Blueberry Cloth Trainer Review

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I have always been a big fan of Blueberry diapers so I was really excited to try their trainers. Besides their great quality and fit, their prints have long been on the top of my list of favorites. This trainer is no exception. I was sent this adorable Monsters print to review. 

Blueberry Cloth Trainer Review

About the trainer:

Blueberry trainers come in three sizes:

  • small – (22-30 lbs)
  • medium – (25-35 lbs)
  • large – (32-42 lbs)

Blueberry trainers come in a wide range of adorable prints and colors that look and feel like big kid underwear. The trainer is made of cotton with an inner lining made with cotton velour, a hidden layer of microterry and PUL which is meant to catch small accidents. These are not waterproof and are not absorbent like a diaper. 

Blueberry Cloth Trainer Review

Blueberry Cloth Trainer Review

Our Experience:

K-Dub just turned 3 years old and is about 32½ pounds. We chose the medium trainer to review. This trainer runs a little smaller than the others we’ve tried but it still fits him perfectly. If your child’s weight falls in the highest end of the range then I would consider sizing up to the next size. 

Blueberry Cloth Trainer Review

The leg elastics are snug and would likely hold in a #2 accident if it were to happen. Thankfully we haven’t experienced that yet.

They look just like big kid underwear and are so cute. I absolutely love the look of these trainers. Blueberry always has such fantastic, colorful prints and I’m glad that they are keeping with that in their trainers. 

Blueberry Cloth Trainer Review

While moving, sitting, or squatting the elastic still stay snug which is, of course, a good thing.

Blueberry Cloth Trainer ReviewThese trainers are well made, soft inside and out, are super cute, and look like big kid underwear to encourage potty training. We’ve determined that K isn’t quite ready for potty training and has full accidents in his trainers. These aren’t quite as absorbent as some of the other trainers we’ve tried so I would recommend using these once your child is already using the potty on a pretty regular basis and only has small or occasional accidents. 

Buy It

You can buy the Blueberry cloth trainer directly from their website or from your favorite retailers like Diaper Junction, Kelly’s Closet, and Kissed by the Moon for about $15.95.






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  1. I’m planing ahead for potty training but still think I’ll be sewing my own. This might be a good alternative, though.

  2. Ooh! I have a pair of blueberry trainers from training my first kid (about to start with the second) but I didn’t realize they had more cute prints out now!

  3. My daughter is just starting to have awareness about when she goes potty. I’m planning on beginning potty training after the holidays. These would be awesome!

  4. Good to know that they aren’t super absorbent. Saves some mess knowing these are better for a more potty trained kid.

  5. I’ve only tried the Blueberry coveralls and OS pocket diapers and I love them They have the most adorable prints and are very high quality. We are getting ready to potty train so I’d love to try these adorable training pants. Thanks for the chance to win a pair !

  6. We’re in the middle of potty-training, and I now wish I had more cloth trainers! My daughter still has some small accidents, and I love that these are lined with velour so they feel wet. Plus, I’m sure she’d love all the great prints!

  7. I just recently decided that cloth diapers were the way to go, the thing is that once the little angel gets to the point where they need to start potty training, it wouldn´t be fair to just stop with cloth, I didn´t even consider there were cloth training diaper/undies until right now, and I am loving the print. This would be just a perfect thing to continue with “cloth” everything for the little cuties.
    Thank you for sharing!

  8. I own some plain green and yellow Blueberries. I wish I had some of their cute prints too. They really are a good product.

  9. Geez,I hope I win these. My Jack is 5 and has autism. He is halfway potty trained but we have many daily accidents. He weighs 33 pounds…these would be perfect for him!!!They look comfy and cute too! Thanks

  10. this is one of the top brands on my list to try when my LO pt’s. i love how trim they are and the cute patterns!

  11. I LOVE Blueberry! We have a OS snap cover, it made it through 3 kids till this winter when the hubs went to move the logs in the stove, my basket of fluff was sitting next to it and an amber landed on my BB and melted a hole right through it 🙁 A very very sad day in our house.

  12. We are just starting to body train my daughter. These would be so helpful. Since they look like real underwear I think she would stop having the accidents she does in pull ups.

  13. I have looked at these for a long time. My boys potty trained so easy but then again they were not interested until right at age 3. Then comes my daughter who is interested a 18 months but not very good at knowing when or even giving a care to making it too the potty so trainers are something I truly think we are going to need.

  14. These are so cute. I love the print and can’t wait to try them out on my little man.

  15. I really like these underwear they are cute. I like the fact that they are more underwear and less trainer because if my child knows she is wearing trainers she will potty on herself.

  16. They have THE MOST AMAZING PRINTS! I love the little boy trainers — giraffes, elephants, traffic…

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