AMP vs AppleCheeks. What’s the Difference?

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I always thought that AMP and AppleCheeks diapers looked nearly identical in their shape but was never able to find out much information on how they were alike and how they were different. I had a few AppleCheeks diapers that I liked and wanted to try an AMP because they had a lot of color and print choices and were affordable. Finally I ended up winning an AMP diaper and I was thrilled to be able to finally find out.

This isn’t a post about which one I think is better because “better” is so subjective. This post is a comparison of how they are similar and how they’re different so that you can see for yourself how they compare.

AMP vs AppleCheeks

AMP vs AppleCheeks

The inserts are a similar size and both made of natural materials. The AMP insert (on the left) is made of two layers of 55% hemp and 45% cotton fleece. The AppleCheeks insert (on the right) is made of two layers of 70% rayon from bamboo and 30% organic cotton fleece.

AMP vs AppleCheeks

The AppleCheeks insert is slightly bigger

AMP vs AppleCheeks

When laid out next to each other they look pretty similar but the AMP tabs and front flap are a bit longer. You may also notice that the AMP has snaps on the front where the AppleCheeks doesn’t. The AMP has several different styles; the one size duo (pictured), the sized duo, and an all in one. AppleCheeks are a two size system

AMP vs AppleCheeks

This is the biggest difference. The AMP’s pocket opening is in the front of the diaper while AppleCheeks uses an envelope style that opens in the middle of the diaper

AMP vs AppleCheeks

Both use a microfleece lining

AMP vs AppleCheeks

With one on top of the other you can see that their overall shape is slightly different. The crotch on the AMP is ever so slightly wider than the AppleCheeks and as mentioned above, the wings are wider as well.

AMP vs AppleCheeks

The AMP is a little longer overall but the tabs on the AppleCheeks are longer from top to bottom and the snap placement is different which allows for a different fit.

AMP vs AppleCheeks

The AMP elastic is a little tighter, there is a longer strip of elastic on the AppleCheeks in the back and slightly in the front as well

AMP vs AppleCheeks

The back of the AMP is a bit higher than the AppleCheeks in a side by side comparison

AMP vs AppleCheeks

There you have it. Two similar looking Canadian diapers at first glance that are actually pretty different when you look a little closer.

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  1. There’s one comparison that wasn’t mentioned…..pul? Is there a significant difference in the pul used? I’m pretty happy with the Applecheeks pul but would love to try an Amp if similar. Thanks ☺

    1. Lauren, I no longer have these diapers so I can’t compare them myself. If I remember correctly the AMP doesn’t have the same snakeskin-like PUL that AppleCheeks does, but I will ask in my blogger group if anyone can do a side by side for me.

  2. Someone needed to write this blog post, and I’m glad it was you, because you covered all the bases! The side-by-side photo comparisons are very helpful in showing the differences between the two brands. I’ve tried the AppleCheeks system and found the wing tabs were a bit too short for my liking. I wonder if the AMP covers would fit better since they are longer?

    1. The short tabs are the thing that I like the least about AppleCheeks as well. I don’t personally have an overwhelming preference for one over the other but the longer tabs on the AMP are nice.

  3. Thanks for the answer on the fit! I’d been wondering the same thing, since my youngest is very long and thin and we’re having trouble getting anything to fit his scrawny legs. πŸ˜‰

    Also, I think it’s silly that someone is saying that “the original is better” because AC only changed one thing. Isn’t that what most inventions are – minor changes that make a thing better? Even if all they changed is the pocket placement, if that makes the inserts agitate out in the wash, it’s a huge improvement in user-friendliness. If you use something and love it, but find a way to make it just a little bit better, other people are often also interested in the improved version. It’s quite uncharitable to imply that someone’s whole intent was to find a design they could “copy.”

    1. I agree 100%. One could argue that every single pocket diaper is a copy of FuzziBunz since they were the original. Other brands made slight changes and made their diaper different, better, whatever. I don’t care who was first and that wasn’t at all the intent of this post. It was simply to explain the differences, because there are enough differences that make them not at all the same diaper. Thanks for getting it πŸ™‚

  4. I have a 6 month old with a big belly and big thighs, and I thought either the AMP and applecheeks would work for him. Does either of them provide a better fit for your LO since there are slight differences in these diapers?

    1. If your little one is on the chunky side then AppleCheeks will probably give you a better fit right now. The elastic on the AMP seems a little tighter so they fit a little smaller on my guy who has pretty average proportions. When your baby becomes more mobile and thins out a bit then the AMP may work better.

      1. Thank you for the fast response! He doesn’t weigh that much for his age (15lbs for 6months), but all his mass in his thighs and tummy right now, and practically no waist. I was hoping that the elastic on the tummy would allow it to stretch and move when he starts sitting up and mobilizing.

  5. Also, in response to the “Copying”! lol I think its silly to point fingers and blame. One thing that is always true about every single thing invented, is that people like something and think of ways they want to improve it and they did, which makes their product superior. It isn’t anyones fault. Every invention is improved upon over and over, and we can buy many many different brands of the same product. This is only a versus blog, to compare similar products, not to point fingers.

  6. I wanted to bring up a huge difference for me. I have been using AC since birth, love them! I bought an AMP to try recently, and my son is formula/solid food fed and it only took 1 poop and it stained the AMP and he has pooped many many times in his AC and I have never had a stain and I washed them both the same way, and they never wait a day before washing.
    I thought for me, this was a big difference in the diapers, I won’t buy another AMP if I have to stain remove every time my son has a bowel movement.

    1. Interesting. I’ve had my AMP for almost a year and I don’t have any stains at all but 2 of my Applecheeks are dingy. Not stained but not white either. I wonder if they changed fabrics or if it’s just as easy as every baby being different πŸ™‚

  7. AMP diapers existed first, plain and simple. In fact, the ladies who developed Apple Cheek diapers carried AMP diapers in their store prior to designing the AC diaper line.

    The only significant change in style is the location of the pocket opening!! All of the other minor comparisons in this article would be questionable if queried by patent laws. They are just way too similar!

    I will leave each person to form their own opinions; however just as food for thought when you are purchasing, would you want the orginal diaper, made and designed by a wonderful work at home mom who invested time, energy, hours of sweat and tears into producing the AMP diapers, or the diaper that is truly nothing more than a knockoff copycat with a pocket opening changed to make it appear “unique”. Hmmmm… something about this whole picture just seems sour!

    1. I appreciate your comment, but there are a lot of diapers that are very similar. FuzziBunz and Charlie Banana, fitteds, just about any mainstream pocket and all of the Alva rebrands. If we tried to figure out who did what first on every diaper design we would give ourselves a headache πŸ™‚ There are only so many designs and whether it’s fair or not, just changing the pocket opening makes a diaper different enough that it is not infringing on a patent.

      This post is only to show how two diapers that look very similar are different for the purpose of helping someone decide for themselves which one they would like to try.

      1. Well, CB stole the FB design so that’s not really a great comparison. Personally, I do prefer CB over FB in fit since there are some adjustments that were made to the original design that are great. Just wanted to point out that’s not a great comparison, is all. Haha πŸ™‚

        1. I haven’t used the original CB and I didn’t realize the ones now are a redesign. But I have heard the accusations that CB stole FB’s design but from my personal experience I just didn’t see it, but I have only used the OS CB and was comparing it to the OS FB. But now that you mention it, I have seen that CB has a sized option that I haven’t used. Are those the ones that are the alleged copies of the FB Perfect Size?

  8. I was so happy to see this post ! Ive been wondering what the difference was and I didnt know anything about an AMP. I have an Applecheeks that Ive only tried once and it seemed to do fine. Im def going to stock up on ACs with all their limited edition prints and colors. An ACs giveaway would be great! Thanks for this post πŸ™‚

  9. There are some indisputable facts. 4-5 years ago the AC ladies were selling AMP diapers through their store called La Boutique Azure Wraps in Quebec. I was a retailer of the stretchy wraps they manufactured. They then contacted me about a new line of diapers they were manufacturing. Those diapers were AppleCheeks. The product photos they first used to market their new diapers were photos of AMP, they were that close in design. To this day, if you check out certain Azurewraps ads, you see AMP diapers. Just facts. AMP has also never been public with the story.

    1. I appreciate your comment, but this post was only to show the difference of two similar diapers to help someone decide which one they feel would work best for them.

      There are a lot of very similar diapers on the market these days. Most mainstream pockets are pretty similar not to mention all of the Alva rebrands out there. My thought is as long as someone is cloth diapering, I’m happy πŸ™‚

    1. I loved that in my old washer! Sadly they do not in my new one. I don’t have an agitator πŸ™

      1. Bummer! I have one of those new topload HE washing machines, without the agitator…sometimes my applecheeks and my smartipants inserts don’t agitate out – really annoying!!

        1. Hi,
          which HE top load washer do you have so that at least it agitates the inserts out sometimes? Do you know any FLs that actually agitate out the inserts?

          1. I have a Maytag Bravos X. Sorry, I am not familiar with front loaders since I’ve never washed diapers in one.

  10. Thanks so much for this post. I won an AMP diaper awhile back and wondered what the difference between these two was. I like ours, but it tends to leak on my daughter and I”m not sure why. I am dying to try an Applecheeks diaper out though.

    1. I’m surprised you haven’t won an AppleCheeks yet πŸ™‚ Maybe I should have a giveaway so that you will, lol. I used to get a better fit with the AMP but the AC is working better for us now that he’s a toddler. All of my diapers have to be double stuffed to prevent leaks these days

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