Mama Koala Cloth Diaper Review

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Recently Tink has been potty trained (not at night, but we’re working on it), therefore it is completely up to Little to assist me with diaper reviews. Naturally, I was ecstatic to get a new Mama Koala cloth diaper for reviewing on my newborn, especially from a company that I had never heard of before.

Mama Koala cloth diaper review

Let’s meet the model

Before I begin my review, I would like to take a moment to introduce you all to my newest addition: daughter number two. As I have always referred to my first as “my daughter”, it’s about time I give them some nicknames. Therefore, my toddler will be referred to as Tink and my newborn will be called Little (and I actually call them by these nicknames). Now, introducing my newest addition to the reviewing task-force… Little!

Introducing Little

About Mama Koala cloth diapers

Mama Koala is a company that makes pocket diapers with unique and fun designs. I was lucky enough to have gotten this wonderful mandala design to put on Little.

As soon as I received it, I threw it into the washer to start prepping the insert. It is a wonderful microfiber insert that has snaps to make it smaller, which is so handy when working with a newborn.

I’m glad that I got the diaper prior to Little’s arrival since I forgot how much work it is to prep inserts as 99% of my stash is what Tink used (hint: wash and dry 4-6 times).

Mama Koala
Mama Koala

How did the Mama Koala pocket diaper perform?

The very first time I put Little into the Mama Koala diaper, I was a little concerned. There are no snaps that cross like the other one-size diapers I’d been using to make it smaller for newborns, so I wasn’t sure how well it would fit.

Luckily, my babies are born big – Tink was 9lbs, 7oz and Little was 9lbs, 4oz – thus, one-size diapers actually fit them really well from the get-go.

Koala Mama

However, I quickly realized that Little’s legs are much thinner than Tink’s were and the leg holes had a slight gap to them. I think she knew this too, because she prompted soiled her diaper, which then leaked out of the leg hole. Yikes!

After that incident, I set the Mama Koala aside for about a week to allow Little to gain a bit more weight and try it again. The next time I put the diaper on – and I’m not sure how much bigger she was – it fit a little better and there were no leaky accidents.

In fact, I was so impressed by the insert, design, and everything else that this diaper now goes on her as much as possible! An added bonus, the back of the diaper makes it super easy for the washing machine to agitate the insert out of the diaper. I don’t even have to remove the insert prior to washing – how wonderful!

Mama Koala
Mama Koala

Final thoughts

I have really enjoyed having this diaper in my stash for Little and may look into getting more since they are so affordable. Although it took a little more time for it to fit her skinny-mini legs, it has been a great addition for my newborn and I look forward to having it around for a while.

Look for Mama Koala cloth diapers on Amazon!

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