AppleCheeks Size One Cloth Diaper Review

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AppleCheeks Cloth Diaper Review - Size 1 newborn

Over the last three years, I have heard a multitude of people that have loved AppleCheeks pocket diapers. They were one of the first brands of which I had heard but never got the chance to try them. I purchased my starting stash used, so have mostly used the diapers I got from others. Until now, AppleCheeks was not one of them.

When I first received the diaper, I was giddy over the print, which is called “To The Core”. The inner lining is a wonderfully soft microfleece and the insert that it comes with is a one-size microfiber. Although this particular diaper is a size one, they now also have one-sizes as well. Don’t get that confused – size one is small while one-sizes typically fit from birth to potty-training.

AppleCheeksAppleCheeksThe first thing I noticed that is unique to this diaper is the elastics. I love how they are sewn into the diaper for two reasons: the first, because who can deny that they love the little bit of ruffle that happens. The second is because I have had issues with Tink in the past where the elastic has literally cut into her skin. The way that this is stitched in, that seems almost impossible.

AppleCheeksThe second thing that I noticed was the wide opening for the insert. This is something that I love and am not totally in love with. I love that it makes for easy stuffing – plus, due to the wide opening, I don’t have to worry about removing the insert before throwing it into my diaper pail. The washing machine will work it out on its own. I’ve tried this with several other brands and this is the only one that has consistently done this – yay!

However, the wide opening makes me a little uneasy. Although it hasn’t happened yet, I’m terrified of a butt-load of poop making its way inside of the diaper instead of it being neatly held on top. Again, I’m not sure that this will ever happen, but it’s something that I am extremely aware of.

AppleCheeksDue to the insert being one-size and the diaper being a size one, the insert has to be folded down in order to fit properly in the diaper. This makes for an extra-fluffy butt, but nothing too crazy. Additionally, there is a strange set of snaps in the center of the diaper that I’m not sure about; there are no cross-over snaps and generally, I don’t like to have one side tighter than the other, so I never use it.

AppleCheeksNow, the first two times I used this diaper, I was a little underwhelmed. On both occasions, I was sitting in class (yes, my professors let me bring along my newborn, how cool is that!) and Little pooped… and it immediately purged from the diaper and onto my lap. Yikes.

This could have happened for a couple of reasons. First, because she has thin little legs and there was too much of a gap that I hadn’t noticed. Second, because I was so focused on the lecture that I didn’t realize that it was too much poop for any diaper to handle. Either way, I don’t fault the diaper; since those incidents (which happened within a week of one another) have not recurred since.

AppleCheeksAppleCheeksOverall, I have really liked having AppleCheeks as a part of my diaper stash. It is one that I look forward to pulling out of my drawer as I know that it will hold up to just about anything. Look for them at Nicki’s Diapers and Amazon

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