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Pajamas aren’t the first thing that I think of when it comes to maternity wear since most have stretch bands around the waist and comfortable tops. Yet even a standard pajama set has its limits and might become too snug as the months go on. As this is my second pregnancy, my bump is a bit bigger this time around and I’m already having difficulties fitting into a lot of my shirts. That is one of the reasons that I was so intrigued by You! Lingerie’s maternity sleepwear.

You! Lingerie Pajama Set

Another reason I’m thrilled to get to try these is for the long-lasting ease. While I still occasionally nurse my two-year-old daughter, I definitely plan to breastfeed my newborn. After my daughter was born, I struggled to find something comfortable, supportive, and efficient to wear to sleep. These pajamas are going to be the answer to my past problems what with the nursing snaps and elastic support (with room for fluctuating breast sizes).

You! Lingerie Pajama Set

The size-chart on You! Lingerie’s website was a little tricky for me to decipher at first. Since their sleepwear consists of pants and shirts as well as chemise, they ask for bra size to determine which size pajama. I think that this works best for the chemise, but I had to consider a little more for my pants/shirt order. My bra size put me at the high end of size small, but there were a couple of issues I suspected would arise from that. The first was my ever-growing bust size; yes, the shirt is stretchy but I didn’t want to risk it not fitting in the long-run. The second concern that I had was due to my above-average height. I wear “long” pants to accommodate my legs and I feared a size small would give me high-waters.

When I first pulled the Darcy Super Mom Super Tired pajama set from the bag they arrived in, they were already super soft! I was tempted to put them straight on, but I’m the type of person who prefers to wash new clothes first. Boy, am I glad I did! They were even softer after pulling them out of the dryer. The entire day, I anxiously awaited bedtime so that I could slip into the cute, striped pants and stretchy top.

You! Lingerie Pajama Set  You! Lingerie Pajama Set

Please pardon the poor lighting in my closet – I really was getting ready for bed!

And I am sure glad I went with my gut and got the size medium! A small would have been too short and the shirt would definitely have been too small. My advice: when in doubt, go a size up! Keep in mind, I am 22 weeks along in these pictures, 5’7”, and roughly 155 pounds (I would give you my waist size, but my daughter has absconded with my tape measure!).

You! Lingerie Pajama Set  You! Lingerie Pajama Set

Sleeping in these pajamas is like a dream. The pants are warm and aren’t so baggy that they get tangled around my legs. The top is form-fitting and cool since it’s a tank-top, which is nice for someone like me who wants to be warm, but not TOO warm – you know, the whole one-leg-out-of-the-blankets thing. 

Overall, I am very pleased with these pajamas and would love to get my hands on their other products as well. I can see myself wearing You! Lingerie maternity pajamas for the remainder of my pregnancy and well into my years of nursing after that. I, for one, already plan to pack them into my hospital bag for comfortable (and super cute) clothes post-delivery.

You can find this pajama set (and much more!) at You! Lingerie as well as on Amazon.

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    1. Hi, Desare. Before you can get started reviewing products you need to have a place where you can show brands what you’ve written and how you can benefit them with your review and promotion. For me, I started a blog with no real goal to write reviews, it’s just something that sort of happened.

      In reference to Carly, I asked her to write for me when my son got older and I was no longer able to write reviews for certain products that I still wanted to have covered on the blog. I was familiar with her, her photography, and writing ability.

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