Potty Training is Easy with the GroVia My Choice Trainer

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While potty training your child you may be faced with the choice of staying home or having to resort to a diaper while you’re out. Now you don’t have to with the My Choice Trainer from GroVia. 

Potty training at home or on the go with the Grovia My Choice trainer #clothdiapers

A look at the GroVia My Choice trainer:

I received the trainer in this pretty Storm color along with a set of the Side Panels Plus in the Surf color. 

Potty training at home or on the go with the Grovia My Choice trainer #clothdiapers

The shape of this trainer is quite a bit different from others I’ve tried. The side panels snap on and off making for easy adjustments or easy removal if your child has a bowel movement in the trainer. The GroCool lining allows your child to feel wet while the outer layer is made of waterproof TPU.

Potty training at home or on the go with the Grovia My Choice trainer #clothdiapers

The inside of the trainer is lined with a hemp and cotton blend to add some absorbency. There is also a pocket to add a booster or insert to give you some extra coverage while out of the house.

Potty training at home or on the go with the Grovia My Choice trainer #clothdiapers

The Storm side panel is the standard panel that comes with the trainer and the side panel plus can be purchased separately if your child is on the older and/or larger side. 

Potty training at home or on the go with the Grovia My Choice trainer #clothdiapers

Our experience:

Dub is 3 years and 10 months old. He weighs about 37 pounds and is approximately 3’3″ tall. As you can see we can use both of the side panels but the panels plus are a better fit for us at this time.

I do wish there was an extra set of snaps on the panels plus since Dub is in between the two sizes even though that fact didn’t cause any unexpected leaking or problems with either set of panels. 

Potty training at home or on the go with the Grovia My Choice trainer #clothdiapers

We love how versatile this trainer is between the multiple sizing options and the ability to add extra absorbency. Not many trainers that I’ve seen allow for adding inserts or boosters for extra support. 

As with any trainer, the Grovia MyChoice isn’t meant to hold a lot of liquid like a diaper but it does hold quite a bit in comparison to some others I’ve tried. The TPU outer layer also adds more protection so in my opinion, this is the perfect trainer for toddlers who are just beginning their potty training journey or if you have a child is who is quite resistant to the process.

Buy It:

You can buy a GroVia My Choice trainer, directly from GroVia or many of your favorite online retailers.

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  1. I love that you can mix and match the colored side panels. The innovative design is awesome!

  2. I am expecting my first baby in November, and the world of cloth diapering was immense enough that I have not even thought about potty training. It is good to know that Grovia has these available. I love that they have hemp and cotton blend for absorbency, and that they give you an option to add more protection with the pocket. I also like that it can range from sizes! Thanks!

  3. These look really cool! I just started trying to get my 22 mo son to use the potty. These would come in handy!

  4. We’re a long way off from training, but I’ll keep these in mind for when we do. Great review.

  5. We are working on potty training. I like how trim this looks and that I can add an extra soaker if needed.

  6. My daughter is daytime potty trained but I’m wary of starting the nighttime process. We have a few trainers, but nothing that is as adjustable as these. I love that you can add absorbency and change the sizes, especially since my daughter is older. Hopefully I can try these out!

  7. i really like the side panels. I need to start potty training my daughter soon, an this would be handy!

  8. These look great! I hope to be potty training and soon and want to check these out 🙂

  9. My 3 year old son (3 in May) is completely not interested in potty training. These are awesome, I do cloth diapers and didn’t even think about cloth trainers. I may be trying some soon!

  10. I love the idea of the side panels. I also like that you can add inserts, that is great for trips away from home.

  11. I love the side panels on this. Definitely going to look more into them. I hear so many good things about GroVia!

  12. I didn’t even know Grovia made Trainers until now! I love the cool lining feature! This looks like a great start for potty trainers…I will definitely keep this diaper in mind for the future!

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