Nifty Nappy Fitted Cloth Diaper Review

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Go Green Baby Company was started out of a passion for sustainability and green living. The owner, Katie and her husband Kenny cloth diaper, grown their vegetables, make their own baby food, shop locally, and buy used or re-use products to minimize their contribution to the landfill. They are dedicated to carrying and selling products that are sourced from sustainable materials (hemp, bamboo, organic cotton, etc.) that use low impact dyes. We also disclose all ingredients for body care products and list the origin of each brand. They take care to source as many items as possible from small, independent manufacturers and companies that share their beliefs and dedication to fair trade values.  One of their personal passions is supporting local companies run by moms or families with similar green values, and selling items that educate or curb environmental impact. (paraphrased from their About Us page)

Go Green Baby Company is sponsoring a Nifty Nappy fitted diaper  in the winner’s choice of in stock print for the Mother’s Day Cloth Diaper Blog Hop.

Katie graciously sent me a cute Nifty Nappy fitted diaper to review for this event and to help launch this new item to their store. Go Green Baby Company is a brand new cottage licensee for the Nifty Nappy and Bitty Bums and they just became available for purchase this week. They are available in a variety of patterns. These are some of my favorites:

The Nifty Nappy is a one size fitted diaper that will fit babies from 7-35 pounds. The outer layer is cotton knit, the middle layer is hemp fleece, and the inner layer is a super soft microfleece. The insert, which lays inside the diaper, is made of hemp fleece and bamboo velour which is also very soft! Since this is a fitted diaper it doesn’t have a waterproof outer layer so a waterproof cover is required.

Look how soft that is

One side is the hemp fleece and the other side is the bamboo velour

The fit is trim for a fitted. We use fitted diapers for nighttime and they tend to be very “fluffy”. He would never be able to wear his pants with our other fitteds. I was able to use this diaper for daytime and it worked well under pants. I like having the option of a fitted diaper that I can use during the day in case we’re traveling or in a situation where there may be more than the usual 1½ – 2 hours between changes. For nighttime I added an organic cotton booster and it worked perfectly. It may have held up without the booster but for nighttime diapering I tend to play it safe.

Made to fit under the belly so it fit nicely under all of my covers

K-Dub was not at all cooperative while I was trying to take photos of him in this diaper so this is the best that I could get of the fit in the butt. As you can see, it is quite trim.

After being washed a few times while prepping it for use the edges of the insert curled slightly but not enough to be bothersome. The insert still lays flat, the edges of the insert are just folded to the inside slightly. This is probably due to the two different types of fabric; the hemp shrunk a little more than the bamboo velour. This does not affect comfort or function at all.

Overall I like this diaper, especially because of how soft it is and the ability to use in during the day. I have so many cute covers and it’s a shame for me to only be able to use them at night, but not anymore! This is a nice diaper and I would recommend it.

 What I like:

  • Very soft
  • Very trim (for a fitted) yet absorbent
  • Cute prints
  • Good for daytime use

Here are some other great items that you could buy from Go Green Baby Company:

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 Buy It

You can buy a Nifty Nappy fitted diaper from Go Green Baby Company for $23.50

Be sure to like their Facebook page and follow on Twitter for info on new products and giveaways
Win It
Come back for the Mother’s Day Cloth Diaper Giveaway Hop from May 1-12 to win your very own Nifty Nappy in your choice of in stock print as well as other great items for a prize pack worth $105!
Disclosure: I was not monetarily compensated for this review. I received a Nifty Nappy fitted diaper at no cost in order to facilitate this review. The experiences and opinions are all my own 

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  1. Charlotte R says:

    I have not tried fitted diapers yet, but would love to do so. And I like their prints!

  2. Melinda C says:

    I love that owls print! I really need to add some fitteds to my stash.

  3. Alexandra Valderrama says:

    Oh I love the softness and prints!!;)

  4. Ashley Suzanne says:

    Love the little giraffes.

  5. I LOVE Nifty Nappy! I was able to get 2 swim diapers and a wool cover before she closed. Super excited that there’s cottage licenses now so I can try a fitted!

  6. i love the nifty nappy girrafe pattern

  7. Melissa H. says:

    The Nifty Nappy looks so soft and comfy!

  8. Cassandra Williams says:

    Love the giraffe print.

  9. Jenny Wisdom says:

    Those diapers look so squishy soft!!

  10. jennifer laur says:

    oh my goodness! that fitted looks so amazingly COMFY!

  11. Hannah Avery says:

    This diaper looks great. Love how soft it is! The prints are really cute too, especially the owl one! I don’t have any bamboo diapers, but would love to try one!


  12. it a blessing to know others that belive in the 3 R’s

  13. Bekah Kuczenski says:

    Th nifty nappy diaper is adorable!

  14. Go Green Dipe Co sounds awesome. And the print on that dipe is super cute

  15. chelsea preston says:

    This looks like a great fitted diaper for newborns I love how trim and soft it looks

  16. Nice to know that pants will still fit with them.

  17. These diapers may have to go on my wish list!

  18. pollyanna valenzuela says:

    i love the owl print looks like a very comfy dipe

  19. I had a nifty nappy in newborn size for my little girl. It was the only fitted we ever used and I was so sad when she outgrew it.

  20. Michelle Ferguson says:

    I don’t typically use fitteds but these look like they work really well and the prints are so cute! I really want to try one!

  21. Lily Ivey says:

    That is an adorable fitted diaper. I would love to try it. Thanks for the giveaway.

  22. Thanks for the review- love that they use sustainable resources for their shop! They have really cute products too.

  23. I really like the philosophy being the creation of this store. I’m all about green and using sustainable products, including cloth diapers. Supporting small local companies is so important too.

  24. rachel ritchie says:

    love the hemp and bamboo velour and the prints are so cute!

  25. Those owls are adorable…

  26. Absolutely love the mission statement/ethics of this company! Will definitely begin shopping with them. I am so glad you mentioned fit with the covers in your review. I so want to use fitteds as they seem like the perfect thing, but the one I’ve tried OsoCozy doesn’t fit well in my covers as it seems to be bigger than the cover. Not to mention, these are super cute prints. 🙂

  27. Nikole H. says:

    I have heard so many great things about Nifty Nappy — I’m glad they found a home back on the market! I don’t use too many fitteds now, but I’m thinking I’d like to invest in a couple for Baby #2 due in July. Thanks for suggested a place to go shopping 🙂

  28. I love the cute prints that are available and the hemp inside! Dying to try hemp!

  29. I LOVED my Nifty Nappy fitteds! Unfortunately my ex destroyed them, but I’m still a HUGE fan of the design, they’re my all time favorite fitteds!

  30. I’d really like to try the nifty nappy!

  31. beverly h says:

    The hemp fleece/ velour really looks soft and comfy!

  32. Jennifer Johansen says:

    The giraffe print is adorable!

  33. Danialle Meyers says:

    The little giraffe print is too cute. & It really is very trim. I’d love to try a fitted diaper, but they’re too costly for us. Maybe I’ll win one ^^

  34. This diaper looks really nice. I love all the fun prints!

  35. We only have 2 fitted in our stash, but they are slowly becoming my favorite. I love the prints available and they are so soft! It looks like this company carries a wide variety of great items!

  36. Justice Montgomery says:

    I have yet to try fitteds, but that giraffe print is SO CUTE!

  37. sarah ogle says:

    Thank you for the awesome giveaway!

  38. Sarah Hull says:

    So cute! I have always wanted to try a Nifty Nappy diaper! I have been wanting to try more fitted diapers too!

  39. these are exactly the kind of diapers i wish i could sew myself, but mine do not come out nearly as cuddly and perfect-looking!! the giraffes are so cute.

  40. Those prints are adorable! I’ve been looking for a new fitted, I’ll have to give this or a try.

  41. erica filson says:

    I miss Nifty Nappy. I haven;t used them since DS was itty bitty. I would love to try them again!

  42. Debbie Guerrero says:

    How cute ~ love these!

  43. I love the fitted design! I need one.

  44. Noe Crockett says:

    I would love to try out a trim fitted. They’re so soft, but usually so bulky!

  45. Julie Ghrist says:

    I have become a huge fan of fitteds! they are so soft and comfy looking and they are great night time and nap time diapers… they hold so much! These are super cute… always a plus 🙂

  46. Lindsey McG says:

    I have yet to try any fitteds (hard to justify the price when you still have to add the cover) but these are cute enough that I might just have to take the plunge! Shame to cover such cuteness with a cover though but I love how trim they looked!

  47. So cute, I love the print! We’re still fairly new to cloth diapering and haven’t used any fitted dipes yet, but these look great. 🙂

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