Buttons Diapers Cloth Diaper Review

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Buttons Diapers Cloth Diaper Review - Santa Fe

I have detailed in a past review some of the pros and cons of the Buttons diapers. When I first tried this diaper brand, it was like a breath of fresh air for my stash; something new for me and it really revitalized my love for cloth. I even went so far as saying that I would consider revamping my stash to be mainly Buttons diapers because of how simple it is to change out the inserts and keep trucking through the day.

Buttons Diapers Cloth Diaper Review - Santa Fe

All-in-all, this has not changed. Since that review, featuring the Playful pattern, I have gotten to try a few other diapers and while I have really enjoyed them, my Buttons diapers have remained at the top of my list. They really are that good!

The one downfall that I have noticed from these diapers is this: if you are not comfortable grabbing hold of a wet or dirty insert, these may not be your top choice. I personally have no problem with this. Pocket diapers are the same way. However, my husband is not as big of a fan because of this. He thinks it’s gross, so he won’t switch out the insert and will instead just move on to the next diaper. It’s a shame, really, as I think he would like them if he would give it a chance.

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Buttons Diapers Cloth Diaper Review - Santa FeButtons Diapers Cloth Diaper Review - Santa FeLike all Buttons diapers, these have the double-gusset legs, making them extra snug on little legs and even more durable for those explosions we all worry about. Furthermore, they have the cross-over snaps that allow for greater adjustability for those babes with petite waists.

Buttons Diapers Cloth Diaper Review - Santa Fe

This time I am featuring a Buttons pattern called Santa Fe. I was drawn to this one because my mother’s family is all from New Mexico. It speaks to my heart and is so perfectly gender neutral in color and its pattern that I thought it would be best to showcase after that lovely pink diaper. The colors are primarily a deep grey tone with a charming burnt orange that highlights those details.

Buttons Diapers Cloth Diaper Review - Santa Fe

Something that I really like about these diapers, in relation to the pattern and color combinations, is that the snaps used to complement the cover more than I have seen in some other diapers. Occasionally I enjoy a contrasting snap that really sets off the diaper’s style, but the snaps for these diapers match the color palette so well that they don’t distract from the pattern. This is important to me as I tend to show off the patterns more than the snaps.

Buttons Diapers Cloth Diaper Review - Santa Fe

Along with the Santa Fe pattern, Buttons diapers have also released three other patterns that are now available. The first of these is Sherwood with an adorable pattern of foxes (which is a limited edition and can no longer be found on their website). Next is call Kaleidoscope; this is a cute pattern designed with girls in mind with its light colors, primarily in pink. Finally, there is Courage, a strong green camouflage pattern that is perfect for reflecting a family’s patriotism.

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