Green Line Cloth Diaper Review

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I have heard about Green Line diapers over the past year and a half or so and was excited when they sent me one of their unique diapers to review.

Green Line Diapers is a small, family-run business. They are a husband and wife team from British Columbia, Canada who are raising a three-year-old daughter while sewing diapers full time. It’s a busy life, for sure!

Green Line cloth diaper #review

About the diaper:

Green Line diapers are very unique. I have never used a diaper like this before and while it took some getting used to, I think it’s a really neat diaper. I’m excited to tell you about it.

Green Line cloth diaper #review

The diaper comes with a cover and soaker. The soaker is a large piece of cotton and bamboo fabric that looks almost like a dishtowel. This makes it very customizable, almost like a flat diaper. You can fold in any way you want, make any size you need, and put the absorbency where it’s needed most which is especially nice if you have a boy.

The outer material is cotton and comes in so many fantastic and colorful prints. 

Green Line cloth diaper #review

You may have noticed that this diaper doesn’t have any snaps. You adjust the diaper by using the toggle adjustments in the leg. This feature does take some getting used to but it’s great once you get it adjusted. You’ll never have to worry about being between snap sizes or having gaps in the legs.


The lining of the diaper isn’t the usual PUL or TPU. It is made of breathable and waterproof material. Another thing you may notice is that this diaper doesn’t have laundry tabs. I guess you’re supposed to stick the tabs on the landing strip for washing but I use loop fabric squares instead. I use these on all of my hook & loop diapers to prevent diaper chains and damage.

My experience:

Green Line cloth diaper #review

First of all, how cute is this diaper?! I love the whimsical print and the colorful fold-down flap in the back that as far as I can tell has no other purpose than to add a pop of color. I love how it looks. 

For the purpose of photos I kept the cords out but under normal use, I tuck them into the leg of the diaper (like the photo below). Dub messes with them if I leave them out.

Green Line cloth diaper #review

Due to the lack of elastic, the diaper isn’t as stretchy as I’m used to which also added another element to the learning curve. After some trial and error with the cord adjustment, we got a good fit. 

I know that there are a lot of people out there who dislike hook & loop diapers but this hook & loop is high quality and very strong. My toddler would have a harder time getting it undone than most other commercial hook & loop diapers.

If you do find that it’s a problem for your baby, Green Line sells diaper locks which is an ingenious idea. It is simply a piece of touch tape that goes across the front of the hook & loop tabs so your baby can’t undo them. 

After some trial and error with the cord adjustment we got a good fit.

Despite the lack of stretchiness from not having elastic, K still had a good range of motion in this diaper to continue doing what he does best…keeping busy and getting into things!

After some trial and error with the cord adjustment we got a good fit.

It is nice and trim in the bum, too. The diaper shell itself is very thin between the cotton fabric and the lining, but the insert is also trim. I folded it in thirds and it still isn’t bulky but I had plenty of absorbency. I didn’t add any extra boosters like I have to with so many of my other diapers and we didn’t have any leaks at all with the Green Line.


This diaper can be adjusted to fit a pretty small baby but if you adjust it too small the inner will bunch up. I think it could fit a larger newborn adjusted to the smallest size, but it would likely be too large for tiny newborns.

As far as sizing on the larger end, K-Dub is about 33 pounds and is almost three years old and there is still plenty of room to grow if needed. 

The Green Line diaper is really neat and I loved having the chance to review it.  I admit that it’s not a diaper that The Husband wants to be bothered with but I think it’s cool and I enjoy having it in my stash.

If you love fantastic prints, this is a diaper for you. If you need a diaper that can be customized beyond the typical one-size pocket diaper, this diaper might be for you. If you’re looking for a really trim option, you will love the trimness of this diaper. 

Buy It

You can buy a Green Line diaper that is pre-made and ready to ship or you can order a custom if you want. In addition to diapers, they also sell bibs, cloth menstrual pads, and reusable nursing pads. 

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    1. I love the soaker! I was looking for a prefold and grabbed this soaker instead for his naptime diaper and it was so much trimmer than the prefold.

  1. The design of this diaper is certainly interesting. I think that my daughter might try to pull on the string if she were not wearing pants over the diaper.

    1. K does mess with the strings. He can’t do anything with them as far as loosening or tightening them but I tuck them in the leg of the diaper. I left them out for these pictures only.

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