Geffen Baby Fitted Cloth Diaper Review

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Good pockets are not always wallet-friendly and quite frankly, they can be a pain to spray clean sometimes. So I looked at using prefolds for a while and those can also get complicated. Let’s just say my husband won’t touch prefolds with a ten-foot pole. They have their benefits as well, but it wasn’t until I was introduced to Geffen Baby fitted cloth diapers that I saw what all the hubbub was about.

Geffen Baby FittedFitteds. These bad boys are like magic. Similar to prefolds without all of the, well, folding. They look like a diaper and fit like one without learning how to do origami. While not all fitted diapers are exactly the same, they’re pretty universal in how to handle them. Geffen Baby fitteds are snapless, cushy, and so, so simple to use.

Geffen Baby FittedThe first thing to remember with cotton fitteds is that they need a bit of prepping prior to the first use. I just threw mine in with the rest of my diapers after the first rinse and it came out of the dryer with a nice pillowy texture. This is similar to a lot of prefolds as well. General care for them is the same – simply add them to your wash routine and all should be just fine. Make sure all of your velcro covers keep their grabby little hands off them, though – I’ve seen a poor fitted get shredded by my miscare. Live and learn!

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Because they are snapless (and without velcro), I use Snappis to hold mine together. While this might not be totally necessary for newborns or those who are not super mobile yet, I highly suggest something to give that security under the cover. It is also totally necessary if you like to let your baby’s butt “breathe” more while at home by removing the cover. I do this with my girl as much as I can because she has super sensitive skin.

Geffen Baby FittedMy favorite part is the elastic in fitteds. I feel very at-risk when my daughter is running around sans elastics in the legs and in the back because I know she can be quite messy at times. Although in the time that I’ve had my Geffen Baby fitted, I somehow missed one of her infamous explosions and therefore cannot write about it directly. However, I can say with confidence that I wouldn’t worry about her in this diaper – with or without a cover.

Geffen Baby FittedAs my daughter just turned two, she’s a big gal, so we received a large fitted from Geffen Baby. This particular size fits little ones from 21-30+ pounds, but they have sizes ranging from x-small to medium as well (and they’re all wonderfully color-coded by the stitching, so never fear mixing one size with another).

Geffen Baby Fitted

Geffen Baby fitted cloth diaper review

An additional benefit to fitteds is the fluffiness of them – or lack thereof. Geffen Baby fitted cloth diapers are cotton and therefore super absorbent. Small cotton prefolds are my insert of choice for my pockets, but that makes for a lot of bulk on the bum. These fitteds make for a much more trim diaper and thus, standard pants tend to fit a lot better. This is especially helpful when trying to shove fluff-butt babies into real jeans, not jeggings. But who really does that? To those parents who insist upon it – I salute you.  

I’ve really enjoyed using this Geffen Baby fitted in my rotation. It’s simple, easy to care for, and I can get my daughter into some outfits that would otherwise be impossible. You can find these fitteds, as well as a ton of other awesome options, at Nicki’s Diapers as well as on Amazon.

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  1. Omgosh and they are ADORABLE!! I love the geffen soakers!! I bet the diapers are just as awesome!

  2. I’ve wanted to try the geffen brand because I’ve heard some great reviews plus I kind of like how clean and simple they look with the colored edging to it.

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