Accessories to Help Make Using Cloth Pads Even Easier

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This post contains affiliate links.

So you’re curious about cloth pads but not sold yet? What’s holding you back? I’ve answered many questions that you may have about mama cloth but maybe you aren’t sure how it can possibly be as convenient as disposable pads or is messy. Maybe you don’t know how to store enough pads for a cycle without taking up too much valuable space. Or maybe you don’t know how to wash them and what kind of detergent to use. Whatever the reason, here are some tips that will help make your transition to using cloth pads even easier.

Where to keep the dirty pads:

There are small wet bags of various sizes you can use to store your dirty pads until laundry day. Storing them in the same wet bag as your baby’s cloth diapers is always an option but if you don’t use cloth diapers or don’t like the idea of mixing the two you can purchase wet bags specifically for your pads.

For a cycle’s worth of cloth pads, you could use a small wet bag. This one from Planet Wise is 7½ x 10″

Products to Help Make Using Mama Cloth Even Easier - Planet Wise small wet bag #mamacloth

When you’re out of the house for the day there are smaller bags that are perfect for holding a few pads while on the go.  This small mama cloth pouch is 9½ x 4½” and has a separate compartment for keeping a clean pad or two in front.

Planet Wise wet bag - Products to Help Make Using Mama Cloth Even Easier #mamacloth


First, run your pads through the rinse cycle. Once finished, wash on a long wash setting (on my machine I use power wash) with detergent and an extra rinse. Some people choose to use a gentle or green detergent, but I find that plain old laundry detergent that I use on my clothes works just fine on my cloth pads. I use Tide, Gain, or All Free & Clear.


I keep my clean mama cloth in a Komplement drawer organizer storage basket from IKEA (I now use a bigger version of this same basket) but the storage options here are endless. You could keep them in decorative boxes, cute baskets, a small drawer, a wet bag, you name it.

Products to Help Make Using Mama Cloth Even Easier - storage #mamacloth

How to fold for easy storage:

Products to Help Make Using Mama Cloth Even Easier - how to fold #mamacloth

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  1. Thank you for the tip on folding them! It never occurred to me, and my pile in the washroom drawer was starting to get unruly. Now I can get them a little organised 🙂

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