Cloth Diaper BST Buyer Etiquette. Don’t Be That Girl

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I’m going to vent for a second here. I hope you don’t mind.

Can I just say that almost nothing irks me more than trying to sell cloth diapers? Really. The brand-specific boards seem to have their act together for the most part, but the general boards? I’m looking at you. No offense, but you are a hot mess! I mean this with all the love in the world, but . . .

Girlfriend, let’s talk.

Trust me, I’m not trying to rip you off. When I want to sell my cloth diapers I take several things into consideration first. How I’ve cared for them, the brand, and the condition. Then I price them accordingly. In fact, according to the brand-specific boards, I’m probably undercharging you. So please, don’t give me a hard time when I try to sell you my beautiful beloved cloth diapers. buy cloth diapers

We all want a good deal and not many things sting as much as being taken for a ride. I’ve been there. I get it. So, how can you buy the diapers you want and get them for a fair price without annoying everyone in CD-Land? Take my hand and I will tell you, my friend. 

Used cloth diapers aren’t FREE cloth diapers. 

Sometimes it seems like people on general BST boards want to get their diapers almost for free. Unless it’s a no-name knock-off diaper or is in terrible condition, used cloth diapers still come with a price. This is why a lot of us use cloth diapers: resale value.

When a diaper is listed as PPD then this means that shipping and Paypal fees are included. You must subtract the shipping amount and fees from the price to determine whether or not the diaper is a good deal.

Shipping a cloth diaper can run anywhere from almost $2 for a cover to over $3 for an AIO. If I list an EUC popular brand name pocket diaper with inserts for $10 PPD then I am only taking home about $6.50 – $7.00 on said diaper after fees and shipping. This is a good deal considering you will likely get more use out of it than an eBay knock-off diaper costing the same price. 

If you want free cloth diapers then look for diapers marked FFS (free for shipping). You won’t get anything great, but if your need surpasses your bank account then there are free listings out there.

Read the listing thoroughly

Make sure that you are aware of any flaws in the diaper, the size, the closure, the condition, whether shipping is included, and if any inserts are included before commenting on the listing. 

Respect the seller’s price

If a diaper is listed for $10 then respect that price. If it’s out of your price range then move on to another listing that isn’t. If the diaper is overpriced then the seller will either lower her price in a day or two or pull the listing.

Even worse, don’t complain about a seller’s price. It’s her diaper and she can price it at $100 if she really wants. You don’t have to buy it for that price. 


This is the time to ask any questions that you have, including requesting more photos. Once everything is cool and you want the diaper, express your interest by asking for an invoice or the seller’s Paypal address.

If there are other inquiries before yours, it is still okay to comment with interest in case a deal falls through but DON’T try to snatch a diaper away from someone who has expressed interest before you. 

DON’T express interest then disappear.

If you end up not liking the deal then tell the seller so she can move on. If you just disappear then she is left wondering if you haven’t checked your email yet, are considering your budget, whatever. Meanwhile, Potential Buyer #2 is expressing interest and Seller #1 is left hanging. 

Pay promptly

We know that you’re probably not sitting at your computer 24/7 waiting for an invoice, but once you get the invoice, pay ASAP. Don’t make a diaper deal right before you’re going to be in a WiFi dead zone for two days. Payment is generally expected within 24 hours, but the sooner the better since the seller may have other interested buyers. 

Always pay for your diaper as goods, never as a gift. Gift/personal transactions are not protected by Paypal’s buyer protection. 


Sometimes a diaper will be listed for trade. Say Suzie Seller has two of the same print and wants to trade one for another print. You have the print she wants and want her diaper and you set up a trade. Perfect!

Your next step should be to set up a Paypal transfer of equal funds with the person you are trading with so that you both get Paypal protection. If your diapers are worth $15 PPD then each of you sends the other $15 as a goods transaction. This way if someone neglects to send their diaper, it gets lost in the mail, or isn’t in the condition promised you can file a Paypal claim. You will both have to pay Paypal’s fees but it’s a small price to pay in case something goes wrong. 

What if the diaper isn’t as described?

In most cases, someone selling their used diapers isn’t trying to get over on you. We’re human and can miss small imperfections and diaper condition is subjective. EUC to me may only be VGUC to someone else. Determine whether or not it’s worth complaining about before shooting off an angry PM or email. 

If the diaper was listed as stain-free but has a shadow stain on it, let it go. Removing stains is pretty easy. If the diaper is a little smelly, just wash it. We all have different wash routines and honestly, sometimes you become immune to smells if you’re around them all the time. Honestly, the seller may not have any idea that the diaper is smelly.

BUT if you get a diaper that has been obviously misrepresented then contact the seller immediately before washing the diaper. Once you wash the diaper, as far as Paypal is concerned, you now own it. Tough noogies.

Give the benefit of the doubt and be polite. You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.  

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Cloth Diapers Buy, Sell, Trade: Cloth Diaper BST Buyer Etiquette. Don't Be That Girl

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  1. Hello Regan,

    Read your blog today. You did a great job in describing everything. Is there any good websites where I can sell used cloth diapers that you know? I’ll greatly appreciate it.


  2. I so wish everyone on B/S/T boards would read this and FOLLOW it!! I am getting so tired of trying to sell on the boards and locally, people really want you to give them stuff for free or locally people want you to drive 50 miles for a $5 item! I really like the idea above about donating my diapers when we are done. Yes I would love to get some money back but not at the cost of my sanity 🙂

    1. I think I will be donating my low resale value diapers for sure. The ones I do sell will be on brand specific groups or Cloth Diaper Trader.

      I tried to sell diapers and other things locally on Craigslist and while some transactions went smoothly, I was stood up several times. What’s that all about anyway?

  3. I haven’t had problems buying, but I HATE selling. I give pics of outers and inners, but people still ask for more pics like they need a close-up of every fiber. I’ve also been stood up trying to sell locally. If I sell any more, it’ll probably be through a consignment shop or I’ll just donate to a cloth diaper bank.

    1. That happened to me, too! I got stood up TWICE trying to sell diapers on Craigslist so I decided that I would never sell locally again.

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