My Favorite and Least Favorite “Poop Diapers”

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What is a poop diaper? Simply put, it is a diaper that I put on my son when he is expected to poop. There are some diapers in my stash that I find easier to spray off than others and those are the diapers that I use when it’s his usual time of day.

This isn’t always foolproof, but when your baby enters toddlerhood they are a little more predictable and it becomes easier to have specific diapers to use for this “special” time of day. Without further ado, here are the diapers that I try to use at that time and others that I try to avoid. 


Smartipants diapers are a sleeve style and the sleeve doesn’t bunch up at all. It is very easy to slide the insert out of the sleeve without any mess. Just spray off the diaper, throw it in the wet bag or diaper pail, and you’re good to go. 


RagaBabe 2-Step 

2-Steps are easy to spray because you just have to unsnap the insert, hold it by the corner and spray. Nothing to unstuff and get your hands messy with. Really, any AI2 is a good poop diaper for this reason, but I also love RagaBabe’s secure elastics so if anything does go over the side of the insert, it’s still contained and easy to spray off. 


Cover and trifolded prefolds 

Similar to an AI2, you just lift the prefold out of the cover, hold it by the corner and spray. This is just one reason that I love this easy and economical diapering option.


Now that you know which diapers I think are the easiest to spray, you may wonder if I have any that I try not to put on my son during his “time of day”. The answer is yes. In general I try to stay away from pocket diapers so that I don’t have to unstuff anything first, but there are a few diapers in my stash that I try my hardest to avoid at that time if I can help it.

Please note that this doesn’t mean that I don’t like the diapers themselves, because I do, just not for poo.


While the envelope opening can be convenient, I end up getting a lot of poo that shoots inside the envelope opening when I spray the diaper off. Gross, right? Plus it’s just icky to pull the insert out of an opening covered in poo. AppleCheeks inserts are supposed to agitate out in the machine, but mine doesn’t have an agitator so they don’t come out most of the time.


Chelory Stay Dry AIO 

Chelory AIOs have dimples in the stay dry fabric and poo doesn’t always wash out of this diaper well. I almost always have to wash it twice when K poops in this diaper because poo gets caught in the dimples. 


Any diaper with internal gussets

Diapers with internal gussets are difficult because poo gets stuck in the creases of the gusset. It takes twice as long to spray it out and I’d just rather not deal with it if I don’t have to. 


Do you have any diapers that you use as a poop (or no poop) diaper? 

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  1. Thank you so much for this post! I’m going to be new at cloth diapering when my new lo is born in a few months. This is so helpful!

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