SoftBums Omni Cloth Diaper Review

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SoftBums is the husband and wife team of Sarah and Brian Van Bogart.  They’re based in Minnesota and have been selling their unique diapering system since 2008.

Up until now the SoftBums Omni was only available in aplix. At the time that I contacted Softbums about the possibility of a review I was unaware that they were launching a snaps version and they were wonderful enough to let me try one.

The Omni is one of, if not the most unique diaper that I’ve tried. You can use it as an AI2 or a pocket, customize the individual absorbency that you need for your child with a variety of different “pods” (their version of an insert), and the most unique thing is the lack of rise snaps to adjust the size. Yes, this is a one size diaper, but instead of snaps they use a toggle elastic system in the legs. What?? Let me show you what I’m talking about:

SoftBums Omni Cloth Diaper Review

SoftBums Omni Cloth Diaper Review

Up close of the toggle

Getting the size right takes a little time the first time, but once you get it to the size you need you just have to let the toggles out little by little as your child grows. I love this system! I wish more diapers had an adjustment system like this that is executed this well. The diaper can be adjusted down small enough to fit a 6 pound newborn when most one size diapers start fitting around 8-10 pounds.

 I do have to say before we go on that this review was longer coming than most. I usually test out a diaper for about 4-5 weeks to make sure it wears and washes well so that my review can be as accurate as possible. However, I received my first SoftBums diaper a while ago. I say first because I did have a problem with the toggle going into the diaper. Think of it as when the tie of a sweatshirt hood goes into the hole and you have to fish the whole thing out. That happened after the second wash and continued to happen every time I washed it. 

SoftBums Omni Cloth Diaper Review

The toggle is circled

After this happened a couple of times I searched online reviews from both blogs and store websites and didn’t see any other mentions of this problem so I contacted SoftBums to see if my diaper was defective. They were awesome and said that wasn’t up to their standards and immediately sent me a new diaper along with a return envelope for the dud. After using the replacement longer than I usually do for a review, it never happened again with the new diaper. I am now of the opinion that this is uncommon and I just got a defective diaper the first time.

The lining of the Omni is a soft microfleece with a wide pocket opening for stuffing if you choose, or you can snap the “pod” in and use it as an AI2. One side of the pod is microfiber and the other is a stay dry fabric. You would want the stay dry side up when using it as an AI2.

SoftBums Omni Cloth Diaper Review

I was sent their super pod and a smaller (not pictured) newborn sized pod/doubler. I find it easier to use this pod as an AI2 because it’s very long and needs to be folded. The leg elastics are quite stretchy so it’s hard for me to figure out how much to fold it as a pocket insert. For me, I pull the insert up, cover what needs to be covered, fold it over and then pull up the cover and close it up. It works beautifully this way!

SoftBums Omni Cloth Diaper Review

With the super pod it is definitely a very fluffy diaper! It doesn’t fit as well in jeans as some of my other diapers but is fine in pants that are little bigger or a knit fabric. It’s also great for around the house and naps. I didn’t try it overnight because I use strictly fitteds and covers and am too nervous to use anything else overnight.

SoftBums Omni Cloth Diaper Review

The Omni has a very nice fit. Yes, the picture above this one had the diaper snapped on the smallest setting. We can go that small, but this seemed to work a little better even if it was a smidge loose in the waist. K is in between snap settings (and rise settings!) on a lot of his diapers!

SoftBums Omni Cloth Diaper Review

We got a really nice fit in the bum! The bum of the diaper is pretty trim.

SoftBums Omni Cloth Diaper Review

The leg elastic of this diaper is great, too. It is nice and soft and doesn’t leave any red marks but is nice and snug at the same time.

Why I like it:

  • Easy size adjustment
  • Versatile
  • Super absorbent
  • A quick on and off with just two snaps in front
  • Good looking with nice colors
  • Snaps
  • Great customer service!

Overall I have been very pleased with the SoftBums Omni and there really isn’t anything that I would change except that I would love to see more colors and prints available, especially with the snaps option. I love that there are multiple inserts, or pods available for purchase and I am going to do just that to have even more options. I give this diaper four and a half stars. 

Buy It

You can buy a SoftBums Omni diaper from their website or Nicki’s DiapersThe shell retails for $21.95 and the pods range from $2.95 for the mini pod to $9.25 for the organic super pod

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  1. I love the elastic adjustable legs! I’ve not seen that before! I’d love to try that out! I have such a skinny baby!

  2. I new to the specifics of Softbums, but I like what I see so far! I really like the snap at the top of the pocket! It intrigues me!

  3. am interested in checking out the toggle system…and my favorite is they are made here in the USA…

  4. What a fantastic idea or the size adjustment ! I get so sick of
    Snaps!!! Love all the colors! Would live to win and try:)

  5. I like that you can either stuff it like a pocket or easily just lay in an insert like an AI2. For color, I like the Yellow Alien design best.

  6. I’ve never tried a one size without rise snaps. It would be great to try this out!

  7. I think the toggle rise system is different and cool. I’ve never heard of that type on a one size diaper. I like the brown color!

  8. I’ve been hearing/reading really good things about the Omni diaper and I’d love to try one! I’m very intrigued by the elastic toggle rise, as most of our current stash has the “normal” snaps rise, and sometimes pop open during changes [babe is currently between size settings].

  9. I love the option to use it as a pocket or AI2! I would love to try this diaper!

  10. I have a Softbums Echo and have been wanting an Omni! It looks great!

  11. I have been wanting to try these forever! I love the look and feel of them. They just seem so soft! And they are super cute!

  12. I’m intrigued by OS using elastic instead snaps. I’ll admit that I’ve always thought the OS were cute on the small settings, but most diapers have bright white snaps that don’t coordinate with the fabric color. Does it bother anyone besides me??

  13. I love the drawstring closure and that these seem small enough to fit a newborn without too much bulk.

  14. I love the brown color that you got!!! It’s not too feminine, but at the same time, not too masculine either! I like that the legs can be adjusted!

  15. I can change the sizing! Wow! This would be a great starter to my stash!

  16. i love how the sizing is adjusted! i prefer the rise to be adjusted by the elastic, rather than snap down rise but this system makes the adjusting super easy!

  17. Just looking at these on the computer, they look so much softer than any of the other diapers we’ve been looking into buying. I also like that we wouldn’t have to fumble with buttons for sizing.

    My husband said he liked the Powderpuff and Later Gater prints. lol It’s funny because he normally doesn’t care one way or the other.

  18. I like that it’s an adjustable size without all the snaps and no buttons to mess with on the inside. I like their color and pod choices.

  19. I’d like to try a diaper with toggles. I think they would help to get a great fit.

  20. I like how they have the adjustable elastic instead of all the extra snaps.

  21. I’ve heard that these diapers are covenient and effective. I’d love to try them! : )

  22. I love the drawstring sizing!! Its a wonderful feature! I would really like the Miss Kitty Print!

  23. I’ve heard these are amazing for night time diapers! I’d love to try one!

  24. I love soft bums! My favorite are the giraffe prints, but then the pink is next. I too had one toggle slip in, So thank to your great review I now know to get a replacement once I figure out which one it was!

  25. I went to Softbums website and saw the Omni shells are on sale 🙂 And they have 2 new prints – blue alien, and yellow alien. I would love an omni diaper or 2. I love that they’re versatile and can be used as a pocket and diaper cover.

  26. I love the brown you tested. I’m also curious to try their sizing system. Fuzzibunz seems similar, but it’s a pain in the ass to adjust…

  27. I’m interested to try another brand of cloth diapers since I’m just starting out.

  28. I would love a blooga with snaps but they are sold out! I will probably choose a sprout color or snowcone!

  29. I like the Sprout color and am dying to see what the Yellow Alien print looks like!

    Erin Cox on RC form.

  30. I like the omni shell in sprout. So cute for boy or girl!

  31. I wish more of the prints/colors came in snaps!! I am glad that they started making them in snaps though! I love the Giraffe print, but since it only comes in velcro I would pick Sprout or Yellow Aliens if I won.

  32. I have been wanting to try this diaper for some time now because of the elastic leg toggle system. I think that is such a great idea! I have to imagine a better fit on my baby girl and I love the idea of no extra snaps showing. 🙂

  33. UnfortunateLy giraffe only in Velcro. Love them but they need more prints with snaps. I have a son but miss kitty is so cute!

  34. I love that Softbums now come in snaps! I also love the Ooga print, so cute!

  35. I like he toggle adjustment for better fit. also like the versatility of a pocket/ai2

  36. As the mother of lanky, long wasted babies, I am interested in the toggle feature.

  37. I think I would pick the bubblegum I love that color of pink!!

  38. I love the all-in-two feature! My husband hates to take the inserts out of the pockets, so I’d love to try these out!

  39. They have Blue Alien with snaps!!!!!! Super cute. I would LOVE that print 🙂 And I love snaps…

  40. I like that Softbums now come in snaps. Bubblegum is my favorite color.

  41. I love green, so I’m partial to the Sprout color. Also, the toggles are an interesting idea; I’ve never seen that before with a diaper!

  42. I love the look of them, and I really want to try one to see how those leg elastics work!!

  43. the toggle thats genius lol i love it! and i love that color you reviewed

  44. I love the method of size adjustment and the miss kitty print!!

  45. I think I would like the toggle elastic the most! I hate the bulky look snaps give IS!

  46. I think the elastic for adjusting the rise is brilliant! I have several pocket diapers I’ve made that I wasn’t sure how I was going to manage this and now I kinda want to try it myself- not to sell, but for personal use.

  47. these look sooooo soft!! i love the elastic leg adjustment feature too!

  48. I’m curious to try out the toggle system! I could see how it could be easy for it to slide back inside 🙁 That happened to me the very first time I tried to adjust a FuzziBunz!

  49. I think the elastic is a fabulous idea! I love the miss kitty print!

  50. Love love love the slide2size feature! And of course the pretty prints and colors 🙂 ♥

  51. I think I may like the toggle elastic thingy, however, isn’t that uncomfortable for baby to have that pressed against their skin/body?

    1. The actual toggle pieces are in the front and off to the sides and the pods are very squishy. I doubt that baby would even feel it but the next time K wears it I might have to check it out

  52. I love the toggle elastic system! And I love this post – I must say that this is the BEST review I have seen about the Softbums diaper!

  53. We love our SoftBums! My favorite feature is the slide-2-size so you don’t have any bunching from snaps in the front!

  54. Snowcone is my favorite print. I don’t have any blue diapers so it would be perfect!

  55. I’m brand new to the cloth diaper world, so I’m up for trying everything! A friend showed me a diaper recently with a toggle, and I’ve been looking for something like that since then.

  56. I love the ease of this diaper and i love that there is no stuffing required come wash day!!!

  57. i love that the omni can be used as a pocket or AI2 and the slide to size feature!

  58. I like the toggle adjustment, although I agree that it takes a little time to get the right fit.

  59. I’ve heard nothing but great things about this diaper and would love to try them out. I think the toggle elastic idea is great. I hate snap rises, because I like that nice clean diaper look, but also love OS diapers. Very few diapers have hidden size adjustments, and not all of them are as easy to use as SoftBums.

  60. I LOOOOOOVE softbums. The omni is great for overnight and there is no fit better than the echo! I love the superdry touch pods and the bamboo is very trim. I can’t say enough wonderful things about this diaper 🙂

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