Safer Babywearing is Happier Babywearing

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Babywearing has made my life easier in more ways than I can count. Grocery shopping, going for hikes, and trips to the zoo have all been made easier with babywearing.

The biggest babywearing lifesaver was my family reunion two years ago. The first part of the reunion was a clambake in a boat shed on an island in Maine where putting my nine-month-old baby down for a nap wasn’t feasible. Instead, I wore him while he slept and was able to socialize with the family that I hadn’t seen in many years. We were both comfortable and I was hands-free for his two-hour nap.

Safer Babywearing is Happier Babywearing #freedomtogether #babywearing

That was just the tip of the iceberg for that trip. I couldn’t imagine the ride back to the mainland after the reunion without my Boba. We were able to catch a ferry out to the island but by the time the reunion had wrapped up the last ferry for the mainland had already left. My great-uncle had arranged with some of his lobster fisherman buddies to bring us back on their lobster boat. Picture carrying a nine-month-old baby on a lobster boat on choppy water, at night, in the rain. I felt better having him securely and comfortably strapped to my body and I think he appreciated my warmth and the security of cuddling and nuzzling with his mother. 

Safer Babywearing is Happier Babywearing #freedomtogether #babywearing

Many people still prefer front-facing baby carriers. Many feel that their baby is happier being able to see the world from the parent’s vantage point but babies can be and are just as happy facing their parent, if not more so. They get the feeling that they’re being held and cuddled instead of dangling. Not only is this a more natural way to wear your baby, but it’s also a safer way to wear your baby. 

The word is getting out that soft structured carriers are not only more comfortable for you, but they are better for your baby. Why shouldn’t you wear baby facing out? Boba has shared nine great reasons why shouldn’t wear your baby facing out that I highly recommend reading.

I admit that I started out with a popular front-facing carrier. By the time my son was about 15 pounds, I couldn’t wear him for more than about 10 minutes before I started getting an ache in my shoulders and lower back. Soon after it became too much to bear. 

That’s when I knew that there had to be a better way. I did some research and found out about soft structured carriers and they seemed to be the perfect solution. I purchased one and have never looked back. I have been more comfortable and my son seemed to like cuddling with me again.


Now that he’s three years old we are still wearing him in a back carry in our Bobas. Yes, my husband and I each have our own Boba set in our individual settings. Our son loves to look around over our shoulder and at 32+ pounds, we can still wear him with ease. 

Safer Babywearing is Happier Babywearing #freedomtogether #babywearing

You can find out more about hip dysplasia and attachment parenting for great information on safe babywearing. Also, you can check out my Safe Babywearing Pinterest board.

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  1. Great review. I have actually not using that on my kids when they were babies, I felt it was easier to just caring them:) And I often used the New Born car seat cause it easy to just take under your arm:)

  2. I love his sweet sleeping face!! How cute is that? Does he like to wear the footstraps or does he prefer without them? I only tried the foostraps a few times with my 2.5 year old and we never quite got the hang of them.

    1. Actually we’ve never tried the foot straps. He seems fine without them and honestly, I keep forgetting to look for the box that they’re in 😉

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