Fractured Fairy Tales: Little Red Riding Hood

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I have written about alternative fairy tales several times before, but this is the first time I am dedicating a post to different tales based on one story. This time, I am dedicating a post to one of the most beloved of all stories; fractured fairy tales about Little Red Riding Hood.

Fractured Fairy Tales Little Red Riding Hood

Many beloved fairy tales have been retold into funny fairy tales or life lessons, but not many characters are more popular than Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf.

In this collection of funny fairy tales, you will find many different retellings of Little Red Riding Hood. Some bring a modern twist to the old classic, while some are told from the wolf’s point of view. There are versions with different types of characters such as Little Red as a moped the big bad wolf as a swamp crocodile.

No matter what you may be in the mood for, there is sure to be a Little Red Riding Hood fractured fairy tale that is perfect for you.

22 Little Red Riding Hood Fractured Fairy Tales

We all know the classic story, now get ready for something a little different. Read the story of Little Red Riding Hood in a whole new way.

Who knew there were so many ways to retell a classic story like Little Red Riding Hood? I hope that one or more of these alternative fairy tales are a soon-to-be favorite in your family.

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