Wonderful Bambino Fitted Cloth Diaper Review

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Cloth diapering at night can sometimes get the best of even the most seasoned cloth diapering parents. Some babies and toddlers are just heavy wetters and to get the kind of absorbency you need you to have to add so much padding that your child can no longer wear their pajamas or even walk comfortably.

Many of us have been there and we get it. If this is you, give the Wonderful Bambino fitted cloth diaper a try. These cloth diapers are highly absorbent and have a slim fit. Read on to find out more about this great diaper.

Wonderful Bambino fitted diaper review #clothdiapers

A look at the Wonderful Bambino Fitted:

The Wonderful Bambino fitted diaper is unique in a few ways. It has two features that aren’t seen often in the fitted diapers I have tried. There is sewn in absorbency down the middle of the diaper and a 3-size snap-down rise that will fit babies from about 12-40 pounds. Even with the sewn in absorbency this diaper is still quite trim. 

Wonderful Bambino fitted diaper review #clothdiapers
Wonderful Bambino fitted diaper review #clothdiapers

Our model, Dub is three years and ten months old. He weighs about 37 pounds and is approximately 3’3″ tall. He is on the last setting of this diaper in both the rise and the waist and hip snaps but he still has some room to grow before it becomes too small. It fits him very similarly to other one-size diapers.

Wonderful Bambino fitted diaper review #clothdiapers

As you can see, the bum of the diaper doesn’t give him as much of a bubble butt as other fitteds do. Here he is wearing just the diaper and one insert. We could easily add another insert for added nighttime absorbency and still be able to fit a cover and pajamas over it without issue. 

Wonderful Bambino fitted diaper review #clothdiapers
Wonderful Bambino fitted diaper review #clothdiapers

Even if you have a heavy wetter who is soaking through all of their regular diapers, the Wonderful Bambino and a cover is a great option. Here it is with a Blueberry Coverall and his shorts fit just as well over it as a regular AI2 or pocket diaper. 

Wonderful Bambino fitted diaper review #clothdiapers

Our experience:

We love this diaper and if Dub continues to show resistance to potty training or continues to wet at night I will be adding some more of these to my stash for sure!

The Wonderful Bambino fitted has lasted through the night for us with just one insert under a Disana wool cover without any leaks. When I use a PUL cover at night I do add a bamboo booster along with the insert though I’m not sure if I absolutely have to. 

This diaper is also great for daytime. Right now I am adding two inserts to his daytime diapers and still having leaks if I don’t change him every hour and a half.

Normally this is fine but if we’re out running errands we frequently end up with wet pants before we get home or can get to a bathroom for a change. The Wonderful Bambino has been a lifesaver (okay, a car seat cover saver) in these situations more than once!

As with all fitted diapers, the Wonderful Bambino does require a cover or wool over it. 

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Update 12/12/2021: it doesn’t appear that the Wonderful Bambino fitted diaper is still available on the market. This is a bummer because it’s truly a great diaper, but you may still be able to find them in the used cloth diapers market. If you can find them, I highly recommend purchasing them.

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  1. I love that this fitted is so thin yet absorbent enough to wear overnight!! I need this diaper in my life!!

  2. I have a wonderful bambino and had no idea what to do with it. I’m going to try it out for my son for a nighttime diaper, thanks for the info!

  3. Thank you for the pictures. You can really tell that the wool diaper is trim! I love that! I have read a lot about these, and even though they are a bit pricy , I think they are worth investing into. I love that they fit a wide range of sizes, and that they have snap in inserts! They are so simple and nice looking too! Love the blue!

  4. Wow, that looks super trim for a fitted. In my experience fitteds have been pretty bulky. This looks like a neat combo!

  5. Still just starting out on our cloth diaper journey. My baby sleeps all night and we are definetly looking for something to last so we don’t have to wake him up. Great review. We’ll have to check out these diapers for sure.

  6. I sort of gave up on nighttime cloth years ago. This looks like it might be the option that we need to make it through! I have never tried this brand before, but it looks like a keeper!

  7. I’m amazed at how trim this diaper looks while still being absorbent. My daughter is a very heavy wetter (just like her older sister!) and she’s always got major fluff butt. I have a very old bamboo fitted that I bought used but it’s very rough… these look so soft. I’d love to try them!

  8. I like how these fitteds don’t have a decorative fabric outer. Seems like that’s a waste since they are typically covered!

    1. I never understood that either! Paying $30 for an adorable diaper just to cover it up?! 🙂

  9. I am a huge fan of fitteds under wool at night. I especially like snaps! This one looks great and trim! This is exciting, because I need to improve my fitteds stash some.

  10. i love the way you did the pictures of each layer your son is wearing. thats a great way to show how trim it is. I so wish I had one of these diapers for my daughter. we need a better night solution for my daughter

  11. I LOVE that these “grow” with your baby. No need to waiste money buying bigger sizes as they grow.

  12. I am getting ready for baby #1 and building my stash. I have read such rave reviews of Wonderful Bambino, that it is at the top of my list for fitteds. I am really happy to see them adding more colors!

  13. I have been wanting to try Wonderful Bambino for awhile now! The material looks SO soft and I love how the diaper isn’t bulky! What I especially love is that this diaper fits a wide range of pounds, which is awesome! Thanks for a great review!

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