Funky Fluff Cloth Diaper Review

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Funky Fluff diaper review

I have seen quite a few reviews for Funky Fluff diapers over the past year or so and they have been on my wish list ever since. I was first drawn in by the contrasting colored snaps but was also curious as to how they can be used as a pocket, an all-in-two (AI2), or an all-in-one (AIO) with one single diaper.

How is this possible? Stuff the insert inside for use as a pocket, lay the insert inside and snap it in for use as an AI2, or snap the insert in and stuff it inside to use it is an AIO.

Funky Fluff cloth diaper review

My preferred use is as an AI2. I have been really digging AI2s in general lately and I especially love when there is a flap that holds the insert in to the front of the diaper so the insert doesn’t flap around. Trying to change a squirmy toddler who protests diaper changes is much easier when there aren’t any “moving parts” to deal with.

Funky Fluff cloth diaper review

The Funky Fluff diaper comes with two inserts that are thick and fluffy. One is a regular size and the other is a smaller/newborn size. They have a crease in them so that you can fold them to your desired size if needed. They are also topped with a soft stay dry material.

I have to use both inserts for K-Dub since he is 2½ and quite the wetter. With each change both inserts were very heavy but the diaper didn’t seem to be even close to leaking. Even with both inserts in I get a nice snug, fairly trim fit. It even holds up to toddler gymnastics without leaking!



I have wanted a grey diaper in my stash for a long time now but not many brands make a grey diaper. I especially love it with the blue snaps! I love so many of the color choices that Funky Fluff offers. There really is a color for everyone. Below are just a few of my other favorites.

Funky Fluff diaper review

Overall I really like this diaper and I can see it becoming one of my favorites. I wish I found them sooner and had more of them. They are very well made and super cute! I also love the versatility of them. Whether you like pockets, AIOs or AI2s, you are sure to love Funky Fluff.

You can buy one of your own from their website for $20.20 or the Bamboo Fusion for $22.12


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  1. I love these diapers! Do you still have any left you would be willing to part with? 🙂

  2. I like the flap that holds the inserts in place. The teal color is really pretty!

  3. I love that this is a 3-in-1 system that allows you to use it as you prefer, I too have been wanting this diaper for a while! I would choose the teal with lime snaps 🙂

  4. I like that it can be used in all those different ways. I would probably use it as a AI2. I would like the grey one. I like the contrasting snaps too!

  5. The 10 GC is a nice addition to the giveaway and I love the “move” shots… really shows how the diaper doesn’t seem to gap with an active baby… mine is SOOO active these days.

  6. I like that the inserts are topped with a stay dry fabric. I like the bubbles print

  7. I like the blue diaper with grey snaps:) It’s neat that you can use this diaper a variety of ways with the snap insert:)

  8. i like the Gray color as well! I also really like how it is basically a 3 in 1! gives you more options to use as your favorite type of diaper or try a new way that your not used to!

  9. I would pick the grey with blue snaps. Love the versitality of the 5 in one style diaper and contrasting snaps. Thanks for the chance.

  10. The diaper looks very nice. I would choose the blue one for my niece.

  11. I also want a grey diaper. I like how trim it looks and that it has snap in inserts if you wish.

  12. I like that Funky Fluff is a 5-in-1 diaper , it is extremely versatile! They are great colors. I would like teal with yellow snaps.

  13. I love that it comes with two inserts. I would choose the purple one.

  14. I love that they’re so versatile and could be used as pocket/AIO/AI2 depending on my mood! And they look really trim in the pictures in the review…plus the colors are wonderful! As far as what I’d pick…I really like that jade green one in the review (with the yellow snaps) but I’m a real sucker for blue….

  15. I really love all of the different color combinations and the flaps on this diaper! I am a fan of the grey on grey. It is a nice neutral that would match a lot of my baby’s clothes.. even though I am a sucker for colors.

  16. Love how you can use it as a pocket, AI2, or AIO! How neat!!! I love that beautiful blue color… so precious!

  17. I also love the grey diaper! the way the diaper looks on a baby is relatively trim as well, which i love. we’re always wearing a size up in pants around here to accommodate giant fluff butts, and then the pants are way too long…

  18. I love the bright colors! The fit is pretty amazing, I have 1 Funky Fluff in my son’s stash 🙂

    If I won, I would probably choose the Teal & Lime…but I do love the Bubble print too!

  19. These diapers seem to fit great .I love the contrasts of the snaps . I would pick the grey with blue snaps or the green with yellow snaps

  20. I’ve been eyeing up these diapers on one of the online stores that carry them. Would love to give them a try, and see how they fit on a 2yr old and a NB. As for colors I like the blue and the purple, but I’m really not that choosey.

  21. I likethe inner gussets and the ai2 or aio feature. I like the gray and purple ones

  22. I like that it comes with 2 inserts. I would like the color blue

  23. I love funky fluff because they are Canadian and because they are so cool looking. I want to cloth my baby in all those amazing colours!

  24. The grey and blue is adorable! I love how they have made a diaper that is so good at keeping everything IN the diaper! The one-size design is my favorite, particularly for the money-saving aspect and the fact that it takes up less space in our little home for diapers!

  25. I love the clean look of Funky Fluff diapers, and their contrasting snaps. The color combos are all really funky!!

  26. I love that it can be used three different ways. The black diaper is so cute!

  27. I like the suede cloth, pocket and snap features. I like the purple and green color.

  28. I love the different snap colors and especially the grey with blue snaps.

  29. I love that it’s so trim and snug fitting, and the color combos are awesome! I want to CD baby #3 but I’m a newbie so easy = better! I’d chose the red/grey!

  30. Love that it can be a pocket, AI2 or AIO. My fave combo is Grey & Blue!

  31. I like that it fits from NB until potty training!! And I love that it has an extra leak barrier at the top in the front!!

  32. I don’t know if I’m having a boy or girl so the green would be great.

  33. I love that these diapers can be used as an AIO, AI2, or a pocket diaper! I would pick blue and silver!!

  34. I love the contrasting snaps and that these are Canadian made diapers. I’d pick either the black/pink or the pink/orange.

  35. I love these diapers, so flexible, I wish my whole stash was Funky Fluff. I only have a couple. I would love to add green with purple snaps.

  36. I like the fact that you have so many ways to use the diaper. As an AIO, AI2, or a pocket diaper. I would choose brown with blue snaps.

  37. I like that it has the option to use it as an AI2 diaper or a pocket diaper. I like the pink and orange diaper

  38. I love the versatility of this diaper! I would probably use it as a pocket… I love the black one. 🙂

  39. I love the constrasting snap colors. I love the black with pink snaps!

  40. I like the variety of colors they offer and I would choose the grey with blue snaps

  41. I like the versatility as I’m not sure what kind I want to use yet. I liked the purple with green snaps.

  42. I love the contrasting snaps and the fact that the diaper is versatile to be 3 different types! I think that would really help a new momma into cding with figuring out the type that works best for her. I love the purple!

  43. i love the contrasted snap/shell colours! i’d choose the purple shell 🙂

  44. About the skill-testing question for Canadians, I just wanted to point out that the rule is to do division/multiplication before addition/subtraction (the old BEDMAS rule), so without any brackets, the answer turns out to be a fraction. I just wanted to mention that in case it wasn’t what you were looking for. Thanks for the chance to win!

    1. Haha! I am admittedly not a fan of math and forgot the “rules” long ago. It wasn’t meant to be more than a simple left to right but I did change it a little so no one felt compelled to use brackets 😉

        1. Rounding is fine if you come up with a decimal. It’s not supposed to be super difficult. I had to change it real quick last night after the giveaway went live so I just threw a problem in there. Answers rounded to the nearest whole, tenth, hundredth, etc will be accepted. I would have just put what is 2+2 but it seemed like it had to be a little more than that in my reading 🙂

      1. No worries! Math is not my favourite either, but my grade 4 teacher drilled it into us until it was impossible for me to forget! 🙂
        I can’t change my answer now, so I hope you accept the original answer(s) I left.

        1. If a Canadian wins and their answer is way off and they filled it out in the first hour or two of the giveaway then they will be able to answer the one that’s currently there. No worries

  45. The colors are nice, I like the contrasting snaps. I like the purple, but I already have 3 purple diapers!

  46. I like that they can be used as a pocket, an all-in-two, or an all-in-one and the colors. I love the grey and blue color!

  47. I like the flaps that cover the inserts, too. I don’t have a black diaper for my little boy, so I would love to get one of those!

  48. i really love all the colors so I wouldnt be picky about which I got. i love the cute colors and how they have different color snaps. and they are super trim!

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