Why You Should Keep Your Diaper Sprayer After You’re Done with Cloth Diapers

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Dub has been potty trained for a few months now, except for some wet diapers at night, so we haven’t had to use our diaper sprayer for diapers in quite a while. We do still have it hooked up though and I don’t have any intention of disconnecting it anytime soon. Why, you may ask? Because I have found that I still use it fairly often, just not for diapers. There are many alternative uses for a cloth diaper sprayer

Find out why you may want to consider keeping your diaper sprayer connected even after your children are no longer in diapers.

Why you should keep your diaper sprayer after you're done with cloth diapers - alternative uses for a diaper sprayer

Keep in mind that the diaper sprayer is attached to the toilet and uses the water from the toilet tank. This water is COLD so while it might be tempting to use it as a bidet or to wash your dog, I’d advise against it.

I use my cloth diaper sprayer most often for the following uses:

  • Filling up the watering can
  • Washing out the cats‘ litter box
  • Cleaning the trash cans
  • Filling and rinsing a mop bucket
  • Rinsing muddy shoes
  • Rinsing out the toilet
  • Cleaning kitty litter catcher mats 
  • Spraying big spills off clothes

Other ways you can use your diaper sprayer:

  • Rinsing out the tub after you’ve scrubbed it (if your toilet is close enough)
  • Filling a humidifier
  • Cleaning the sink
  • Rinsing cloth pads
  • Rinsing the baby potty if you’re potty training
  • Cleaning pet carriers
  • Cleaning rubber mats
  • Rinsing dirty toys

Have you used your diaper sprayer for something other than diapers? What was it?

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  1. Speaking of sick, you know how sometimes we just have bad days in the bathroom? Yep works for cleaning that off too instead of having to use 1/2 a roll & getting nowhere.

  2. We don’t have one, I’m still debating if it’s necessary (we’re on a tight budget) but these other uses make it seem worthwhile!

    1. There are tutorials online on how to make your own. We used to have a DIY one until my oldest son stepped on it and broke it since we hadn’t gotten around to making a hook for it. It worked great!

  3. I use mine to pre-rinse sick stuff off of bedding and clothes into the toilet. I also use it to rinse off the shower and bathtub when I’m done scrubbing them.

  4. We are still using ours for diapers but use it to fill the humidifier all the time. My husband had a similar reaction to yours when he saw me using it to fill the humidifier. Definitely an “Ah Ha!” moment!

    1. That’s what my husband said when he saw me filling up the watering can. He said, “You’re a genius!” LOL

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