DinkleDooz Cloth Diaper Review

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DinkleDooz Cloth Diaper Review


From their “About Us” page: GoGo Natural was built to empower other women to live their dreams of financial prudence with good environmental stewardship. The idea for the company sprung forth one Winter day while hiking down a mountain in Arizona. As a new Mom who had recently been introduced to cloth diapering, I wondered how I could live my dream of staying at home with my baby while also doing something noble and pure for the betterment of future generations.We have since expanded from our origins as a purely diaper based business, to include a number of other product lines that focus on the newborn experience. You will find us to be a full service provider of most essentials every new Mom will need to jumpstart a natural baby lifestyle.

They sent me a complimentary DinkleDooz diaper in exchange for my honest review.

DinkleDooz Cloth Diaper Review

The DinkleDooz is a one-size pocket diaper that will fit babies from about 8-35 pounds. It has three rise settings and two crossover snaps.

I chose the orange diaper with contrasting yellow snaps. This diaper is a bright, vibrant orange without looking like your baby is about to go out hunting. I have two other orange diapers and this one is the most mellow of the oranges. It’s a very nice color and I love the addition of the yellow snaps. I also noticed that the outer PUL is much softer than other diapers that I have. It’s hard to describe the way it feels but it’s so cushy (as cushy as PUL gets, anyway).

DinkleDooz Cloth Diaper Review

The diaper comes with two microfiber inserts that are pretty soft by microfiber standards. I don’t like the way microfiber feels for the most part but these inserts aren’t bad! The inside is a nice, soft microfleece and the pocket is pretty wide for easy stuffing

DinkleDooz Cloth Diaper Review

DinkleDooz Cloth Diaper Review

The DinkleDooz diaper has very nice leg elastics that keep messes in without leaving red marks

DinkleDooz Cloth Diaper Review

This diaper also has a nice fit in the front. It has the high, flat waist that I like and it is generously sized. K-Dub is almost 19 months and weighs just about 26 pounds and he wears this diaper on the medium rise setting and the smallest waist setting.

DinkleDooz Cloth Diaper Review

I really like the fit of this diaper. It is nice and snug without being tight and is trim enough to fit under any of his shorts with ease. (Please note: K is an average wetter and we only use one insert at this time)

DinkleDooz Cloth Diaper Review

It also has a nice fit in the rear

DinkleDooz Cloth Diaper Review

Why I like it:

  • Soft outer PUL
  • Softer than usual microfiber inserts
  • Soft micro-fleece lining
  • Generous sizing
  • Quality for the price
  • Dad friendly

I really like this diaper! As you can see from above, my favorite thing(s) about this diaper is its softness. It seems like it’s very comfortable and seems to be well made and that a lot of thought went into the materials used. This diaper also happens to be one of my fussy husband’s first grabs when it’s clean. I have mentioned before that he is quite picky about the diapers he uses. He uses what he likes regardless of my rotation, so his repeated use of a diaper is a great compliment.  Overall I give this diaper four stars and would recommend it to anyone looking for a mid-priced, good quality pocket diaper.

While you’re shopping for a DinkleDooz diaper at GoGo Natural take a look at all of the other items that you could pick up as well. They have a “Love ‘Em or Leave ‘Em” program a layaway plan!

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  1. I like the way they fit it looks nice and not bulky I would choose orange if course cuz its my favorite color.

  2. I would love to be able to try the pocket one size! Definately pink!

  3. I love the colors, thanks for all the RL pictures–it’s hard to tell how a diaper will fit from the mkt photo. I love all the colors (esp. orange and pink) but if I won I’d choose a white.

  4. I’ve really wanted one of these since I saw a review somewhere else! I’m torn between Orange and chocolate. I really like that they use matching snaps.

  5. I love the crossover snaps as well as the hip snaps! They make life so much easier! I love the blue Dinkledooz!

  6. I like the design pocket for the insert and that it doesn’t look like a bulky diaper. My husband’s favorite color is orange so I would choose that one or the chocolate. The different color snaps makes them look so vibrant.

  7. I like the close fit. Seems like a good pocket diaper. I’d get the blue color – such a pretty hue.

  8. I like that this diaper has crossover snaps and is more generously sized. Would love to try one in the green color!

  9. I would pick the orange diaper as well. Its the one color we don’t have in our stash!

  10. Love the contrasting color snaps. I love the orange diaper you have shown… and the brown one too.

  11. I showed hubby the pics on this review so he could see how well cloth fits in the back. He was impressed and could see right away that we would have less of a blowout problem! I’m just getting started and the more I can get him on board the better! I would choose the green if I won.

  12. I have heard amazing things on this diaper! I would love to review it and of course reep the benefits 🙂 . The chocolate one is so perfect!

  13. These look really trim for a pocket diaper! If I won I’d choose the Chocolate color <3

  14. I think the inserts sound great! I don’t like that some of mine stick to my cloth wipes. The orange one is cool!

  15. i love the trim look of this diaper! i would choose the orange diaper i think!

  16. I love the way these seem to fit! My favorite color is the green.

  17. I have 2 of these and they are a simple yet very effective diaper — I would gladly add another in White to my stash!

  18. I would love to try this diaper. I would choose Red, nice and bright!!

  19. The orange is pretty snazzy. Not really a fan of the other colors/combos, though.

  20. Hey, these look like my kind of pocket diapers! I would pick the orange one for my little guy!

  21. I wish I had an “average wetter” and could use one insert at a time!! Not sure if my inserts are just too old and used as I bought them used or if my boys truly are the heavy wetters they seem to be.
    I would choose Green. I love the Chocolate, but wish the buttons were blue and maybe the cloth being a bit darker of a brown, but thats just me. 🙂

  22. I love one size pockets! And LOVE the contrasting snaps! Though, I would choose the pink for my princess.

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