ShopDiaper Brand Cloth Diaper Review

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I was approached by ShopDiaper and asked if I would review one of their diapers. While I know that China diapers can be a hot button issue in the cloth diaper world, there are a lot of people who turn to China made diapers because they want to cloth diaper without spending much money or simply don’t have the money to spend on a $15-$20 diaper. I would rather see someone use cloth diapers from China than disposable diapers so after a bit of consideration I agreed. They sent me this light blue pocket diaper for review. cloth diaper #review

About ShopDiaper cloth diapers:

The ShopDiaper brand diaper is a typical pocket diaper. It has three rise settings, a backloading pocket, suedecloth lining, crossover tabs, and comes with one microfiber insert.

The first thing that I noticed about the ShopDiaper is that it was quite large compared to a typical pocket diaper. Here it is next to a bumGenius 4.0 and you can see how much bigger it is. This diaper definitely would not work on a newborn. cloth diaper #review

But on the plus side, it would work better for an older and bigger toddler. cloth diaper review

The next thing I noticed is that the craftsmanship is a bit inconsistent. As you can see in the photo the wings don’t line up and one leg elastic seems to be sewn in tighter than the other. 



The diaper’s fabric is a bit thin, but for less than $5.00 you aren’t going to get top quality materials nor should you expect it. 

My experience:

K is almost three years old, about 32-33 pounds, and wears most diapers all the way unsnapped. Due to the size of this one we had it snapped down once.

The fit on this diaper is a bit sloppy and the insert isn’t long enough to get full coverage when the diaper is on its medium setting, much less on the large setting. cloth diaper review

Despite the fit issues, this diaper didn’t leak for me during my review period. However, since K-Dub wears two inserts in all of his diapers and this only came with one, I did have to add another extra insert that I had on hand. As you can see, it is also pretty trim in the bum. 

Overall, I can’t say that I love this diaper or would recommend it. The good thing is that ShopDiaper has other brands on their site that other people do like such as Alva and others. I haven’t used an Alva diaper or any of the other diapers that are on but I have used a few diapers that are rumored to be rebranded Alvas. If this is true, I would recommend those over the ShopDiaper brand, especially since they are only $1-$2 more per diaper.

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  1. has the worst customer service ever. Buyer beware! I purchased two orders of diapers and did not receive them until a month later. On top of that, they emailed me saying the diaper was not in stock. When I suggested they swap it out for a similar diaper that was the same price they were not willing to work with me. I had to open a dispute with PayPal, because I was afraid I had been scammed, in order to get any response from them. Then they would only reply to my questions through email and not through the PayPal resolution center. Shady. Each time they replied to me through my email I had to copy and paste their response into the resolution center so there was a record of our correspondence with pay pal. If that wasn’t enough…I split my order in two in order to receive two free diapers and this company combined both my orders when they shipped and only gave me one free diaper. I guess only American companies will give you what is stated in your order summary. I will be posting warnings about this company on every forum I have access to as well as my facebook page.

    1. Hi Yolanda,

      I agree that it is definitely best to shop with American and Canadian companies. I am not sure of ShopDiaper is shady or if it’s just the language barrier that causes so much confusion but there are inexpensive alternatives without ordering from China. It’s just not worth it. I’m sorry that your experience was so frustrating.

  2. I was reading on another forum, that others moms replaced the smaller inserts that came with them and bought higher end bamboo and had some luck, so maybe that might be an option for unhappy moms. I did send a complaint into them and at least I got a good chuckle is nothing else, they asked my what water I use to wash the diapers…. yeah….

  3. Hi I just wanted to put my two cents in so that maybe some other moms out there see this before they buy…. DON”T! I bought six diapers from them a few weeks ago and they all leak all the time. You have to make sure that the insert is perfectly in the middle or they wick. You have to change around the hour mark. Forget about over nights with a toddler (my dd is 18 months). I have other brands (fuzzis, BG, Kawaii ect) and NONE of them smell, nor do their inserts, but these ones do!!! And I’ve tried every trick I have to get it out, to no avail. The only thing I liked from my whole order was the charcoal insert they sent me, work pretty good! Lame right? So for what I spent and how often I have to wash them, I should have just went over to Kawaii and bought diaper that I know are amazing for $1-2 more, my bad….

    1. Thank you for your input. I am using a prefold in this diaper so that may be a decent option to try so you don’t feel like you’ve wasted your money. I agree, it’s not a very good diaper. I pulled it out of the drawer to try with a new diaper cream but it’s going back in the drawer and out of rotation.

  4. I ordered diapers from them a week ago. After reading this I really hope it’s not a scam, I’m a single mom with a very small budget who is switching my son over to cloth. i spent 150.00 on alvas and shopdiapers… I can’t afford to be out that money.

    1. I hope everyone has gotten or will soon get their diapers. I have never ordered from them and my only experience was this review diaper. If I remember correctly it took about 2 weeks to receive, give or take. If you paid with Paypal then they refund your money if you don’t get your diapers and you file a claim within 45 days.

  5. I order from them also but have not revived anything yet. Did you ever get ur diapers. I spent over a hundred dollars.

  6. I ordered from them because of their prices on November the 7th but unfortunately I still haven’t received my diapers or heard anything so I’m beginning to think they are a scam. Any advice?

    1. Hi Regina. They are located in China so it will take a little longer to get your diapers than if you ordered from a US based retailer. I would give it another week before starting to worry too much.

      1. When did you order your diapers? They are located in China so shipping can take up to 15 business days per their shipping policy. Unfortunately communication with them is a bit sketchy since they don’t speak English very well but I would contact them if it has been more than 3 weeks (to account for weekends and the holiday)

    2. Did you get your diapers? I ordered a week ago and still waiting. I payed with Paypal so Im not worry.

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