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Milk Nursingwear Nursing Top Review

Milk Nursingwear Nursing Top Review

by Regan

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I received a complimentary product in exchange for my honest review. This post contains affiliate links.Milk Nursingwear Nursing Top Review

My Milk Nursingwear nursing top couldn’t have come at a better time. When we received an invitation to my husband’s family’s annual Christmas Eve party, my mind went right to the Mommy Battle Plan. My main concerns were feeding my dairy free toddler, how to keep everyone from breaking ornaments and other decorations, and how to breastfeed with discretion.

It’s a big house, but all of it was open to party-goers so there isn’t really anywhere private for nursing. Neither of my boys have ever been happy eating with a cover, and I never put much effort into changing that. This wasn’t a problem with my oldest. He lived to breastfeed. Once he settled in to eat, I knew I wasn’t going to see him for a while.

The Marksman has better things to do than eat. This is awesome, because when he’s not distracted, he finishes nursing with lightening speed. It’s not so great in public when he follows his typical pattern of nursing for 1 or 2 swallows before looking around for 10 or 15 seconds. He often even sits up and turns around to get a better view of the scenery before grabbing another swallow or two, leaving me 100 percent exposed.

Milk Nursingwear Nursing Top Review

Whatever your opinion on nursing in public, I think you’ll agree with me that exposing that much of myself to my in-laws and their friends for an extended period of time would have been at least embarrassing. So needless to say, I was so happy to receive this nursing top from Milk Nursingwear. There is nothing I can wear that will make nursing the Marksman truly discreet, but this works significantly better than all my other options. For regular babies who spend more of nursing sessions at the breast than away from it, this top provides great coverage. Once the baby is on, there is nothing visible.

In all honesty, even if this nursing top didn’t work so well for nursing, I’d still wear it. Milk Nursingwear tops are designed with a movable layer that works one of three ways: pushed down, lifted up, or scooted to the side to nurse. My shirt style lifts up. I think this is one of the reasons their clothing doesn’t look as obviously like nursing clothing as a lot of brands.

Rather than designing all of their tops and dresses with the same type of opening, each one has the opening that blends in most with the style of the top. I was impressed when I saw how they designed some of their tops to hide the movable layer.

Milk Nursingwear Nursing Top Review

Image credit: Milk Nursingwear

There is no way to tell that it’s a nursing top, which is great. Even while breastfeeding, I prefer to wear fashionable clothing. I adore my Milk nursing top. One of my least favorite aspects of pregnancy and sometimes nursing is giving up my style. This shirt is the first pregnancy or nursing item I’ve ever found that I would buy just to wear. I like it so much I wear it even when the little guy isn’t with me. Also importantly, my husband thinks I look nice in it. He thinks nursing wear means clothes designed for function, not style or fit so he was very happy when he saw this one!

Milk Nursingwear has been great to work with. Due either to Pregnancy Brain or confusion with my post-partum body, I mistakenly ordered the wrong size. Exchanging it for another was a breeze, which is not always the case with online stores.

Milk Nursingwear carries tops, dresses, bras, sleepwear, and accessories. Visit their website for their extensive line of breastfeeding fashion. Milk Nursingwear products are also available on Amazon

Post written by blog contributor, Kara S.

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