Your Future Babywearer Started Early with the #Boba Mini #babywearing #bobalove #BobaAmbassador

We love the Boba Mini and are so impressed with the quality. I truly didn’t expect it to be as high quality as it is because it’s a toy but it really is so close to the real thing. I also love that there are so many color and print options so that boys can also have one that looks it belongs to a boy. So many toys that replicate caring for babies or playing house are pink or very girly so thank you Boba for taking little boys into consideration. My husband wears Dub just as much as I do so having his own Boba helps him to be like his daddy.

The Boba Mini is also very easy to clean. I chose the black carrier but we have a white cat which means it attracts cat hair like a magnet! A lint roller gets the cat hair and lint off it in just a few quick seconds. 

Buy it:

You can buy a Boba Mini from Boba’s website for $29.95 or from several of your favorite retailers such as (affiliate links) Diaper Junction, Sweetbottoms Baby, and Nicki’s Diapers

Get Your Future Babywearer Started Early with the #Boba Mini #babywearing #bobalove #BobaAmbassador

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  1. I love this little carrier It would make a great Christmas present.

  2. I love how cute it is! I never realized that they made mini carriers! I love that it is durable and not something that will break easily. I like that small carrying case, you can probably use it for something else.

  3. I love that you can front carrier or back carrier just like the big one! How adorable is that

  4. My daughter has a mini Ergo and loves to carry her baby. My son would also love a mini carrier (and the Boba would be perfect so they could tell them apart) to carry his little bear!

  5. These are so cute! I love that they can be worn different ways and appear to be of a high quality for a toy!

  6. Sarah Hayes says:

    these look fabulous. Id love to have one for my daughter.

  7. I think these are awesome! What a great way to encourage pretend play!

  8. Lindsay Jackson says:

    I’ve been wanting to get my son one of these for a LONG time! I love how durable and well made these minis are… just like the adult ones 🙂 so much quality and attention to detail!

  9. This is SO cute. What an awesome Christmas or birthday gift!

  10. My toddler likes to carry her “babies” around in a makeshift wrap (using a scarf of mine) so I know she would adore something like this, especially once I am carrying her little brother or sister who will arrive next spring!

  11. My daughter would LOVE to carry her stuffed friends the way we carry her. She currently puts them in her little backpack. This would be a massive step up!

  12. Dominica H. says:

    So super cute- my son or niece would love to carry their friends around in this.

  13. This is the cutest little carrier. I would love to win one so my LO and I can go on a Colorado hike together! 🙂

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