Imagine Baby Bamboo AIO Cloth Diaper Review

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Imagine Baby Bamboo AIO Cloth Diaper Review

When I first started to cloth diaper, I had a bunch of random pocket diapers that I would stuff with bamboo inserts when putting Tink to bed at night. Since she was a little very heavy wetter, I would usually double-up with a microfiber or prefold to make it as absorbent as possible. Unfortunately, everything together made for a very bulky diaper that eventually stretched out my elastics—yikes.

Now I’m kicking myself. Why didn’t I just go for a bamboo diaper? I was always so sure of my pockets with the cotton prefolds that I missed out on the amazing absorbency of bamboo. Well, I will tell you something, I am not making that mistake this time around.

Imagine Bamboo DiaperSince I began using the Imagine Baby 2.0 Bamboo AiO, I have wished that I had one (or a dozen) with Tink. She was a super heavy wetter and while Little is not quite so bad, she definitely has her moments. My pockets can’t keep up with the demand, unfortunately, and the more diapers like this that I try, the more I realize how much I love them. The Imagine diaper is quickly making its way to the top of my list for when I revamp my stash.

Imagine Bamboo DiaperThe prints available for the Imagine Baby bamboo AIO are adorable for boys and girls—I have “Flutter”— and they come in both snaps and hook and loops, to help meet the needs of different families. I am a snaps fan as both my girls, even the 4-month-old, have ripped off any diapers I try with hook and loop. Snaps just seem to be so much more secure to me.

Imagine Bamboo Diaper

The diaper is a one-size, so it has an adjustable rise in the front. It fits from 8 pounds until around 35 pounds, which is perfect for my big babies. Little could wear it from birth! The legs fit nicely for my girl and don’t leave any harsh marks on her skin, which is very important to me. Tink had trouble with elastics cutting into her skin at one point when she was an infant. I wouldn’t worry about that with the Imagine. The inside is super soft and the color matches the outer design, which is a fun play on what is usually a simple white or charcoal.

Because bamboo takes a couple more cycles to prep than microfiber, it took me a tad longer to get this diaper where it needs to be for absorbency, but it was worth it. Like the Nicki’s Diaper, this AIO has the snap-in absorbent layer, making for a quicker drying process than the AiOs that have everything sewn together. That is important to me as that had been a big concern for me when I began cloth diapering. I mean, who really wants to spend even more time on laundry?

 Imagine Bamboo DiaperImagine Bamboo Diaper

The fabric of the diaper itself seems stretchier than other diapers I have used. That is, I cannot pull the snaps apart as easily as I would on my pockets. Usually, I can grab the tab, pull, and have them come loose. This diaper needs a little more attention when taking it off as I’m almost afraid of the fabric tearing. While I don’t think that it would actually happen, it’s better to be safe than sorry—and I would be very sorry, indeed!

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