That’s It! I am Over Cloth Diapering an Older Toddler

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Cloth diapering an older toddler...I'm over it! #clothdiapersI always thought about how sad I would be when we were done with cloth diapers. My adorable, fluffy cloth diapers. Even as recently as a month ago I thought about how sad I would be. But this morning? Nope, I’m over it.

Dub is now three years and (almost) eight months old. I figured I would use the same method I used with my oldest who was potty trained right around his third birthday. It wasn’t much of a method at all, really. I let Red tell me when he was ready instead of me telling him and it resulted in a very painless potty training experience. A few days later he was no longer in diapers and I still had all my hair. 

But Dub. Oh my willful, stubborn Dub. Right before his third birthday we got a potty and some cloth training pants and really started getting more consistent about asking him if he wanted to use the toilet. He was slow to accept the idea and then suddenly it seemed like we had turned a corner. He was asking to use the potty more often and it seemed like our days would be behind us sooner rather than later. For a few weeks, anyway. Now he has no interest in the potty at all. 

Cut to this morning. Have you ever had a diaper so disgusting that you just wanted to throw it away? Yeah, that was me this morning. I have been there before but this time was different because you see, his number twos are becoming more. . .voluminous and his cloth diapers are starting to have a hard time keeping up. We are starting to get leg leaks when we never did before. He is 36 pounds when most one size diapers say they fit until 35 pounds. They still fit sizewise but yeah. Even with double stuffing them they have started to say no mas. Now this self-proclaimed cloth addict is also saying no mas. 

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  1. Our son is about the same age and still in diapers too… Some days… Ack! I know exactly how you feel. It’s even worse when those monster 3-yr old poops end up in a pair of training underwear. Ugh. I had to make a truce in the potty wars at our house. He has to pee on the potty when we tell him, but he is afraid of pooping on the potty. So our truce is that he tells me when he needs to poop, and if so, I will toss an actual cloth diaper on him & let him poop on that. Because it’s mildly less disgusting.

    If I try to make him poop on the toilet, he freaks out and holds it in for 2-3 days.

    One day we will have diaper freedom! In the meantime, I think the 1yr old is going to be trained sooner than the 3yr old.

    Haven’t had any issues with containment in anything though. But we use Best Bottoms overnight or else our own combo of pocket diaper/heavy wetter insert.

    Good luck! You’re not alone with the 3.5yr old and the potty wars! 🙂

  2. ugh. Yeah I’m so not ready to potty train Bug. It was just long and frustrating with Monkey (he was much younger though) However, Bug is totally interested and I think he would get it fast if I stopped being lazy about it. ha.

    1. I did that with my first and it worked well. I don’t know, I can picture this one totally peeing all over the house. He is something else 🙂

  3. My girl is 22 months, 35 lbs (maybe even a couple lbs more, and has the meatiest thighs) and certain diapers just don’t hold up. I know potty training is just around the corner according to some folks, but I’m in no hurry. After potty training my first, effortlessly and not stressing, I know it will happen when it happens. No rush.
    Til then, it’s prefolds/flats….and some XL covers. Maybe trainers in time…

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