Project Pomona Eco Fit Jeans Review

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Project Pomona Eco Fit Jeans for Review - jeans that are perfect to wear with cloth diapersI talked about it briefly in my review on fitted diapers and I will be focusing on it again today: finding pants that fit little fluff-butts is hard. If it weren’t for leggings for little girls, I don’t know what I would do. In fact, I couldn’t even imagine having a little boy and not being able to ever fit him into a pair of jeans properly! How do parents do it? (No, really, I’m curious!)   

Project Pomona Eco Fit Jeans for Review - jeans that are perfect to wear with cloth diapers

Enter Project Pomona. Before I dive too deep into the jeans that fix all of my cloth-diapering problems, let me tell you a tiny bit about Project Pomona. These are made in the USA (in Texas to be exact) by a small company that was started by a mom. Despite that, their pricing is very reasonable considering how most of their stock grows with kids, therefore lasting much longer than the standard pair of pants from the store.

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I received a pair of the Project Pomona Eco Fit Grow With Me In Color Jeans. My daughter loves purple, so that is what we ordered, but the other colors include pink grapefruit, sky blue, navy, and turquoise. Since these are a solid color, you could purchase these for a boy as well as a girl.

Project Pomona Jeans vs StandardNow, back to the entire reason I love these pants so much: they are made to fit over cloth diapers! (Don’t worry if you use disposables, they have a selection for you as well, plus all of their jeans are meant for any diaper type!) Naturally, I was a little skeptical about this claim since I have never seen a pair of pants fit nicely over my girl’s diaper, particularly jeans. However, I was insanely eager to see if there is a pair of pants that will look nice on her.

Project Pomona Jeans vs StandardImmediately after putting these jeans onto my girl, I was sold. They fit her like a dream-come-true! I stuffed her into a pair of jeans that I already owned beforehand (that are supposedly a size 4T) to compare the fit and was blown away. The difference is insane.

Project Pomona Eco Fit Jeans for Review - jeans that are perfect to wear with cloth diapers

These pants grow with babies and toddlers and last about three times as long as a standard pair. They come cuffed to fit the smaller sizes and you just unroll them as you go. I got my daughter a size four (check out their sizing chart to ensure you find the perfect fit), for which she is at the smallest end so I know that she will be able to wear these for a long time, a bonus after spending all that cash on cloth diapers.

Project Pomona Eco Fit Jeans for Review - jeans that are perfect to wear with cloth diapers

Another feature that I absolutely adore are the buttons. On normal jeans, there is usually a single button with a zipper. This never allows me enough room to wiggle my daughter into them and I end up bouncing her to get them even remotely high enough. Project Pomona pants have a button on either hip with a series of clasps to tighten them as needed. This allows for plenty of room to slide them easily on and off during diaper changes. An elastic band in the back keeps them snug no matter what size your little one is currently at.

Project Pomona Eco Fit Jeans for Review - jeans that are perfect to wear with cloth diapers

Note: I was so excited about putting her into them that I skipped the pre-wear wash that I normally do. For those of you who have children with sensitive skin, I do not recommend this! I am not certain if it was the dye of the jeans or if it was merely a coincidence, but my daughter’s eczema flared on her legs after she wore these the first time around. This doesn’t happen anymore now that I have washed them.

Overall, I am so, so happy to have these for her! Even though the warmer weather is starting, I live in the Seattle area of the PNW, the sun is never a guarantee up here! Besides, I’m not afraid of her growing out of these before autumn. In fact, I look forward to seeing how long these really do last, especially with my girl who grows like a weed! I will definitely be buying another pair of jeans from Project Pomona soon – maybe one of their accented cuff jeans.

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  1. I’ve yet to put my 10 month old in jeans for exactly these reasons. plus much of the denim available in 2T assumes your kid is walking. I need cloth diaper and crawling friendly options!

  2. This is great! I didn’t know they made pants specifically to fit over cloth diapers. I’d love to try a pair on my son. Next is to find onesies that fit over the diaper!

  3. Loove Project Pomona! I love that their jeans are ADORABLE and totally look like the ordinary jeans but they are extraordinary!! I love they are easy on easy off and love the cute colors they just came out with!!

  4. So glad to find this gem of a post – just switched to cloth and was searching for a nice fitting pair of jeans.

  5. These look incredible! I’ve heard of them but now that I’ve seen a better idea of exactly what they are, I’ll definitely be getting some for my girl! Thanks for this review!

  6. I’ve heard of these pants but knew absolutely nothing of them beyond the name. I love them already after reading this review! Need some for my baby girl.

  7. These are super cute! I’m curious about the flexibility of them. Whenever I put jeans on my little guy (aside from the fluff butt problem) they’re always so stiff! Not good for a crawler. How were the flexibility on these? Relaxed enough for daily play?

    1. Hi Stephanie! I’m glad you like them and I hope you look into getting a pair to try yourself. These are VERY flexible! Lots of wiggle-room for littles to move around in. My daughter has no problem running, climbing, jumping, and crawling around in them. I cannot speak for the other jeans such as those with accented cuffs, but these Eco Fit Jeans are nice and soft!

      1. Hi, We love our Project Pomonas! In regards to the stretchiness the color Pomona are quite a bit stretchier than the standard denim or the twill. However, I’ve never noticed that being a problem with getting them on or restricting his range of motion.

  8. These look amazing and I now need to look into buying a ton of them

  9. I would love a pair of these for my son! I hate how his diapers are always coming over his pants – more if I (or more likely dad) didn’t grab a diaper that matches the outfit lol. I will likely need to invest in a couple pairs of these for our next child as staples

  10. I’ve wanted a pair of these for my daughter, I love their cuffed pants that have prints on the cuff oh so cute.

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